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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVE

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Externalisation, 96:who are aware of the Plan, are subject to and sensitive to hierarchical impression and dedicated toExternalisation, 97:the guiding teachers on the inner side - and are sensitive to the higher impression. TheyExternalisation, 131:It is in that country also that people are most sensitive [132] to the influence of the Hierarchy.Externalisation, Esoter:outstanding personalities who were peculiarly sensitive to the will-to-power and the will-to-changeExternalisation, 161:rightly to render ourselves responsive to and sensitive to the resultant effects. Ponder on theExternalisation, 172:of worldwide despair; these workers are likewise sensitive (owing to their point of integratedExternalisation, 298:and in the department of the Manu, and are very sensitive to Shamballa force. Such AvatarsExternalisation, 306:is close cooperation between the latter (the sensitive responding disciple) and the Avatar. TheExternalisation, 307:that, as They succeed and become increasingly sensitive to and aware of this over-shadowing energyExternalisation, 308:in the three worlds - will necessarily influence sensitive, spiritually oriented disciples andExternalisation, 345:to selfish ends, as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use by the AxisExternalisation, 346:women of goodwill who can train themselves to be sensitive to this type of new incoming energy andExternalisation, 347:effective use will be largely dependent upon the sensitive response of the world aspirants. TheseExternalisation, 420:telepathically those spiritual Beings Who are sensitive and responsive to such impacts. TheirExternalisation, 453:elements), are already girding themselves. Those sensitive to the new spiritual impacts are stillExternalisation, 505:Masters; more and more people [505] are becoming sensitive to and conscious of Their presence, andExternalisation, 561:responsive to the demands of humanity, and sensitive to the "call" of that third major centerExternalisation, 649:- for the first time on a worldwide scale - are sensitive to spiritual impression; the opportunityExternalisation, 653:competent disciples are searching the world for sensitive and willing aspirants; these disciplesExternalisation, 657:groups. The more advanced a man may be, the more sensitive to impress he becomes, and the humanExternalisation, 688:Again, the Members of the Hierarchy are not only sensitive to impression from the two otherExternalisation, 691:has been how to preserve the sympathetic, sensitive rapport and to lay the basis for the higher,Externalisation, 694:telepathic susceptibility, so that they will be sensitive to hierarchical impression. At the sameFire, 878:link between the true man, and the vibratory sensitive substance of which his three world bodiesFire, 1051:and national energy. All of these play upon the sensitive atoms in the various bodies and produceGlamour, 9:of the astral or emotional plane, the plane of sensitive awareness through a felt identificationGlamour, 10:recognition of the more subtle reaction of your sensitive feeling nature to the symbol as a whole.Glamour, 11:body of [11] its quality, the reaction of a sensitive response to the impact of its qualitativeGlamour, 48:and make sure that you are not seeking - as a sensitive soul - a way of escape. I am using thisGlamour, 111:is one of the major glamors of the advanced and sensitive man. It is the advanced people whoGlamour, 173:chitta, or mind stuff, to become more and more sensitive to the impact of the phenomenal world, andGlamour, 184:day by day, and year by year, he becomes more sensitive to divine Ideas and more apt inGlamour, 185:Hierarchy is to seek for and find those who are sensitive to revelation [186] and whose minds areHealing, 184:is related to the path of consciousness and of sensitive psychic unfoldment. The third is the pathHealing, 196:being the dense physical result of an inner sensitive response apparatus is still undefined andHealing, 243:irritants, producing immediate effects upon the sensitive organism of man's body. I am not hereHealing, 309:plane disease, or as an extreme emotionalism or sensitive response in the astral counterpart. Healing, 324:Another reaction on their part is one of sensitive disgust, again largely unrecognized. A moreHealing, 333:are found in their millions, and produce the sensitive response apparatus through which we work andHealing, 339:then nothing really to do with him, but being sensitive, he identifies himself with those who areHealing, 340:to a condition which makes it very difficult for sensitive people to live normally at all. ToHealing, 361:aspirant is taken from (and is therefore sensitive to) the highest subplane of the astral plane. ItHealing, 361:first subplane of the astral plane. Hence the sensitive's correct and immediate response to HisHealing, 377:of themselves, plus the providing of adequately sensitive plates or their equivalent, which willHealing, 378:no radio now exists which is sufficiently sensitive to carry sound waves from the astral plane.Healing, 379:of but really quite possible. They will be so sensitive that they will be set in motion by theHealing, 379:out of that and the gradual development of more sensitive modes of registering and recording subtleHealing, 379:on the physical plane by the aid of the needed sensitive apparatus. February 1944 [380] Healing, 399:of death. This attitude, characteristic of the sensitive and the right thinking people at thisHealing, 403:come back with great rapidity, owing to their sensitive response to the pull of obligations,Healing, 503:impression" whereby the minds of men can become sensitive to hierarchical plans and to the purposesHealing, 511:cycle of incarnations - has become increasingly sensitive to its over-shadowing Self. ThisHealing, 531:- a humanity which is becoming increasingly sensitive and subjectively oriented. [532] Healing, 612:that which connotes a sequential and "unrolling" sensitive activity, resulting in divineHealing, 628:petals, is the source of the living, breathing, sensitive human [629] being - from the physicalHercules, 19:functioning, and he must know how to use it; his sensitive emotional nature must be responsive toHercules, 86:which they have built; they are usually over-sensitive, [87] over-emotional, ever seeking to hideHercules, 87:seeking to hide away. The Cancer native is so sensitive that he is difficult to handle and soHercules, 92:faced with the problem of finding that elusive, sensitive, and deeply occult, or hidden, spiritualHercules, 121:trinity, as it organizes substance and evokes sensitive response from substance itself." (Note theHercules, 131:spinning threads of relationships, creating a sensitive network of meanings. The result of suchHercules, 149:brutality and wanton cruelty. In many families sensitive children are taunted, ridiculed andHercules, 201:when he came before. We are much more sensitive than we ever were; we are wide open to each other'sHercules, 226:in the capture of the elusive Doe, or Hind, sensitive and difficult to find. In his previous cyclesInitiation, 73:therefore, has several things at which to aim: A sensitive response to the Master's vibration. AInitiation, 93:his brothers everywhere around him. He becomes sensitive to the voice of his higher self, thusInitiation, 93:more fully; finally, he becomes increasingly sensitive to the joys and pains and sorrows of thoseIntellect, 10:has produced a wonderful race, equipped with a sensitive response apparatus and a reasoning mind.Intellect, 104:from the outer daily life recorded on the sensitive receiving-plate of the mind, they may comeIntellect, 110:the brain processes, so that the brain becomes a sensitive receiver of the thoughts and desires ofIntellect, 125:these activities can be negated and the rich and sensitive mind can be refocused in its turn, itIntellect, 125:mind can be refocused in its turn, it becomes a sensitive apparatus (a sixth sense, if you like)Intellect, 165:entered into their heritage and found themselves sensitive to the world plan. They have, throughIntellect, 239:developed minds, and fine brains (to act as sensitive recorders of the higher impressions), so thatIntellect, 243:which may open up before him as he becomes more sensitive, and know the nature of what he is seeingIntellect, 249:classes. First, there are the writings of those sensitive souls who can tune in - again on psychicIntellect, 249:this category come the writings of those who are sensitive in a more mental manner, and can tune inIntellect, 257:mentioned. People find themselves becoming over-sensitive. The senses work overtime and all theirMagic, 18:and that multiplicity of interrelated and sensitive parts which serve to coordinate the organism,Magic, 19:to coordinate the organism, [19] to produce the sensitive response which exists between the manyMagic, 19:which serve also to make the man aware of, and sensitive to, his environment. This entire sensoryMagic, 19:as a unit, and secondly, its responsiveness and sensitive reaction to the world within which itMagic, 19:system, this network of interrelating and sensitive nerves is the symbol in man of the soul, and anMagic, 20:as that which is tangible, or as that which is sensitive and coherent, or that which is energizing.Magic, 20:of awareness itself, involving as it does sensitive response to environment, and the apparatus ofMagic, 20:is contacted and known; it is that of which the sensitive apparatus [21] becomes aware. This, as weMagic, 45:Back of the objective universe is the subtler sensitive body - one organism, not many, oneMagic, 45:one sentient, responsive, connected form. This sensitive form is not only that which responds toMagic, 47:sign of the inner reality, the concretion of the sensitive responsive entity which links spirit andMagic, 67:are days when the race as a whole is becoming sensitive and telepathic and responsive to thoughtMagic, 67:are contacting the higher truths and becoming sensitive to the Universal Mind must protect some ofMagic, 110:part of such as are sensible (and perhaps over-sensitive) of the fact that while their livesMagic, 197:He has to learn to be group conscious, to be sensitive to group ideals, and to be inclusive in hisMagic, 200:and still another is too mystical. One man is sensitive, irritable, and impressionable. Another isMagic, 231:desire, with glamor, with ambition and with his sensitive emotional body. He thinks the battle isMagic, 246:and of emotion, he finds himself at-one with the sensitive apparatus of divine manifestation whichMagic, 274:of the greater Whole, and even they are only sensitive to it but are, as yet, utterly unable toMagic, 285:and when therefore the entire nature - material, sensitive or psychic, and the existence aspect -Magic, 294:correctly the information which his body of sensitive response could, but fortunately does not yet,Magic, 295:awakens to his immortal heritage and so becomes sensitive to forces that are as yet - for the many
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