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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVE

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Magic, 298:is the dominant astral energy at this time and sensitive humanity succumbs all too easily to it.Magic, 303:about a condition of mass terror, and the more sensitive the individual the more he will react toMagic, 304:case now where there are so many thousands of sensitive aspiring souls, inexperienced in theMagic, 307:playing upon the human race, affect the most sensitive; they in their turn affect their environmentMagic, 310:in the human being. When the brain is becoming sensitive to the awakening mind and is not soMagic, 311:elemental. The fact that protects from complete sensitive identification with this greater life isMagic, 315:- Astral Energy and Fear 6. The astral life, or sensitive emanations of a man's surrounding familyMagic, 316:The astral body reacts to all emanations of a sensitive character in three ways: Emotional. TheMagic, 316:him. This phrase warrants careful study. Sensitive. There is always a registering of allMagic, 316:always a registering of all impressions by the sensitive astral body, even if emotional responseMagic, 343:as depression by the physical body. The more sensitive your body, the greater your responsivenessMagic, 350:with tenderness all of you, who, with weak and sensitive bodies, struggle, work, fight, fail,Magic, 353:aspirants are urged also to render themselves sensitive to the voice of their Master as well. HisMagic, 353:and disciples must train themselves to be sensitive to His impression. A slight hint, a pointedMagic, 366:Himself. He intuits as well as idealizes and is sensitive to divine thoughts. They fertilize hisMagic, 370:of the family, nation or race weigh upon the sensitive personality. The happiness of youth or theMagic, 371:and [371] others. He is awake and alive; he is sensitive and frequently suffering. He wonders whyMagic, 385:records and interprets the world of souls. It is sensitive to the three worlds of human evolution.Magic, 385:worlds of human evolution. It becomes equally sensitive to the kingdom of the soul. It is the greatMagic, 396:personalities who are becoming increasingly sensitive to the soul aspect, the qualities of thatMagic, 413:entirely subjectively, thus utilizing the inner sensitive apparatus and the intuition. It is to beMagic, 415:and active. The brain has to be telepathically sensitive in two directions and at will. It must beMagic, 498:mentally the interplay can be closer and more sensitive than ever before for he is freed of theMagic, 534:so that the latent germ of sentiency or of sensitive response to environment may be fostered in theMagic, 545:on the physical plane is only some man or woman sensitive to or en rapport with a true blackMagic, 546:which he is essentially himself: Physical body, sensitive emotional nature, mind and soul; Soul,Magic, 607:and few there are who are not at this stage too sensitive for their own comfort and too responsiveMagic, 609:religious and economic pressure of the present, sensitive and responsive to the influences andMagic, 609:the esoteric sense, and to unfold that inner sensitive awareness which will enable a man toMagic, 618:potently orienting itself towards the Path that sensitive people everywhere are being swept into aMagic, 619:of the journey of the divine prodigal; and sensitive inter-communication between units, groups andMagic, 621:and do they find that they are becoming more sensitive and therefore more able to swing into theMagic, 623:those who have trained themselves somewhat in sensitive response and to work through them, carriesMagic, 634:Groups and Training The second great test of the sensitive disciple is fear of failure. This isMeditation, 6:and the mental body serves the purpose of a sensitive plate and discriminator, and the intelligentMeditation, 129:following of certain rules they become more sensitive to the sights and sounds of the inner planes.Meditation, 156:of matter of the higher subplanes, is clear and sensitive, an accurate transmitter, and which [157]Patanjali, 412:of an instrument, of an intermediary, of a sensitive plate, registering either that which poursPsychology1, xviii:men and women everywhere so that they can be sensitive to the Plan, sensitive to their groupPsychology1, xviii:so that they can be sensitive to the Plan, sensitive to their group vibration, and thus able toPsychology1, xviii:think that the Plan is to train aspirants to be sensitive to the vibration of a Master or to thePsychology1, 12:each student that apparatus of response and that sensitive mechanism which will enable him toPsychology1, 17:it is all divine expression and all a form of sensitive awareness and of response to environment,Psychology1, 31:registering that quality in consciousness or as sensitive response to the interplay going forward,Psychology1, 45:of responsiveness or awareness; they are sensitive machines, responsive to an envelopingPsychology1, 47:of experience to the production of forms more sensitive, more beautiful and more fully expressivePsychology1, 114:of accepted disciples on the inner side are sensitive organisms, and each member of these circlesPsychology1, 118:of his reactions to his environment and of his sensitive apparatus; we have learnt much about thePsychology1, 130:of the outstanding soul qualities: Sentiency, or sensitive response to contact, and by that meansPsychology1, 134:the way of the seeker, the searcher and the sensitive reflector of beauty. The Jewish nation has aPsychology1, 172:a forcing process, in order to make mankind more sensitive and to develop certain latent but hiddenPsychology1, 174:are reduced to the point where they will become sensitive to the new vision, and able to recognizePsychology1, 175:unknown to themselves, they are really sensitive to the great ideas thrown into their minds by thePsychology1, 180:minds of the age are constantly being made sensitive to these patterns, so that the individual mindPsychology1, 249:which that Life expresses Itself, the [249] sensitive response apparatus through which thatPsychology1, 252:column and a brain. This organization of a sensitive response apparatus constitutes, in reality,Psychology1, 280:But these influences, playing upon the sensitive bodies of the undeveloped and the over-psychic,Psychology1, 341:and to symbols. [341] Reaction to environment, sensitive response to the ray influences whichPsychology1, 347:and finer response apparatus and a more plastic sensitive reflector of the inner man, definitionPsychology1, 356:conscious of the sentient universe; he became sensitive to the love of God, and registered anPsychology1, 388:in their psychology, - intuitive, mystical, sensitive, alluring, beautiful, fond of display [389]Psychology1, 426:column and a brain. This organization of a sensitive response apparatus constitutes, in reality,Psychology2, 15:The physical man is frequently a wonderfully sensitive instrument of the inner, emotional andPsychology2, 17:vibration of the soul ray and whose inner, sensitive mechanism is vibrating to the measure of thatPsychology2, 23:composed of the three aspects, becomes sensitive to the energy of pure electric fire or life, as itPsychology2, 70:body and the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, and the intelligent mindPsychology2, 126:upon other aspirants. They may have become sensitive to impression, but they oft-times misinterpretPsychology2, 126:those of you who respond to these ideas and are sensitive to soul impression (oft-timesPsychology2, 139:World Servers. Each individual in the group is sensitive to the Plan, either through his ownPsychology2, 149:may be used), and determine our capacity to be sensitive to its impact. If we are unable to respondPsychology2, 187:their personal interests in group good; how sensitive they are, as a group, to instruction andPsychology2, 192:for a psychometrist is one whose soul is sensitive to the soul in other forms of life, - human andPsychology2, 206:they are polarized in the soul. These are the sensitive, struggling people, who long for releasePsychology2, 212:the tremendous stimulation then undergone by the sensitive forms of life (and of these the animalPsychology2, 212:of these the animal was at that time the most sensitive), produced the emergence of a new form,Psychology2, 247:Secondly, the constant effort to render oneself sensitive to the world of significant realities andPsychology2, 255:of concrete, primitive life into the 'world of sensitive perception. It is in this field that thePsychology2, 297:psychologist will find a person who is intensely sensitive, inclusive and self-willed. Because ofPsychology2, 298:cycle has done its work, we will have a sensitive, intuitive, inclusive disciple whose wisdom hasPsychology2, 320:idea lies much for the esoteric psychologist. In sensitive awareness lies the secret of progressPsychology2, 326:practical and material sense. Intensifies their sensitive perception. Permits of the development ofPsychology2, 337:- intelligent, enquiring, intellectually sensitive, responsive to thought currents and reactingPsychology2, 350:into being. He was alive and at the same time sensitive and responsive to his environment in aPsychology2, 373:psychic life, the sixth plane, he is peculiarly sensitive to his own reactions and to the ideas ofPsychology2, 406:today is rapidly coming to recognize), the sensitive, emotional, desire body, and the mind. ThroughPsychology2, 406:and the vital body. Between these two and the sensitive desire nature. Between these three and thePsychology2, 443:emotional nature, with its desires, demands and sensitive reactions. Next, he discovered himself asPsychology2, 480:world situation which has plunged so many sensitive people into a state of lowered spiritualPsychology2, 485:to the hierarchical plan is dependent upon the sensitive reaction which can be developed and madePsychology2, 495:origin and racial desire, or they can embody the sensitive response of advanced humanity to systemsPsychology2, 504:consciousness which is, at least, becoming more sensitive mentally. At any rate, they are notPsychology2, 517:two directions is having a serious effect upon sensitive individuals. They are pulled in twoPsychology2, 555:of nature so that it shall become increasingly sensitive to its environment and thus build an everPsychology2, 556:or self, whether it is the soul of man, the sensitive nature of the cosmic Christ, or the animaPsychology2, 570:business or are built up around his health. The sensitive tunes in on these, connects them with thePsychology2, 584:in a certain manner, will not react. So the sensitive will register psychic awareness of a morePsychology2, 616:and the problems of the individual who is sensitive to group pressures and group life - a veryPsychology2, 620:the effect - emotional and physical - upon any sensitive group member; the more frequent thePsychology2, 620:is largely of group origin and the mystics and sensitive of the world most easily succumb. In thesePsychology2, 629:that more advanced portion of humanity that is sensitive to these new influences, who can grasp the
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