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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVE

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Psychology2, 690:Servers, composed at this time of all those sensitive and consecrated servers of the race whosePsychology2, 707:of the new art. This will be expressive of a sensitive response to ideas. The art of the pastPsychology2, 716:slowly emerging in the consciousness of the more sensitive members of the human family. These ideasPsychology2, 720:[720] Define the plan more clearly Become more sensitive to inner, subjective, spiritual impressionPsychology2, 727:This refers to all those group leaders who are sensitive to what we might call the "doctrine ofPsychology2, 730:suffered enough and therefore was not adequately sensitive to others. It had no inner integrationRays, 218:plane and in group formation. It will possess a sensitive feeling apparatus, corresponding to theRays, 229:humanity, at the same time, conditioned and made sensitive by Piscine energy, during the past twoRays, 234:and Humanity, and it has also developed the sensitive response of humanity to contacts, and to suchRays, 235:in the degree of evolutionary response and of sensitive reaction to impact. The response and theRays, 236:of the Black Lodge. Between the two forces - one sensitive, onward moving, ready for that which isRays, 236:the New Group of World Servers - men and women sensitive to the inner and newer vision and to theRays, 276:is a state of consciousness or a phase of sensitive awareness wherein there is acute and dynamicRays, 292:will enable him to function in a better and more sensitive instrument. This might be called theRays, 342:drops below the threshold of consciousness or of sensitive awareness and no longer holds any pointRays, 361:will be incomprehensible to you) He is becoming sensitive to a range of energies and influencesRays, 366:Evolution simply permits the entrance of the sensitive initiate into "spheres of intimacy" (as theyRays, 374:of little response yet susceptible to impact and sensitive to impression, the effect is not helpfulRays, 407:the unfoldment of conscious responsiveness and sensitive reaction to all the higher impressions.Rays, 419:made and the steady though gradual growth of sensitive response to environment, to contact and toRays, 445:body and the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, and the intelligentRays, 465:and reacting to soul contact and control. Sensitive to the first impression of the Monad. ThisRays, 478:of the planetary Hierarchy upon those who were sensitive to the higher impression. The responsiveRays, 488:found upon the highest level of his astral, or sensitive vehicle. This does not relate to theRays, 578:and potent aspect of his being is aspiration, a sensitive response to all forms of divine life andRays, 599:down into the clarified and organized body of sensitive response which is all that remains of whatRays, 599:divine relationship" that the initiate becomes a sensitive revealer of that love. The dynamicRays, 658:but which have developed into those stages of sensitive unfoldment and progression when the work ofRays, 665:that of their own selfish interests, who are sensitive to the Christ life and to the spiritualRays, 673:mass of men are swept by the emotions and by a sensitive response to circumstance; they are notRays, 683:the hardest period. The hardest period for the sensitive, feeling [684] aspirant is to be foundReappearance, 16:to both good and evil and possesses a far more sensitive response apparatus than did humanity inReappearance, 67:side or nature of the Christ, perfected and sensitive, responds to the invocation and to the appealReappearance, 83:of Life"; through the over-shadowing of those sensitive to His impression and of His focused Mind,Reappearance, 154:telepathically those spiritual Beings Who are sensitive and responsive to such impacts. TheirSoul, 47:thyroid plus is more energetic, so is he more sensitive. He feels things more, he feels pain moreSoul, 76:coming from God; another a mortal, animal or sensitive part, the seat of appetite and sensation,Soul, 77:no parts, yet Gregory distinguished nutritive, sensitive, and rational faculties, corresponding toSoul, 77:resides the vital power; in the vital dwells sensitive power, and to the sensitive power is unitedSoul, 77:in the vital dwells sensitive power, and to the sensitive power is united the rational. TheSoul, 77:the sensitive power is united the rational. The sensitive soul is thus a medium, purer than fleshSoul, 126:reinforcements, should himself become so sensitive as to pick up the sound waves unaided, and thusSoul, 150:showed how a bar of permalloy, which is usually sensitive to magnetism, will remain suspendedTelepathy, 6:of ideas, becoming aware of them through the sensitive receiving plate of the mind. He then seeksTelepathy, 10:concerned are using different centers and are sensitive to certain types of force and closed toTelepathy, 10:people, even if mentally polarized and therefore sensitive to similar vibrations attempt to make aTelepathy, 16:from all other instruments or centers) is sensitive to the impact of etheric energy, for this areaTelepathy, 16:substance, using the solar plexus area as a sensitive plate for impact and impression. [17] OneTelepathy, 20:of in the Bible in connection with the greatest Sensitive humanity has ever produced, the Christ.Telepathy, 30:self, and nothing violently. The need of sensitive receivers is great. Train yourselves. ForgetTelepathy, 34:of interrelated activity. By the cultivation of sensitive reactions to each other and to the otherTelepathy, 34:lot of the disciples may be cast. This involves: Sensitive physical reaction, via the centers, toTelepathy, 35:can be so conditioned that it can become a sensitive receiving apparatus. When, however, soulTelepathy, 35:Aquarian Age. The intuition is the infallibly sensitive agent, latent in every human being; it isTelepathy, 37 To:without undue delay into an instrument of sensitive understanding. If disciples cannot tune in onTelepathy, 41:Their consciousness is impressed, and so sensitive is Their response to the higher impression, thatTelepathy, 47:basis of reflection for those aspirants who are sensitive enough to their impact and wise enough toTelepathy, 48:also. It will, therefore, be concerned with the sensitive response of the entire natural andTelepathy, 49:referred to the dual action of the mind as it is sensitive to the higher impressions and active inTelepathy, 49:of meditation, so that the aspirant can be sensitive to impression and (because he is oriented toTelepathy, 54:response is, in reality, the growth of the sensitive awareness of the planetary Logos HIMSELF. TheTelepathy, 54:unfolded one sense after another; one form of sensitive response after another becomes possible asTelepathy, 61:as it would include too vast a field) becomes sensitive to his environment, as the forces of [62]Telepathy, 62:Some day, two-thirds of the human family will be sensitive to impacts coming from the Mind of God,Telepathy, 65:body is the symbol. It is also rendering man sensitive to ideas as the unfolding intellect of manTelepathy, 85:within a group is far [85] more correctly sensitive than is the man struggling alone to renderTelepathy, 85:is the man struggling alone to render himself sensitive to impression. One of the factorsTelepathy, 92:At that point he becomes capable of being more sensitive to a higher range of impression and - atTelepathy, 92:to which he is subjected and to which he is sensitive, the more easily will he reach those he mustTelepathy, 94:of his growing world service. Later, he becomes sensitive to impression from the Hierarchy. This isTelepathy, 94:and unusual importance. Later still, he becomes sensitive to impression from Shamballa, and theTelepathy, 95:impressions to which he is becoming increasingly sensitive; the ideas, concepts and spiritualTelepathy, 98:objective and subjective. It is this "agent of sensitive response" which the indwelling self has toTelepathy, 100:- A Normal Unfoldment The fact that a man is sensitive to hierarchical impression in his mentalTelepathy, 100:in his mental aura will not prevent his being sensitive in his astral nature to the invocative andTelepathy, 101:distinguish between these many impacts upon his sensitive aura. In the early stages the majority ofTelepathy, 102:higher self, and this renders his magnetic aura sensitive to an aspect of himself which has notTelepathy, 104:fact of registration is no unusual phenomenon. Sensitive people are constantly being impressed fromTelepathy, 108:which he has engendered becomes increasingly sensitive to these spiritual inflowing impressions,Telepathy, 108:inflowing impressions, and also increasingly sensitive to that which he evokes from his surroundingTelepathy, 110:cases, the lower aspect of love (emotional and sensitive astral response) and the pure love of theTelepathy, 111:of the evolutionary process. Astral sensitive awareness. This is based upon the reactions of theTelepathy, 111:because the aspirants of the world are now sensitive to contacts which are founded upon anTelepathy, 112:possible when the abstract mind is developed and sensitive, and can thus become the seed or germ ofTelepathy, 117:aura around the head is that which is truly sensitive to the highest impressions and is the pointTelepathy, 118:the recipient of the impression must become sensitive." This sentence requires probably a quiteTelepathy, 119:Recipients of the desired impression must become sensitive to this substantial energy. This entireTelepathy, 121:Past into the Present, plus the effort to become sensitive to the right emergence of that PlanTelepathy, 121:and advanced humanity become the recipients, the sensitive recipients, of the Plan as transmittedTelepathy, 124:Science of Contact. It is this concept of sensitive contact which I seek to emphasize as we studyTelepathy, 143:unawakened; when it is related and the center is sensitive to its impact, then that center becomesTelepathy, 183:and knows. It is His consciousness and His sensitive response to all forms and to all states ofTelepathy, 184:sense of awareness and of consciousness which is sensitive in its response to the life within all
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