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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVELY

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Astrology, 323:the ability to bear in mind the need to respond sensitively to the environing conditions andAutobiographystrained conditions of humanity to which she was sensitively attuned, the sense of futility andDiscipleship1, 271:coincident with your second ray ability to react sensitively to others. It is, therefore, a problemDiscipleship1, 413:a relation to me and to this group of aspirants; sensitively you are adequate to the task;Discipleship1, 758:knows the part which he has to play. He responds sensitively to the Master's aura not only upon theDiscipleship2, 514:and yet much that you do courts it. You are sensitively humble and yet can be trapped and misledGlamour, 45:attract to itself that which - emotionally and sensitively - it believes itself to be and have. Healing, 83:world, but it also enables a man to register sensitively the subtler worlds, and, when energizedIntellect, 134:ch. 1. The versatility of the rapidly moving and sensitively responsive mental substance can beMagic, 212:man has been to make the lower responsive to and sensitively aware of the forces emanating from theMagic, 414:of race and of accomplishment. They must be also sensitively aware of their fellowmen and of theirMagic, 514:of apparent non-effort. Some people again are so sensitively organized that, in the midst of work,Psychology2, 123:for the hatred engendered by those who react sensitively to suffering and who, because of theirPsychology2, 476:(speaking symbolically) to its level. Reacts sensitively to its phenomena, and often with pleasurePsychology2, 482:more sublimated states of this acquiescence, the sensitively inclined person voices his submission,Rays, 188:illusion. Humanity responded more and more sensitively to impacts - both subjective and objective -Rays, 216:gradually the soul is - to use a peculiar but sensitively expressing word - by-passed. It has byReappearance, 128:of the heart are awakening and becoming sensitively responsive to both the other aspects, then the
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