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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVENESS

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Atom, 68:the subject with sufficient reverence and sensitiveness of outlook, bearing carefully in mindBethlehem, 113:somnambulism' with its distinctive forms of sensitiveness, telepathy, and second-sight, a directDiscipleship1, 49:enumerate them: Intuitional response to ideas. Sensitiveness to the impression which some member ofDiscipleship1, 281:ask here, and rightly so, how this intuitive sensitiveness of yours can be of service to the groupFire, 209:this results, in the exoteric life, as: First. A sensitiveness and refinement of the vehicles whichFire, 910:the elimination of noise, owing to the increased sensitiveness of the race. When the energy ofInitiation, 76:over-morbid investigation of motive, and undue sensitiveness to the criticism of others leads to aInitiation, 139:and this results in the exoteric life as: A sensitiveness and refinement of the vehicles which mayIntellect, 124:of minds of a more than average instinctive sensitiveness; analytical reason follows, consolidatingIntellect, 159:responsiveness to telepathic communication and a sensitiveness to other minds which have achievedIntellect, 217:the world is full of sounds and as we grow in sensitiveness we are apt to find it fuller than weMagic, 169:to the best of his ability. Increased psychic sensitiveness. This is both an indication of growthMagic, 174:the right to contact Him at will necessitates a sensitiveness and a fine discrimination which fewMagic, 226:with his fellowmen. Spiritual awareness or sensitiveness to the spiritual world, and the feelingMagic, 260:to do. It presupposes the following: An inner sensitiveness to the Plan. An ability to recognizeMagic, 348:cometh in the morning". It results also in a sensitiveness of the astral body that is, perhaps,Magic, 349:to greater rapidity of vibration and to greater sensitiveness. Seek the point of balance in yourMagic, 353:higher vibrations. This works out at first as sensitiveness to the inner voice and this is one ofMagic, 603:It can govern and control the emotional sensitiveness, not only of the disciple himself, but of allMagic, 607:second circle of workers are taught to develop sensitiveness in three directions: to the thoughtsMeditation, 108:of life; it may be the development of sensitiveness by the revealing cruelties of nature; it may beMeditation, 338:love of anything or anyone, discouragement, over-sensitiveness to public opinion; then he mustSoul, 137:system. In more developed races the vague sensitiveness usually disappears as the mental faculties
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