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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVITY

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Intellect, 202:transmute desire into aspiration, feeling into sensitivity to the things of the spirit, and love ofMagic, 19:produces the organized awareness and coordinated sensitivity of the entire human being, first,Magic, 127:to the inaudible hearing which will develop the sensitivity of the inner ear, the etheric ear.Magic, 194:sacral center, the cases of neuroticism and over-sensitivity and emotionalism, brought about by theMagic, 226:of a correlating and coordinating mind. Sensitivity, or awareness of moods, emotions and feelings,Magic, 227:and a well-equipped mentality. The greater the sensitivity of the astral body, the greater itsMagic, 308:amusement, or the mass hilarity - owing to his sensitivity - sweeps him into that hystericalMagic, 310:the solar plexus is largely the organ of psychic sensitivity and will remain so until the higherMagic, 353:of consciousness is undergone with increasing sensitivity to the higher vibrations. This works outMagic, 403:a fair mental equipment, but that telepathic sensitivity, that instinctive response to hierarchicalMagic, 411:Through their work therefore that interesting sensitivity of man, with its three outstandingMagic, 416:true Aquarian with a universal touch, an intense sensitivity, a highly organized mental apparatus,Magic, 421:but it is an inevitable effect of the growing sensitivity of all the souls who are working in theMagic, 425:meditation is kept paramount in importance, that sensitivity to the subjective realm is cultivated,Magic, 433:and pour into the soul of man and produce that sensitivity which we call awareness. These sevenMagic, 439:with the quality of the personality and with its sensitivity, or state of awareness; the third willMagic, 505:aware and is [505] produced by an inner aural sensitivity which causes awareness of sounds alwaysMagic, 591:system and because it so underlies it produces sensitivity and awareness. It is the cause ofMagic, 607:of this group in the new group, upon telepathic sensitivity. The members of this second circle ofMagic, 635:be done through meditation. The development of sensitivity to the new impulses which are floodingProblems, 47:of the difficulty of daily living, upon sensitivity to a child's normally affectionate response,Problems, 85:much higher level of right human relations. The sensitivity of these minorities, the inflammatoryPsychology1, 15:has believed its grasp of Reality and its sensitivity to the inner Beauty to be greater and nearerPsychology1, 34:of these three, and which indicates a developing sensitivity. This is leading to a growth ofPsychology1, 93:in the human form. As the forms of man grew in sensitivity; as they became more and more refinedPsychology1, 97:increasing greatly in number, and the growing sensitivity of the race to impression is a cause ofPsychology1, 97:complicate the way of the aspirant. This growing sensitivity is universal; hence the [98] rapidPsychology1, 98:spread of new nervous and mental diseases. This sensitivity is the response of the mechanism of manPsychology1, 109:thankfulness at the growing responsiveness and sensitivity of man. That the first reaction andPsychology1, 172:more advanced types of men up to a standard of sensitivity and to a spiritual receptivity which hadPsychology1, 216:of the solar Logos. Consciousness or sensitivity to the expression of quality, through the mediumPsychology1, 248:insoluble. A consciousness, an awareness and a sensitivity to an ever-widening and more inclusivePsychology1, 248:God, the awareness of the solar Logos, and the sensitivity of the cosmic Son of God. The formPsychology1, 249:stage of perfection, and demonstrates a greater sensitivity and responsiveness to outer and innerPsychology1, 319:past root-race. The solar plexus center. Psychic sensitivity. Mystic. 3rd and first human race. ThePsychology1, 336:greater facility and more true awareness and sensitivity, in the next kingdom, and thePsychology1, 337:enters another plane. Then responsiveness and sensitivity and human sentimental reaction developPsychology1, 350:Hierarchy (through egoic stimulation and the sensitivity of certain nations to the inner guidance)Psychology1, 352:we shall have the growth of psychic sensitivity, and the emergence of a form life which willPsychology1, 356:intellect, which is an instrument of exceeding sensitivity, producing increased awareness of God.Psychology2, 15:The free use of the mind presupposes its growing sensitivity to intuitional impression. ThePsychology2, 16:adequate to its own expression. Produce that sensitivity in the sheaths - sequentially and finallyPsychology2, 40:Inclusiveness; A longing for wisdom and truth; Sensitivity to the Whole; Renunciation of the greatPsychology2, 41:of that which is produced by speech, Abnormal sensitivity to that which is the Not-Self, ConstantPsychology2, 42:recognize and contact the Angel of the Presence; Sensitivity to Deity, to light and to wisdom;Psychology2, 65:A hint can here be found as to the excessive sensitivity of the solar plexus center to surroundingPsychology2, 68:which we call the astral body, distinguished by sensitivity, emotional activity, and that magneticPsychology2, 70:or understanding (which demonstrates as sensitivity and feeling in the astral body), and ofPsychology2, 83:electrified forms. 6. Idealism Responding Sensitivity Fluidic electrified forms. 7. OrganizationPsychology2, 85:of the human body and the steadily increasing sensitivity of [86] the human mechanism, have broughtPsychology2, 101:subject to them in order to acquire that psychic sensitivity which would otherwise be impossible.Psychology2, 146:physical plane. The basis of this selection is: Sensitivity to the Aquarian influence. WillingnessPsychology2, 273:the Ray of Magical Order which will bring about sensitivity to one of the Major Approaches which isPsychology2, 315:focused in the astral body, leading to over-sensitivity of the solar plexus center or of the throatPsychology2, 316:In these latter cases there is an abnormal over-sensitivity in the vehicles, the rush of forcePsychology2, 330:upon the physical plane, developing increased sensitivity in consciousness, through the medium ofPsychology2, 337:reacting with increasing steadiness, vigor and sensitivity to the impact of ideas. That of one orPsychology2, 350:mind. To the achieved facts of livingness and sensitivity, he is rapidly adding reason, mentalPsychology2, 400:material expression. This involves the higher sensitivity, power to respond intuitional,Psychology2, 402:and had [402] inherited so much disease and over-sensitivity that men fall back defeated. It is asPsychology2, 432:to reality, new qualities of awareness, new sensitivity to that which has hitherto beenPsychology2, 433:of contact, and the result of increased sensitivity to the environment (which are the only valuesPsychology2, 439:as he can all emotional reactions and psychic sensitivity, glamoring himself with the belief thatPsychology2, 454:and the unfoldment of the lower psychism. Over sensitivity to the phenomena of the inner light,Psychology2, 454:the higher psychic unfoldment, with consequent sensitivity to Guidance Cooperation with the Plan.Psychology2, 454:contact. The last three groups of problems under sensitivity are most definite and real in thePsychology2, 477:of the soul - spiritual perception, telepathic sensitivity and psychometrical facility - arePsychology2, 478:The task of release from the thralldom of astral sensitivity is unique and stupendous. The detailsPsychology2, 489:The "guidance" registered can also be simply a sensitivity to the voices and injunctions andPsychology2, 520:and, therefore, (through this developed sensitivity of some aspect of the fivefold instrument ofPsychology2, 543:is also willing to admit are those of feeling, sensitivity to the divine existence, the recognitionPsychology2, 555:vagus nerve is affected. Consciousness and life, sensitivity and directed purpose are the greatPsychology2, 584:Those which are indicative of an exceeding sensitivity to impressions, to conditions and toPsychology2, 584:to atmospheres, surrounding the psychic. This sensitivity is of a somewhat inchoate nature and isPsychology2, 584:finally to spiritual identification. c. Touch Sensitivity This leads eventually to spiritualPsychology2, 585:Aryan consciousness, which is mental in nature. Sensitivity or the psychic sense of touch isPsychology2, 585:proceeding at this time on Venus. It is sensitivity to spiritual impression. Hearing - is thePsychology2, 591:the counterpart and the animating factor, making sensitivity possible and producing that action andPsychology2, 614:the investigator and the physician. Psychic sensitivity, mystical duality, and dominating power -Psychology2, 614:the eyebrows - in the disciple, for psychic sensitivity is related to the heart, mystical dualityPsychology2, 625:nor of each other, and the greater their sensitivity the more complex their reaction and the morePsychology2, 692:sacrifice, clear thinking, and an increased sensitivity must be actively desired and worked for byPsychology2, 706:warfare and a collision of divergent views. A sensitivity to ideas. This amounts in the earlierPsychology2, 706:change of viewpoint. This leads eventually to a sensitivity to the intuition which will enable anPsychology2, 708:remain submerged in the realm of the mind and of sensitivity or they may work out as physiologicalPsychology2, 713:will and Their intention. It is based on astral sensitivity and astral reaction to the many thoughtPsychology2, 717:of the group members, and consequently their sensitivity to the Plan will be carried forward. TheyPsychology2, 730:of communication, and the growth of telepathic sensitivity. The abuses of the law of living had notPsychology2, 739:good will or provide a barrier to that spiritual sensitivity which makes him susceptible to thePsychology2, 747:it will mean the cultivation of that spiritual sensitivity which will render us aware of thePsychology2, 750:of the emphasis upon: [750] The producing of sensitivity to the inner spiritual impression,Rays, 34:He is not then occupied with increasing his sensitivity to contact, or with his conscious responseRays, 41:consciousness or with even the higher psychic sensitivity. It consists of pure identification withRays, 43:- has naught to do with consciousness or sensitivity as those terms are [44] commonly understood.Rays, 67:impulse, its creative power, and its responsive sensitivity to all contacts. Rule III Dual theRays, 75:consciousness, all that the quality of sensitivity has conveyed to mankind throughout the ages. ItRays, 133:ridicule - according to the type of mind, the sensitivity to truth or the crass credulity of theRays, 162:the personality stands free from its control. Sensitivity and reaction to contact in the threeRays, 162:required assets - consciousness, feeling, sensitivity, the ability to establish and registerRays, 166:cosmic physical plane. The process of developing sensitivity in this sevenfold evolution has been
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