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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENSITIVITY

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Rays, 193:the lowest aspects of Law) and the tendency to sensitivity (feeling or emotion, one of the lowestRays, 202:and our emotional and intuitional sensitivity are but the dim and distorted reflections. This is aRays, 234:which produces mediation and which develops sensitivity in the individual. The work accomplished byRays, 234:of humanity to contacts, and to such a degree of sensitivity that the response to be accorded toRays, 244:the best response at the moment of human sensitivity to cosmic impression. This is all that can beRays, 257:correspondence in [257] the three points of sensitivity in the head of a disciple or initiate, thatRays, 276:deepened subjective relationships and increased sensitivity to the higher impression and the innerRays, 287:that the touch to be developed has reference to sensitivity and not the sensory perception of theRays, 312:third initiation; nevertheless, the preparatory sensitivity (if I may use this word in thisRays, 312:impression. The development of monadic sensitivity. It might be of interest at this point if, inRays, 315:behind the Plan, as a result of the developed sensitivity. Obedience to the Plan brings revelationRays, 316:growing response to the monad, plus an unfolding sensitivity to the impact of the will aspect. ButRays, 340:Four minor rays Planetary Choice Consciousness Sensitivity Initiation 9. Refusal Shamballa ThreeRays, 361:objective; He is beginning to develop a great sensitivity to that level of awareness, butRays, 362:view and begin to unfold within themselves a new sensitivity to impression coming from sourcesRays, 363:great center called Shamballa; the developing sensitivity to increasingly high impression, which isRays, 364:as it drives man forward from one range of sensitivity and of responsiveness to impression toRays, 371:- magnetic telepathy Humanity - radiatory sensitivity yet these three are only manifestations ofRays, 398:are working at a conscious receptivity or sensitivity to the cosmic astral plane, the source of theRays, 406:with occult impressibility and that acute sensitivity which produces instant and accurateRays, 407:things, to unfold within Themselves not only sensitivity to systemic purpose, but the ability toRays, 410:to this advancement, owing to the increased sensitivity of the human mechanism, and owing to theRays, 434:and esoteric significance. Consciousness, Sensitivity, Awareness, Planetary Rapport, UniversalRays, 442:it is concerned with a pictorial and symbolic sensitivity which expresses interpretively theRays, 445:or understanding (this demonstrates as sensitivity and feeling in the astral body), and spiritualRays, 464:thread: 2. The Son Aspect The quality of sensitivity The Love Aspect The nature of relationshipRays, 465:to the first impression of the Monad. This sensitivity is indicated where there is: Submission toRays, 477:to function in a way unrealized in Lemuria. Sensitivity, awareness and - as a result - desire andRays, 477:- desire and reaction were the keynotes. Active sensitivity as a prelude to full consciousnessRays, 478:to the higher impression. The responsive sensitivity to creative impression was the outstandingRays, 480:at the Atlantean stage of development of "auric sensitivity." A few - a very few in comparison withRays, 485:of success may be slow in coming, for the sensitivity of the brain is involved, and frequentlyRays, 488:and this fact must be remembered at all times. Sensitivity, as an expression of the astral body, isRays, 488:the astral body, is the opposite pole to buddhic sensitivity. The disciple has purified and refinedRays, 521:warrant that revelation, and of developing a sensitivity and a loving response to the ideal Man,Rays, 543:upon the mental plane. The development of sensitivity to contact, and the registering of "thatRays, 549:task, as aspirants, is to cultivate the higher sensitivity; to render yourselves so pure andRays, 642:angle, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to light and illumination. A Master mayRays, 653:to do with form or consciousness, but with the "sensitivity of the universe," occupy the interimRays, 658:kingdoms in nature, producing a higher stage of sensitivity in each successive one, but it is onlyRays, 686:of [686] the emotional nature and the selfish sensitivity of the lower self. Initiation III. -Rays, 686:It might be regarded as complete freedom from sensitivity, yet with a full flowering of thatRays, 700:this fourth level of awareness or of spiritual sensitivity - takes its place and the initiate livesRays, 723:is made through the development of that higher sensitivity which leads inevitably to cosmicRays, 723:no adequate word for this quality or type of sensitivity, for it is not something which we canRays, 723:which They are faced. It is this preparatory sensitivity in the disciple which produces trueRays, 723:is a statement of major importance and links sensitivity, its interpretation and control, with theRays, 727:required), but the major factor is the developed sensitivity of the initiate himself - aRays, 727:sensitivity of the initiate himself - a sensitivity which has developed through many aeons of livesRays, 727:planet have to submit has been to develop this sensitivity which will make revelation possible, andRays, 736:to us under many differing words, i.e., the sensitivity which in some form or another distinguishesRays, 736:initiation. We know it also as attraction, the sensitivity which moves outward until it attractsReappearance, 16:Son of God has ever before had to face. The sensitivity of the people of the world to what is newReappearance, 18:and of all subhuman states of awareness and sensitivity, all that dispels glamor and illusion andReappearance, 23:of selfishness and of the world war, the unique sensitivity which men everywhere were showing (as aReappearance, 95:in their humanitarian objectives, in their sensitivity to spiritual impression, in their united,Reappearance, 158:warrant that revelation, and of developing a sensitivity and a loving response to the ideal Man,Soul, 47:- Ibid., p. 55. We are also told that "Sensitivity, the ability to discriminate between grades ofSoul, 99:the form, as it produces cohesion, animation and sensitivity, carrying out divine purpose.Telepathy, 10:which you face, as disciples learning telepathic sensitivity, is founded on two things: Upon whichTelepathy, 14:I would remind you right at the outset that sensitivity to the thoughts of one's Master,Telepathy, 14:sensitivity to the thoughts of one's Master, sensitivity to the world of ideas, and sensitivity toTelepathy, 14:Master, sensitivity to the world of ideas, and sensitivity to intuitional impressions are all formsTelepathy, 14:impressions are all forms of telepathic sensitivity. In any consideration of this theme, it isTelepathy, 17:it you should ponder. This astral (not etheric) sensitivity, or "feeling telepathy" is basicallyTelepathy, 19:plane, and so it is in connection with developed sensitivity to impression. Telepathy, 21:lower reflection, the personality. This mental sensitivity and rapport between soul and mind remainTelepathy, 22:of the group. Eventually, as his spiritual sensitivity increases, he [23] can be definitelyTelepathy, 34:are associated. Particularly should the sensitivity of the ajna center be developed. Sensitivity toTelepathy, 34:the sensitivity of the ajna center be developed. Sensitivity to the state of feeling or to theTelepathy, 34:which will enable one to take right action. Sensitivity to the thoughts of others through mentalTelepathy, 35:of the seed of the intuition; the cultivation of sensitivity to telepathic impression is one of theTelepathy, 38:rise up between you; to cultivate a group sensitivity of such a quality that your diagnosis ofTelepathy, 49:of knowable things") is safeguarded from the sensitivity required to register impacts from otherTelepathy, 50:is concerned with the establishing of a sensitivity (an invocative sensitivity) between theTelepathy, 50:the establishing of a sensitivity (an invocative sensitivity) between the Spiritual TriadTelepathy, 53:the aspirants, and the imperviousness or lack of sensitivity which characterizes the mass of men.Telepathy, 58:to utilize in service their inherent and innate sensitivity. Let us, as we discuss these matters,Telepathy, 59:of consciousness distinguished by a trained sensitivity, the disciple moves. He unfolds a spiritualTelepathy, 59:is that this science is the basic Science of Sensitivity; it is the art of all responsiveness toTelepathy, 68:consequent awakening of group consciousness, for sensitivity to intuitional impressions has to doTelepathy, 80:achieving a group potency and a responding sensitivity. Telepathy, 81:in developing the adequate discriminative sensitivity and in establishing the certitude of theTelepathy, 83:The Science of Relationship. The Science of Sensitivity. All these terms convey different aspectsTelepathy, 84:of ideas, and expressions of the consequences of sensitivity at this time and in this particularTelepathy, 84:develop more quickly than that of individual sensitivity, but it has happened that way. TheTelepathy, 94: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Telepathic Sensitivity - A Normal Unfoldment XIII. TelepathicTelepathy, 94:- A Normal Unfoldment XIII. Telepathic Sensitivity - A Normal Unfoldment You will have noticed thatTelepathy, 94:as to the art of developing telepathic sensitivity. The reason is, as I told you before, that thisTelepathy, 94:The reason is, as I told you before, that this sensitivity should be, and always is, a normalTelepathy, 94:If it is a forced process, then the sensitivity developed is not normal and carries with it muchTelepathy, 94:of free mental perception which make the higher sensitivity possible. Gradually, as the discipleTelepathy, 95:The essential point to be grasped is that sensitivity to impression is a normal and naturalTelepathy, 95:a clue to the entire process when I said that "Sensitivity to impression involves the engenderingTelepathy, 95:colors his entire life, automatically the higher sensitivity is developed; he becomes a magnet forTelepathy, 96: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Telepathic Sensitivity - A Normal Unfoldment It is this auraTelepathy, 96:of invocation and evocation. These areas of sensitivity pass through three stages, upon which it isTelepathy, 96:upon which it is not my intention to enlarge: Sensitivity to impression from other human beings.Telepathy, 96:to impression from other human beings. This sensitivity becomes of use in service when the neededTelepathy, 96:and is brought under scientific control. Sensitivity to group impression - the passage of ideas
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