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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENT

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Fire, 851:the inner round, only this time the energy is sent forth by certain existences (working inFire, 944:it becomes vitalized with the life energy sent down from the Ego, just as Shiva, the Father, givesFire, 955:of working in group form, each thought being sent upon the definite mission of adding its quota ofFire, 977:and it performs the function whereon it is sent by the "Sound" or speech with greater precision.Fire, 999:those builders who can respond to the vibration sent forth. This is likewise conditioned by theFire, 999:of his meditation, the fullness of the note sent forth by him, and the strength of his initiatedFire, 1002:egoic purpose is assured; it stands ready to be sent forth upon its mission, to gather to itselfFire, 1003:forms would be constructed in order to be sent on selfish missions and for destructive ends, andFire, 1004:nucleus. The form, occultly, is made to be sent forth, to descend, to [1005] fly as a bird forthFire, 1105:physical personality, or the thought currents sent through in course of time from the physicalFire, 1151:quality at the disposal of the Hierarchy, and is sent forth to balance that group, and frequentlyGlamour, 256:or implement it is generated, assembled, sent forth and thus becomes the carrier of power. This hasGlamour, 257:must be preserved so that the breath (as it is sent out) is qualified and conditioned by some idea.Healing, 185:is then raised by the use of a Word of Power (sent forth by the will of the Monad) and by theHealing, 287:The pranic energy (thought-directed) is not sent to the center and there permitted to accumulate.Healing, 287:where difficulty is to be found, and then is sent out to the body as a totality. It might beHealing, 476:is his, whilst the soul returns to the God Who sent it forth. It will therefore be apparent that aHealing, 529:to act as a transmitting agency for energy to be sent into an area governed by some center in theHealing, 573:or an advanced disciple), these energies will be sent back - either with or without the cooperationHealing, 573:which is producing the trouble. They cannot be sent out of the body altogether, via the headHealing, 573:an ancient book on healing states. The energy is sent from the infected area (to use an unsuitableHealing, 641:of the bodies, or the elemental forces, will be sent back along the path of reabsorption only atHercules, 28:dead. The Teacher looked him o'er with care and sent the horses to the place of peace, there to heHercules, 30:had escaped after killing the horses and men sent against them. But Hercules, having caught theHercules, 40:my Teacher. Told by the great Presiding One, He sent me on the Way, and with long search and manyHercules, 43:which he kept on the island of Crete. Eurystheus sent for Hercules and told him that it wasHercules, 55:on every hand. The Teacher, watching from afar, sent Nereus to see if he could aid. Time and againHercules, 83:1 Meaning of the Story Eurystheus, therefore, sent Hercules to capture the golden horned KeryneianHercules, 85:the Greeks tell us that it was the crab that was sent by Hera to bite the foot of Hercules. (AgainHercules, 99:Thus Hercules returned in triumph to the One Who sent him forth to test his strength, to serve andHercules, 130:enemy could withstand them. Again, when Hannibal sent his elephants against Scipio, the latterHercules, 197:his club, and hurled it back to kill the one who sent it forth. At times he lost his way, butHercules, 219:disciples; He performed miracles with fishes; He sent His disciples out into the world to beMagic, 64:which he himself is responsible and which he has sent forth; he then knows himself to be theMagic, 88:the race of animal-men (as a whole, note that), sent a portion of their energy, embodying theMagic, 135:develop the capacity to recognize those who are sent to help them in the work. They must above allMagic, 141:embodiment of ideas and these embodied forms are sent forth to contact the minds of the disciplesMagic, 141:a right intuitive understanding of the thoughts sent him by the Master. To embody the ideasMagic, 151:by the one who breathes in correct rhythm, is sent forth to do its work and fulfil its mission.Magic, 151:or retention of the breath, the created form is sent forth into the phenomenal world, to serve as aMagic, 159:The time has come for that thought-form to be sent upon its mission and to carry out the purpose ofMagic, 160:to remember this: If a thought-form is sent forth into the emotional world to gather to itself aMagic, 318:upon approaching energies, they are reversed and sent in another direction. But those energies mustMagic, 474:price cannot be long delayed. The selfish words, sent forth with strong intent, build up a wall ofMagic, 474:to bruise and kill, they wander back to him who sent them forth and him they bruise and kill. TheMagic, 478:like a boomerang, and returned to the one who sent them forth. This word TAU is likewise, in itsMagic, 488:charged with increased velocity, to the one who sent it on its mission. A strong hatred, clothed inMagic, 491:the purpose for which he intelligently sent them forth. This fourth process falls into two parts:Magic, 491:By detaching his mind from the idea, once he has sent it on its mission, he learns the lesson ofMagic, 638:of the deed accomplished or the thought sent out. Those who teach are occupied with principles ofMeditation, 96:gently three times. Let him picture the breath sent forth as a clarifying, expurgating force thatMeditation, 99:from the higher planes, distortion of the truths sent down via the Ego, and a very dangerousMeditation, 348:when other or [348] more important people are sent to fill the niche he may be occupying, orPatanjali, 110:in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou gavest [111] mePatanjali, 111:one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast lovedPatanjali, 307:will be carried on, and the creative word sent forth. This general view is given so as to presentPsychology1, 82:those thought-forms which must embody the ideas sent forth from the universal divine Mind. Men mustPsychology1, 106:this time are much restricted, and word has been sent out to the working disciples in the world toPsychology1, 223:By a willingness to study the truths that are sent out, from time to time, from the occult centersPsychology1, 264:"The Lords of the fifth great ray of mind have sent us on our way. The Lords of the sixth great rayPsychology1, 298:to solve the problems which arise, and who are sent in for that very purpose. This sex problem, inPsychology1, 365:this Treatise on the Seven Rays has also been sent forth in an effort to clarify the incomingPsychology1, 365:of material efficiency experts who have been sent in to deal with internal affairs and to institutePsychology2, 128:and the life, power and love demonstrated, being sent forth from soul levels, will have a potent,Psychology2, 232:in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou gavest me I havePsychology2, 322:by the monad, or the One Life. The energy thus sent forth forms centers of experience in the threePsychology2, 386:state of consciousness of the Creator when He sent forth the phenomena-producing fiat: "Let therePsychology2, 553:and according to the direction of the force sent forth throughout the body by the directed,Psychology2, 599:highest level of the astral consciousness and sent to feed the forces of the astral body. TheyPsychology2, 617:it issues continuously and as a steady stream, sent forth on the wings of jealousy, ambition, pridePsychology2, 668:and daily and hourly must the Invocation be sent forth. The gist of that which is here set forthPsychology2, 685:at the hour of the full moon. A call has been sent out to the entire Hierarchy of Masters toRays, 201:dawns. Then it will again be exhaled and sent forth to provide a new field of experience for theRays, 204:where the will of God is focused and dynamically sent forth to carry out the purpose is Shamballa.Rays, 240:Him and not so much to the world of men. Christ sent His Apostles out into the world to feed theRays, 315:itself. It was also a tremendous affirmation, sent forth on the energy of the will, and making allRays, 490:a line of light-substance or projection. This is sent forward upon a [491] Word of Power, as in theRays, 491:a reversal of the process of the Monad when It sent forth the thread of life which finally anchoredRays, 491:the later process, when the soul in its turn sent forth a dual thread which finally found anchorageRays, 494:a line of responsive projection of energy is sent forth which will eventually make contact with theRays, 509:living substance is imaginatively and creatively sent out or projected from the mental unit, as farRays, 759:door where evil dwells. The Invocation has been sent out by the combined Ashrams of the Masters andReappearance, 29:consciousness. It was a tremendous affirmation, sent forth upon the energy of His developed will,Reappearance, 114:not to do my own will but the will of Him Who sent me." (John VI, 38.) He proved His acquiescenceReappearance, 154:to such impacts. Their evoked response, sent out as spiritual energy, will in turn reach humanityReappearance, 182:Him and not so much to the world of men. Christ sent His Apostles out into the world to feed theSoul, 143:bear testimony to a light that has been seen. I sent out a letter to a group of students (who haveSoul, 143:as the result of their work. The letter was not sent to neurotics and visionary types, but to menTelepathy, 9:places - provided that the thought sensed and sent out by the solar plexus person has in itTelepathy, 10:back there by the power of the vibration which sent them forth. In this thought lies hid the causeTelepathy, 17:wide area from which the information was sent out acted as a large general distributor; the areaTelepathy, 22:unexpressed can now be clothed in form and sent out as embodied thought-forms to the brain of theTelepathy, 31:out the quality aspect; and the form aspect is sent out as he says the word - very softly and in aTelepathy, 89:which come to him from the Ashram and which are sent out to make impression upon the minds of
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