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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SENTIENT

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Astrology, 413:its expansion, and will embrace, therefore, the sentient thought life of a solar Logos, of aAutobiography, 196:should think that an emotional, strong feeling, sentient, perceptive person is less important thanBethlehem, 88:is a physical animal as well as an emotional, sentient being and a thinking entity. When theseBethlehem, 92:faintest conception? Is it not probable that our sentient apparatus is still inadequate to graspBethlehem, 98:in Jordan In the evolution of the race the sentient feeling nature is [99] first developed, andBethlehem, 99:of the emotions, the constant shifting between sentient pleasure and pain, the storms which ariseBethlehem, 99:the race (and of a child, likewise) the feeling, sentient man is first developed, and then the mindBethlehem, 148:body is a correspondence. The emotional, sentient nature is a dim and distorted reflection of theBethlehem, 153:the constant and ceaseless call and voice of the sentient nature, to which we can all testify.Bethlehem, 153:up. Shadrach's name has a definitely emotional sentient connotation, for it means [154] "rejoicingBethlehem, 244:our consciousness that it proves fatal to us, as sentient beings, and renders futile all previousBethlehem, 246:with its aggregate of moods and feelings and sentient reactions to environing condition, hold swayBethlehem, 253:of God has carried the forms of life through sentient consciousness to the instinctiveDiscipleship1, 192:is a complete break. You then function as a sentient, emotionally vital and active person, with theDiscipleship1, 556:the achieved control of the love nature, as your sentient astral body can express it, is ofDiscipleship1, 557:goal of personality desire and its most desired sentient reaction. Joy is the quality of soul lifeDiscipleship2, 143:in the personality sense, it will be sentient emotion. As an aid to your concentration andDiscipleship2, 378:bring about the disappearance of that world as a sentient conscious entity; he knows that he mustEducation, 27:This thread of energy, colored by conscious sentient response, is later [28] colored by theEducation, 148:of intelligence, and the responsive agent in all sentient reactions. The interesting point to bearEducation, 148:The World Soul pours its gossamer thread of sentient consciousness into all forms, into all bodyExternalisation, 163:Expression - The will of God as love and peace. Sentient response. Planes of emphasis - The logoicFire, xiii:as to the place and work of those myriads of sentient lives who form the essence of objectivity; toFire, 91:by an almost endless series of Hierarchies of sentient Beings, each having a mission to perform. SFire, 450:Third. The transference of the conscious, sentient life from form to form, from group to group,Fire, 643:are the builders of the etheric bodies of all sentient existences, and primarily of all the ethericFire, 646:is to be found in some form or other in all sentient beings and upon it largely depends: [647]Fire, 658:energizing the desire elementals of all that is sentient. Viewed in this aspect in connectionFire, 665:appearance of the third kingdom in nature, the sentient conscious animal kingdom. Some such similarFire, 745:become fully conscious, and acquire (by means of sentient existence), added faculty and power. H.Fire, 760:Himself. In the first two cases, desire for sentient existence, or desire for service to humanity,Fire, 760:through a conscious act of the will). Desire for sentient existence is but the latent second aspectFire, 762:the central three, - substance which is not only sentient as is the substance of the forms in theFire, 924:vitalize and produce the energy of all forms of sentient life. Theirs is the life which pulsatesFire, 1059:Realize further that the bodies of all these sentient intelligent cosmic, solar and planetary LogoiFire, 1059:and planetary Logoi are constituted of living sentient beings, and the brain reels, and the mindFire, 1135:mineral, physical activity, for the vegetable, sentient activity, and for the animal, rudimentaryGlamour, 73:the astral plane as it expresses itself in the sentient desire life of the race, produces the majorGlamour, 110:in the fogs and miasmas of the world of sentient consciousness. When I [111] use the wordGlamour, 111:consciousness. When I [111] use the word "sentient" I do not refer to the sensory apparatus of theGlamour, 111:of the physical nervous system, but to the sentient awareness of the Self which is today soGlamour, 111:with the world of feeling, of quality, of sentient interplay, and of emotional reactions, withGlamour, 111:of glamor, of emotional understanding, of a sentient fanaticism. He forgets that truth lies beyondGlamour, 119:and many forms of difficulty. [119] In the sentient astral body, leading to a vast number ofGlamour, 241:nature and to the vital nature of conscious and sentient response itself. As you know and have beenGlamour, 243:and that the world of thought, the field of sentient consciousness and the playground of theGlamour, 244:of the divine attention dissipates the sentient universe and brings glamor to an end; the cessationGlamour, 247:it to be swept into action under the impulse of sentient reactions, ideas and thoughts, emanatingGlamour, 248:observation and a close analysis of acts and sentient reactions, of words and thoughts. We are hereGlamour, 253:or their astrological significance. This is a sentient, feeling activity and is not so basicallyGlamour, 261:The astral vehicle and the forces of glamor; or sentient, conscious love, emanating from the soul.Healing, 3:is the effect of the interplay of desire and of sentient response upon the self at the center, andHealing, 25:the race is astrally polarized. The emotional sentient nature is all-powerful in the masses. ThisHealing, 64:well be expected, has its roots in the astral or sentient body, the body of sensation. It is forHealing, 65:that you grasp the importance of the emotional sentient body and its power to initiate thoseHealing, 328:energy or prana and to astral energy or the many sentient emotional forces. These work outHealing, 429:to a less degree, but the life principle and the sentient aspect, or animal consciousness, is stillHealing, 443:in this age and cycle. Both of them indicate sentient reaction to psychological factors and cannotHealing, 452:V. The Light of the Soul: Intense desire for sentient existence or attachment. This is inherent inHealing, 486:the subtle body - a body composed of astral or sentient substance and of mental substance. Owing toHealing, 486:substance. Owing to the strongly emotional and sentient polarization of the average man, the ideaHealing, 487:non-existent. Today this is not the case. The sentient substance which constitutes the astral planeHealing, 490:constantly and distinctly aware of himself - is sentient to the theme of his environment and of hisHealing, 490:the more advanced levels of the astral plane) sentient of outgoing love and aspiration; the man isHercules, 100:and emotion were developed and man became a sentient soul. In Gemini, a new and vital energy bodyMagic, 8:of the diverse forms and the vast hierarchy of sentient beings who compose the sum total of allMagic, 12:soul. This exists in four degrees or states of sentient awareness: The consciousness of the mineralMagic, 12:is the result of the union of the spirit with sentient matter in the human kingdom and whichMagic, 33:that the soul of matter, the anima mundi, is the sentient factor in substance itself. It is theMagic, 37:upon or within a planet is produced. Intelligent sentient consciousness, i.e. that evidenced in theMagic, 45:sensitive body - one organism, not many, one sentient, responsive, connected form. This sensitiveMagic, 262:an idea takes form. On [262] the desire plane sentient energy pervades that form. Under theMagic, 268:increase the power of matter and its hold over sentient souls. It might be briefly added thatMagic, 284:of all bodies, the [284] astral or emotional sentient body and the mental body, constituted ofMagic, 285:energy and not just the consciousness or sentient energy pours through Man, the instrument ofMagic, 288:Heart of Love Divine. Then from that point of sentient Life, let the soul realize the consciousnessMagic, 292:Energy. Emanating from: A man's own astral or sentient body. The human family as a whole. TheMagic, 293:the inherent force and life of the emotional sentient vehicle govern the life-expression and mouldMagic, 293:of the solar system and that therefore: The sentient body of a human being is an atom of substanceMagic, 293:of a human being is an atom of substance in the sentient body of the planetary Logos. The sentientMagic, 293:in the sentient body of the planetary Logos. The sentient body (a term I much prefer to the termMagic, 294:Logos is an aspect - not an atom - of the sentient body of the solar Logos. This in its turn isMagic, 294:its turn is influenced by, and is a channel for sentient forces, emanating from vast centers ofMagic, 294:energy pouring through his body of desire and of sentient reaction, is but a pathway leading him toMagic, 295:of his desires. If the cravings of the sentient nature are dominantly animal in their objective weMagic, 296:Das. It is an able treatise on the astral and sentient body, and deals with the factors that mostMagic, 296:and then is lost. When the currents of the sentient life meet where the river passes round theMagic, 297:Ten - Astral Energy and Fear In considering the sentient body of a human being I will probably helpMagic, 297:these five are summed up practically most of the sentient experiences of man and we will considerMagic, 298:reduce man to a timid and frightened atom of sentient life, standing afraid before theMagic, 298:of the pairs of opposites - soul and matter. The sentient souls [299] of animals and of men areMagic, 299:fundamentally or characterizes the astral or sentient body of our planetary Logos? What have youMagic, 309:in this age and cycle. Both of them indicate sentient reaction to psychological factors and cannotMagic, 310:at length with the subject of the astral or sentient body, and have considered the various wrongMagic, 310:primarily in one or other of these ways, and the sentient body of the average human being isMagic, 311:the human organism and circulate through the sentient body of man. 1. Energies passing andMagic, 311:1. Energies passing and repassing through the sentient body of the planet itself. This is, in otherMagic, 311:pitris or lesser builders who constitute the sentient life of the personality aspect of theMagic, 311:from complete absorption in the planetary sentient life, as is the case with the animals. At death,Magic, 315:as a whole, or as the expression of a life. This sentient body of humanity responds in an
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