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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEPARATE

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Healing, 268:and to express inclusive love, instead of separate unhappiness. And what of the Gentile attitude?Healing, 269:that habits of thought, customary attitudes and separate customs are well established and hard toHealing, 282:vehicle that it is well nigh impossible to separate the two in consciousness; this will not beHealing, 332:withdrawn by the soul at death, the living atoms separate, the body falls apart and disintegrationHealing, 411:of death, 0 Opener of the Door." - Page 65. b. "Separate the robe from That which hides behind itsHealing, 453:was right." The two lines of development are separate and distinct, and this every aspirant has toHealing, 518:- at the time of elimination - persists, but its separate life has gone. [519] If you will thinkHealing, 523:relatively quiescent. The Laws of Nature - the separate laws of the form nature. The Laws of theHercules, 133:that heaven is reached by a series of separate steps rather than by a single salvational leap.Initiation, 11:knowledge is the science of matter. Knowledge is separate and objective, whilst wisdom is syntheticInitiation, 72:as one with him on the life side, and yet separate from him where desires and interests lie. YetInitiation, 157:syllables, each of which he has to memorize as a separate Word. Then he is shown how to blend theseInitiation, 194:desert over the sea, and through the fires which separate him from the veiled and hidden door.Intellect, 53:the vehicle of individual existence, [53] separate in nature from the body and usually held to beIntellect, 101:too many to touch upon here. Some regard it as a separate entity; others as a mechanism, of whichIntellect, 122:and by many in the West, the mind is regarded as separate and distinct from the brain. Dr. C. LloydIntellect, 250:of organized religion has led many to separate themselves off from the rest of humanity and toMagic, 21:the stomach, and other organs in the body are separate in existence and in function and yet areMagic, 21:organisms as the kingdoms in nature have their separate life and functions yet are correlated andMagic, 103:tongue which grows out of non-reference to the separate self. It will produce that instantaneousMagic, 160:astral body is the center and loses its separate existence. The simile of the whirlpool is of valueMagic, 294:wherewith to construct his own individual and separate astral body, responsive to his peculiarMagic, 313:of this great Life the work of breaking down the separate wall of individualism which demonstratesMagic, 409:broken by the fall". The time has come when the separate parts can be reunited and the whole standMagic, 428:elimination of the non-essentials which serve to separate the thoughts of men and bring aboutMagic, 473:just as it is. View the world of thought, and separate the false out of the true. Learn the meaningMagic, 519:of the intellect as he seeks to achieve his own separate ends. The difference is not only that ofMagic, 625:by the impulses of the new age, but by the separate instincts of the worker at the center. TheMeditation, 94:which are dependent upon his three bodies, their separate condition and their interrelation. ThisMeditation, 323:the ray which it represents. The curtains which separate will be in the ray color also and eachPatanjali, 16:the memory. Each of these is now dealt with in a separate sutra by Patanjali. Patanjali, 67:hold him in thrall, and as long as he refuses to separate himself from the material aspect, just soPatanjali, 125:upon the path of chelaship has to learn to separate the many forms into certain specific groupsPatanjali, 251:ego, soul or spiritual man, and knows himself as separate from the mind, the emotions, desires,Patanjali, 318:them their sense of individuality, of their separate identity; it is this which makes them egos. InPatanjali, 369:two, consciousness and form, are distinct and separate; though forms may be similar, thePatanjali, 402:two, consciousness and form, are distinct and separate; though forms may be similar, thePatanjali, 403:was right." The two lines of development are separate and distinct, and this every aspirant has toProblems, 30:humanity, or will they each proceed upon their separate way towards their own selfish objectives?Problems, 43:which has fed the nationalistic and, therefore, separate spirit, which has fostered racial hatredsProblems, 69:Representatives with their racial hatreds, their separate attitudes and their unsound politicalProblems, 98:culture and civilization but retaining a separate identity and not [99] becoming a true part of theProblems, 103:of habits and of religious observances which separate him off from his environment and make himPsychology1, 6:or no it is an informing entity, detached and separate from the body nature; they question whetherPsychology1, 38:as the power to analyze, to discriminate, to separate, and to distinguish, to choose or to reject,Psychology1, 41:nature of mind and thus is the builder of the separate forms or appearances. The soul also, throughPsychology1, 52:the close proximity of the soul negates a separate attitude. The religious man is pre-eminentlyPsychology1, 69:Lord; set forth the robe of many colors. Then separate that robe from That Which hides behind itsPsychology1, 81:in all, the life in all, and love in all? Why separate yourself and leave behind the loved and thePsychology1, 360:of the mind and its tendency to divide and separate. The seventh ray will lead to fusion andPsychology2, 23:in the capacity of the human intellect to separate and divide, so that the process is regarded asPsychology2, 31:is so far removed from any individual separate identity that that particular factor has fadedPsychology2, 104:becomes identified with the soul and loses its separate quality and position. All that has beenPsychology2, 176:Do they signify to us the power of the soul to separate vibrations into differing categories? YetPsychology2, 223:the form side, it manifests as the tendency to separate, divide and to place in contradictoryPsychology2, 252:the other kingdoms. The other four kingdoms have separate phenomenal types and differentiatedPsychology2, 331:it is the individual life of the individual man, separate in time and space from all that has gonePsychology2, 643:which could feed the fires of hatred, or tend to separate man from man, or nation from nation. YetPsychology2, 644:to speak no word and do no act which can separate and breed dislike. These are broad generalities,Psychology2, 694:will throughout the world. The barriers which separate man from man and nation from nation can goPsychology2, 726:that there are really no divided interests, no separate groups and no difference of opinion - noPsychology2, 744:day if you read the world news intelligently and separate the spectacular and untrue details fromRays, 9:in themselves four types of elementals or separate coherent, though not self-conscious, existences.Rays, 20:over all the seas and through the fires which separate him from the veiled and hidden door. ForRays, 48:We will, as is our usual custom, study each separate part sequentially and as far as possible inRays, 52:therefore, be said that: The AUM (note that I separate each aspect of this triple sound) brings theRays, 56:of the OM is such that the personality as a separate identity disappears, the soul emerges in allRays, 85:of the mind, to the organized planning of his separate and individual life in the [86] threeRays, 113:in the larger terms, to emerge out of the normal separate consciousness into the broad state ofRays, 214:contained (if I may thus pictorially word it) in separate compartments or carefully filed forRays, 265:registers no differences and is aware of no separate reaction, and all this because the instinct toRays, 341:it would throw the man back into the separate consciousness, out of which he is endeavoring toRays, 341:speaking esoterically, the relinquishing of all separate personality reactions in a series ofRays, 453:in time and space, they appear distinct and separate until a man is a probationary disciple, andRays, 499:the world war. The "sharp shears of sorrow must separate the real from the unreal; the lash of painRays, 502:bridge," the disciple - by a distinct and separate effort - calls in the will aspect of his nature,Rays, 504:of Initiation The soul, therefore, as a separate entity, is fading slowly out of the pictureRays, 595:she demonstrates at this time to be separate and to shut the Russian people away from worldRays, 625:the Germanic race must not be confused with the separate nation of the German people, and theReappearance, 112:the potency [112] of hate. To hate, to be separate, and to be exclusive will come to be regarded asReappearance, 139:are the majority of such teachers so sectarian, separate and denominational in their approaches toSoul, 38:is from the Greek word "krinein," meaning "to separate." Dr. Rubin says: [39] "These ductlessSoul, 73:activities; the vehicle of individual existence, separate in nature from the body and usually heldTelepathy, 106:with by glamor from the astral plane or by separate and [107] concrete ideas emanating from mentalTelepathy, 129:when they seek to itemize and define, to separate into academic groups and brackets the
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