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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEPARATIVE

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Magic, 634:as exist between the groups are themselves of a separative tincture, and it is yet impossible toMagic, 634:relation. It is again when the many thousands of separative groups can be grouped into threePatanjali, 95:lower mind is utilized in the process, is the separative method. Things become separated into theirPatanjali, 306:in each human being, and more and more separative, as the mind aspect (the great dividing factor)Patanjali, 420:of a particular state of mind, rather than as a separative reaction. All meditation work, allProblems, 11:critical of the nationals of other countries and separative in his thinking, he is thenProblems, 18:as they have been led into evil ways and into separative thinking. The regimentation of the GermanProblems, 37:competitive, nationalistic and, therefore, separative. It has trained the child to regard theProblems, 46:and not from the present nationalistic and separative angles. We have also pointed out certainProblems, 56:and effective parts, and thus avoids the separative attitudes which have brought about the downfallProblems, 63:and in offsetting the racial hatreds and the separative attitudes of nations and people, we shallProblems, 64:of the human consciousness in spite of all separative enmities. It is largely responsible for theProblems, 64:a time when there will be no racial, national or separative religious consciousness present inProblems, 68:for all and the general leveling of all separative classes into one thriving group of human beings.Problems, 73:to add here that the selfish thinking and the separative motivation which distinguishes theProblems, 87:the problem of the minorities must be added the separative tendencies which the differing religiousProblems, 96:[96] responsible; in the case of the Negro, the separative instinct derives from the white people;Problems, 98:still control. Added to this, and due to the separative action of the Gentile world, restrictedProblems, 99:Perhaps the major factor which has made the Jew separative and which has cultivated in him theProblems, 99:of his travels. The coloring of the religion is separative; God is the God of the Jews; [100] theProblems, 107:the emotionally focused Negro. Behind the many separative religious cults of that dark land, therePsychology1, 51:which is rare in the extreme. Science is separative in its approach to the differing aspects of thePsychology1, 51:the world of natural phenomena, but it is non-separative in actuality, for there is little warringPsychology1, 52:astral or emotional and works in a more separative manner, particularly in this Piscean age whichPsychology1, 346:is left out. Man is no longer really human or separative. He is the perfected four of the lowerPsychology1, 362:the sixth ray influence has been to foster the separative instincts, - dogmatic religion,Psychology1, 367:to the comity of nations, and therefore the separative housecleanings and rearrangements must goPsychology1, 384:egoic ray dominates the third ray, and when the separative action of the fifth ray is transmutedPsychology1, 392:racial light in contradistinction to the many separative national lines. Thus the [393] underlyingPsychology1, 406:the statement that the personality ray induces a separative attitude and causes a detachment fromPsychology2, 7:Man, the average human being, is a sum total of separative tendencies, of uncontrolled forces andPsychology2, 7:become coordinated, fused, and blended in the separative personality. Man, the Solar Angel, is thePsychology2, 10:finally to an ultimate unselfishness. The separative entity begins his preparation for groupPsychology2, 12:with group purpose, and submerge their separative identities in organized group activity andPsychology2, 16:also be borne [16] in mind that individual separative success is in itself an evidence of soulPsychology2, 18:itself: The many rays which constitute the lower separative man are fused and blended into thePsychology2, 40:Whole and to remain apart, The cultivation of a separative spirit, The hidden light, ThePsychology2, 55:souls" is but a limiting phrase, used by the separative mind to indicate the aspects of onePsychology2, 60:and Devils. Divinity (using the word in its separative sense) connotes the expression of thePsychology2, 86:spite of its glaring defects, all based on the separative and selfish attitudes of thePsychology2, 87:national [87] patriotism and the world ideal, separative religious belief and the federation ofPsychology2, 87:of people who are personalities (integrated and separative) or of souls (aligned andPsychology2, 88:such is the contaminating influence of the lower separative man, that this divine law of sacrificePsychology2, 106:and strive. On the outer plane, owing to the separative mind during this age and time, a completePsychology2, 222:the form side, this faculty of planning leads to separative and selfish activity. Viewed from thePsychology2, 235:let him make the words, "I will not be separative in my consciousness," one of the key thoughts ofPsychology2, 235:life in all forms; rejecting every tendency to separative reactions, because he knows that theyPsychology2, 264:human being. We could perhaps equally well say a separative human being. This is the poorest andPsychology2, 322:responsive to The lower concrete mind, [322] The separative impulses of the selfish mental body,Psychology2, 331:long preceding history. In this age of intensest separative thinking and attitudes, it is thePsychology2, 346:direct conflict the will of the personality (the separative individual, governed by the concrete,Psychology2, 349:because he Has developed and integrated his own separative "parts" into one whole. Has studied andPsychology2, 351:whole gradually supersedes his individual and separative consciousness. He knows himself to be butPsychology2, 351:is the service of the personality, selfish and separative, wherein man sacrifices much in thePsychology2, 352:At first, his motive is that of selfish, separative achievement, and then comes failure to bePsychology2, 353:his fellow men because he has been isolated and separative in his nature. He walks alone because hePsychology2, 371:quality of the fifth ray (critical, analytical, separative and over-discriminating) can become,Psychology2, 375:engenders fanaticism and that fanaticism is separative, frequently cruel, often motivated by goodPsychology2, 394:"detail" and "presented" would seem to indicate separative recognition, but this is emphaticallyPsychology2, 416:factor instead of as a critical, discriminating, separative factor. The right use of the intellectPsychology2, 427:unique. It is the sense of uniqueness - with its separative tendency and its realized loneliness -Psychology2, 554:downwards and subverted to purely selfish and separative ends, thus producing a powerfulPsychology2, 572:Masters or of the Christ; it tends to make them separative in their attitudes to other leaders andPsychology2, 648:ignoring the habitual barriers and our normal separative instincts. This is the triple program toPsychology2, 657:of self consciousness and of the uniquely separative individual has been the right and desiredPsychology2, 657:dominate the masses, but they are dominant in a separative sense. These masses whom they controlPsychology2, 662:these various organizations are themselves too separative and sectarian to carry forward the workPsychology2, 669:order out of chaos, and to resolve the widely separative issues of modern life into some kind ofPsychology2, 680:or social propaganda. Such propaganda is separative in its effects, [681] and breeds divisions andPsychology2, 726:the selfish ambitions of group leaders, and the separative instincts of the senior workers in anyPsychology2, 742:the word intelligent) but which will employ no separative devices, no armed force, no coercion andPsychology2, 745:the present [745] process of differentiation and separative trends. They hold out the hands of lovePsychology2, 745:and eternal - and ignore all outer barriers, and separative differences in mental ideas andPsychology2, 746:and ideologies of force and coercion and of separative techniques must be strenuously inculcated.Psychology2, 746:of service clear. It is the bridging of the separative cleavages, and the harmonizing of thePsychology2, 748:are critical, whose ideas and attitudes are separative and who are violently partisan in theirRays, 51:an expression of the Whole - all-inclusive, non-separative, motivated by goodness, beauty and truthRays, 176:sense of difference, leading inevitably to separative action. The dualities are then resolved inRays, 345:a figment of your mind; a thought-form of your separative creation, something that cuts you offRays, 349:group conscious, and though his motives are separative, his methods are those of the group, andRays, 350:and the fixed determination to remain with the separative condition of matter; and to others, theRays, 510:higher and lower, as you know, nor do any of the separative actions as outlined by the occultRays, 516:agency and bridges across all barriers and separative states of consciousness, thus establishingRays, 545:disciple is concerned. I have employed that separative term "individual disciple" because itRays, 545:difficulty is always possible as long as any separative or self-centered instincts exist in theRays, 554:unity, unanimity and creative activity of separative and hateful evil. This, in its turn, "openedRays, 605:for the correctness of conflict, its naturally separative and eliminative effect and its power toRays, 627:of the mind - pride, self-centeredness, a separative attitude, a selfish planning and a materialismRays, 635:- evolving, seeking, restless, materialistic, separative and greedy. He is the symbol of the massRays, 636:refusal of the United States to admit them, is separative, wrong and based upon politicalRays, 706:times and are [706] under the domination of the separative, selfish, lower concrete mind. Rays, 754:it in the new form. Judaism is old, obsolete and separative and has no true message for theRays, 754:by selfish interests, and by a basically separative and conquering nation. The task ahead ofReappearance, 68:only the experience of group consciousness. A separative participation and attitude is unknown toReappearance, 141:it not possible that the Christ may regard the separative life of the churches and the arrogance ofReappearance, 173:and concrete. They have been limited by the separative tenets of the donors, or the religiousReappearance, 179:be for the use of the separated self or for a separative organization or church. In the new age
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