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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEPARATIVENESS

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Astrology, 205:of the lower critical mind which are: Pride, separativeness and cruelty. Remember that the worstAstrology, 206:making the mind the barrier to soul control. Separativeness - which is the isolated attitude andAstrology, 560:the false and evil use of matter, of which separativeness, cruelty and selfishness is the key. TheBethlehem, 284:the kingdom of Souls: love, wisdom, silence, non-separativeness and freedom from hatreds andDiscipleship1, 55:of group work and group cohesion and of non-separativeness. A few - relatively a very few - of theDiscipleship1, 161:of public opinion in the principle of non-separativeness. But to do this, much meditation and muchDiscipleship1, 586:conditions: A sense (sometimes unrealized) of separativeness. Where you have been non-separative,Education, 130:else in human affairs) has shared in the general separativeness, selfishness and individual,Externalisation, 12:than those of form, it has in it the seeds of separativeness and of disaster. Forms of flattery areExternalisation, 18:[18] can wrong diet, and they feed the fires of separativeness more than any other one factor. Externalisation, 20:overlook the intolerance and the fanaticism and separativeness which characterize the small mindExternalisation, 63:of absorption into the vortex of hatred and separativeness and the divorcing of the person by thisExternalisation, 65:in their effect, breeding not hatred and separativeness, but world understanding and fusion) spendExternalisation, 77:the years and made it possible for the forces of separativeness and of hate, to use the Jewish raceExternalisation, 77:been constituted the nursery for the seeds of separativeness and why this remnant of humanity, farExternalisation, 83:to a higher and spiritual plane. Today, gold and separativeness, materialism and selfishness are inExternalisation, 92:Solar Plexus Center. Kingdom of man. Quality of Separativeness. 3rd Ray Active Intelligence. [93]Externalisation, 96:of the world who are free from all taint of separativeness, full of love to all men and eager forExternalisation, 173:Hierarchy. This will bring to an end all hatred, separativeness and aggression, which are the threeExternalisation, 185:of right human relations and of good. Separativeness must be superseded by unity. The combinationExternalisation, 206:dissolves all barriers and ends the spirit of separativeness and hate. The peace and happiness ofExternalisation, 214:the one, and who can criticize? Selfishness and separativeness control the other group. You have,Externalisation, 310:it was not enough. The blindness, illusion, separativeness and inertia of the aspirants of theExternalisation, 367:which could - if developed - end the era of separativeness. In spite of all the efforts of the menExternalisation, 447:where selfishness rules, where isolationism and separativeness are present, and where there is theExternalisation, 450:face what I call "the forces of selfishness and separativeness." Externalisation, 455:stabilize human living, and to rid the world of separativeness and of the abuses which culminatedExternalisation, 489:evil inclinations, the selfish instincts and the separativeness found in the hearts and minds ofExternalisation, 516:breaks down opposition and the walls of separativeness. Thirdly, esoteric organizations must standExternalisation, 547:a beautiful whole and not provide barriers of separativeness as is today the case. I finallyExternalisation, 550:wrong and disastrous attitudes and human separativeness, an inevitable opposition has been evoked;Externalisation, 551:our being, is totally otherwise. Because of its separativeness. Because it is so ancient that itsExternalisation, 609:for two thousand years, and wherein hate and separativeness have distinguished all men everywhere.Fire, 643:it is characterized by intense selfishness and separativeness, and ends in Avitchi, the 8th sphere,Healing, 82:in the three worlds, I would say it was separativeness which produces the major difficultiesHealing, 189:or lack of stimulation, of interplay or of separativeness, of quiescence or of activity, for inHercules, 144:the vices of the unillumined mind: pride, separativeness and cruelty. (See Esoteric Astrology, p.Hercules, 149:the expression of self-sacrificing tendencies. Separativeness. The analytical mind divides andHercules, 192:that are as yet unilluminated, struggling with separativeness. We are not able to be worldHercules, 193:Let us cultivate the Aquarian spirit of non-separativeness, love, understanding, intelligence, freeHercules, 193:find now. When we have broken down barriers of separativeness, then we let in the two rivers, theIntellect, 72:soul is the consciousness of the whole, and that separativeness and division, distinctions and theIntellect, 249:on mental levels, the fear and hatred and separativeness [250] of the masses. Whether the materialIntellect, 252:world They will do nothing to feed hatred and separativeness or to foster fear. There are numbersMagic, 402:marks the summation [402] of the period of separativeness and the end, before so many centuries, ofMagic, 406:schools characterized by partisanship and separativeness. Now there are no outstanding figures asMagic, 560:Because criticism (analysis and, consequently, separativeness) is the outstanding characteristic ofProblems, 14:and that all are guilty of greed and theft, of separativeness, of pride and prejudice, as well asProblems, 20:away; the caste system with its aloofness, its separativeness and its paternalism is rapidlyProblems, 120:the dark area in their own minds where a wall of separativeness exists and tear it down. They willProblems, 137:There could have been no war if greed, hate and separativeness had not been rampant upon the earthPsychology1, 51:forms of awareness tends, at the beginning, to separativeness. The fifth ray has produced what wePsychology1, 118:There will be nothing in their work to produce separativeness, and nothing to feed the fires ofPsychology1, 173:be forced to realize politically that isolation, separativeness, and the cultivation of a nationalPsychology1, 178:of breaking down national group isolation and separativeness that it takes the united energies ofPsychology1, 181:to the group good, and so free from all sense of separativeness, that their minds present noPsychology1, 293:and cooperation will steadily take the place of separativeness and competition. In no department ofPsychology1, 346:apparent that force in the first group ends in separativeness, for five is the number of the mindPsychology1, 349:of this ray which led to that growth of separativeness in the world which produced the EuropeanPsychology1, 362:but qualified by an excessive militancy and separativeness, based on a narrow idealism. The seventhPsychology1, 365:ray, which produced in human beings the sense of separativeness and of pronounced individualism,Psychology1, 378:our race is controlled by the great heresy of separativeness. Through these cleavages (symbolicallyPsychology1, 399:kept; it has consequently produced that racial separativeness and community of interests whichPsychology2, 40:the Whole; Renunciation of the great heresy of separativeness; The revelation of the light; TruePsychology2, 60:of God, - magnetism, love, inclusiveness, non-separativeness, sacrifice for the good of the world,Psychology2, 236:have been taught much anent the great heresy of separativeness; it is this that is offset when aPsychology2, 254:be grasped. Analysis is too often confused with separativeness. The problem is complex andPsychology2, 381:Path of initiation by Those Who Know no sense of separativeness, and signifies one wherein thePsychology2, 388:The soul is in complete control; no sense of separativeness is again possible. The channel throughPsychology2, 416:symbol or lowest expression of the cleavage or separativeness of which the mystic is aware andPsychology2, 417:side of life and negates the outer appearance of separativeness. Thus it will be apparent to youPsychology2, 577:to control humanity are hatred, aggression and separativeness. The three great spiritualPsychology2, 639:party - are free from the spirit of hatred and separativeness, and who seek to see right conditionsPsychology2, 640:all of them prostituted to ends which lead to separativeness, to hatred, party strife, civil war,Psychology2, 646:activity, carried forward along lines of non-separativeness and broad inclusiveness. This can beRays, 40:he learns through the revelation of the inherent separativeness of the form life, through theRays, 125:of desire, a sense of superiority, of pride and separativeness. His ability to sustain theRays, 282:and which is also based upon the doctrine of non-separativeness. This, however, is only a beginningRays, 580:of the old order, and massed efforts to end separativeness are all present simultaneously. TheRays, 596:only by one country, Russia, owing to its separativeness (and not because of its ideology), and byRays, 606:out through its accompanying greeds, hate, separativeness and aggression. During the presentRays, 619:human relations, and constantly offsetting the separativeness of the human mind through theRays, 623:1947-1948. India is old and crystallized in her separativeness, in her myriads of diversified sectsRays, 627:is ever the mind aspect which produces all the separativeness, the cleavages and the differences inRays, 636:of Harmony and permitted time and the non-separativeness of the nations to adjust and solve theRays, 716:of high degree, but dedicated to selfishness and separativeness. Their particular form ofRays, 753:selfishness and the sense of isolated separativeness. These (to speak again in symbols) are theReappearance, 8:every limitation, from all sense of selfhood and separativeness and are no longer - by ordinaryReappearance, 56:for two thousand years, and wherein hate and separativeness have distinguished all men everywhere.Reappearance, 111:those who embody the spirit of exclusiveness and separativeness will stand automatically andReappearance, 112:is necessarily no room for exclusiveness or for separativeness, because that "life more abundantly"
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