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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERIOUS

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Intellect, 222:They are quite desperate and frequently are in a serious psychic condition. Some we can help. SomeIntellect, 242:can be very dangerous work and may land a man in serious difficulty. It can be destructive andIntellect, 255:but if they are ignored they may lead to serious trouble. The earnest and interested aspirant, atIntellect, 255:down. If the condition is not sufficiently serious to warrant the complete cessation of the work, aMagic, 205:life, and when this simple law is disregarded serious consequences will follow as inevitably as inMagic, 242:felt in [242] the human body, an even more serious situation is apparent, which can only be safelyMagic, 634:from trammeling conditions. It is however a serious waste of time for a disciple to ponder upon aMagic, 634:can only be loss of time. That in itself is serious in these days of dire world need, but theMeditation, 12:nature of Meditation and its wise, diligent and serious following. Early in experience, after theMeditation, 90:within itself all the lesser - are of too serious a character to be lightly disposed of, and in theMeditation, 95:circulation and may bring about results of a serious nature. This inhibition has a direct effectMeditation, 96:development. The results may indeed be more serious. What are the right methods of thoughtMeditation, 99:in itself, if carried too far, opens the door to serious dangers, which I will later enlarge uponMeditation, 104:these conditions are sensed the result will be serious. At all times a student should guard againstMeditation, 161:and by the interaction of these two bodies serious trouble may be set up. This trouble may go allMeditation, 181:would descend on him as a destructive one, and serious consequences might result in one or other ofProblems, 129:It indicates exactly the reverse. Perhaps as serious, because of its effect upon untold thousandsProblems, 130:their inception and today the following sad and serious situation can be found: 1. The RomanPsychology1, 113:appeal to us not at all. The times are too serious, and the crisis too acute. It is of course aPsychology1, 176:seething millions of the Orient present a more serious problem to the Great Ones than do thePsychology1, 252:and hinted that there has been a mistake, or a serious error, on the part of God Himself, of ourPsychology1, 270:an economic situation of such a drastic and serious nature that the very peace and stability of thePsychology1, 274:where sex is concerned, is so critical and so serious that there is not a thinker to be found whoPsychology1, 427:and hinted that there has been a mistake, or serious error, on the part of God Himself, of ourPsychology2, 134:as fast as he creates. He temporarily becomes a serious problem to the other servers with whom hePsychology2, 419:lines much work is being done today and the less serious forms of etheric cleavage are rapidlyPsychology2, 421:Psychology The true sense of cleavage and really serious difficulty comes, however, when two thingsPsychology2, 438:This larger sense can bring, therefore, serious troubles and difficulties. This type of person,Psychology2, 438:to rule unchecked, can lead eventually to a serious state of ego-mania, for ego-mania isPsychology2, 444:conflict of energies within a man can produce serious situations. But most of them can be correctedPsychology2, 453:of the inflowing energy and consequently no serious effects, even when there may exist undesirablePsychology2, 463:any [463] man in bondage can result in such serious conditions that suicide, prolonged illness or aPsychology2, 464:mystical or occult) the fact remains that serious problems arise, dangerous conditions appear, andPsychology2, 468:small in the beginning, can open the door to serious situations. There are three of these uponPsychology2, 487:and mystically motivated people is producing serious and widespread trouble, breaking downPsychology2, 517:of this "pull" in two directions is having a serious effect upon sensitive individuals. They arePsychology2, 535:The awakening of the head center can produce serious trouble if brought about prematurely and evenPsychology2, 535:involved are not correctly controlled) lead to serious eye trouble, to many aural difficulties, toPsychology2, 539:the seven centers) from each other. This causes serious nervous trouble, inflammation of thePsychology2, 542:is for the mystic and the disciple, and how serious can be the results of any transference which isPsychology2, 553:Today, the concentration of energy is producing serious effects upon that master gland, the thyroidPsychology2, 553:pineal gland) and the ajna center will produce serious problems connected with the brain and thePsychology2, 573:or as indicating psychological trouble of a serious kind. However, we are today close to the timePsychology2, 590:is an abnormality. 3. Where the danger is of a serious nature, producing great nervous tension orPsychology2, 600:that might be) led also in many cases to serious if unrecognized psychological trouble. The visionPsychology2, 600:not take place (and this is somewhat unusual) serious psychological difficulties are apt to bePsychology2, 603:can then be recognized by others as real and serious in consequences and effects. Frequently, therePsychology2, 609:The registering of this inner light often causes serious concern and difficulty to thePsychology2, 620:Physical trouble and disease is not of so serious a nature as psychological. [621] Psychology2, 727:ambitions and methods in order to meet the serious emergency by which humanity is faced. The basisRays, 214:words at a later date; it may also bring about serious and disastrous conditions within the astralRays, 368:we call the race of men"; the reference in the serious occult books to the future of humanity asRays, 401:of the world war (1914-1945) it reached most serious proportions. The hierarchical crisis to whichRays, 610:There could, however, be no disaster more serious than a too abrupt ending of this clash of theRays, 633:more than to bridge. This leveling produces serious conflict and one that is little realized byRays, 634:and marks a climaxing point; it has produced a serious world tension, but out of this good may comeRays, 675:of fire to water" produces certain most serious and devastating results. The water, under theRays, 682:plane, and this focusing in due time starts the serious undertaking of the shifting of hisReappearance, 168:I speak here not of definite disease or of serious physical liabilities; to these right care andSoul, 28:the miserable physical conditions of the Orient. Serious as these defects are, is it not true inSoul, 79:because it has become unworkable through some serious lesion or because it does not choose to workTelepathy, 39:Right motive may protect the group from any serious results to themselves, but the effect uponTelepathy, 39:the effect upon their victim will be definitely serious, rendering him negative, and with aTelepathy, 118:This sentence requires probably a quite serious readjustment in the thinking of most students. TheTelepathy, 156:easy for the average man to comprehend, but any serious limitation or physical disease above theTelepathy, 156:disease above the diaphragm has a compelling and serious effect on all that is found below theTelepathy, 167:that "as above so below." Think this out. It has serious implications. [168] The centers below the
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