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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVANTS

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Autobiography, 25:family and guests gathered around him; then the servants filed in according to their duties andAutobiography, 35:there was no one in the house but myself and the servants. I was sitting in the drawing roomAutobiography, 82:the so-called upper classes and their old servants. It is a state of real friendship and deepAutobiography, 82:Jessie had been there with the rest of the servants and, as I discovered, had listened to me quiteAutobiography, 103:into Walter Evans' family. Even the old family servants were distrustful of the situation. The oldAutobiography, 103:a group of very worried relatives, friends and servants. But I was quite oblivious of it then. IAutobiography, 104:meals in a "parlour" or lived in a house with no servants. I was terrified of them and they wereDiscipleship1, 281:of your time and make the hours of each day your servants, exacting from each hour its full quotaDiscipleship1, 521:astral body are, therefore, automatically the servants of the personality. Yet the relation betweenExternalisation, 572:but because they are wise and intelligent servants of the public, with an internal awareness, aFire, 986:cohorts of the "Army of the Voice" are his servants, and not the directing Intelligences in theFire, 996:he bends them to his will and they become his servants. This thought brings us to the vital andHercules, 128:with the problems of sex and money, both good servants and bad masters, according to the use madeMagic, 407:and the telephone and telegraph are the servants. A widespread philanthropic enterprise, and theMeditation, 310:all the bodies and make them more reliable servants. An endeavor to equip throughout the mentalMeditation, 349:action, pays no attention to what his fellow servants say, provided his superiors (eitherPsychology1, 397:empty hands. Then enter, free, accepted by the Servants of the Lord, and know, forever, peace." Psychology2, 739:to the higher inner spiritual impression. The servants of the spiritual Hierarchy and the worldRays, 472:serve." Love and intelligence then become the servants of the will. Soul energy and personalityReappearance, 30:the assembled spiritual Hierarchy and to all His servants and disciples on Earth that He had
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