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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVE

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Discipleship1, 399:group I seek to serve? Can I honestly say that I serve joyously?. Which do I desire the most, toDiscipleship1, 399:serve joyously?. Which do I desire the most, to serve joyously or to serve intelligently? Do I knowDiscipleship1, 399:do I desire the most, to serve joyously or to serve intelligently? Do I know my reasons? If thisDiscipleship1, 400:lower nature need to be eliminated if I seek to serve more joyously? What truthfully hinders myDiscipleship1, 400:my fellow men? In what way can I most joyously serve my fellow men? Discipleship1, 403:medium of your soul ray. On this opportunity to serve I would have you ponder deeply and reflect.Discipleship1, 407:My problem is to train each of you so that you serve the group without personality hindrances andDiscipleship1, 410:life of service, is too much for you. When you serve more truly and definitely, your problem willDiscipleship1, 414:the recipients of spiritual force? Where can you serve spiritually and thus release this banked upDiscipleship1, 414:energy with which we are dealing, as we live and serve, and this spiritual energy must be used forDiscipleship1, 415:so that it is not accumulated but made to serve a spiritual purpose? That is your problem and aDiscipleship1, 417:and humility are present can a disciple really serve. Cultivate, therefore, these qualities andDiscipleship1, 418:and should be an outpost of the Master's love. Serve and work. Conserve your health at all times.Discipleship1, 418:all times. Seek to link up with D. L. R. You can serve each other if you will. Discipleship1, 418:my brother. Such times are growing times and serve to train the disciple. The deeper the capacityDiscipleship1, 427:truth and in the presence of the Angel, will serve to dissipate the last traces of this glamor. IDiscipleship1, 432:find release and the reward of opportunities to serve in this new development which has come yourDiscipleship1, 434:and light behind that of the workers who serve the Hierarchy upon the open battlefield of life.Discipleship1, 436:spiritual force and living wisdom that you can serve a multitude. You can serve them from thereDiscipleship1, 436:wisdom that you can serve a multitude. You can serve them from there without the rough outerDiscipleship1, 436:that more physically robust workers can endure. Serve from the center within yourself by pen andDiscipleship1, 437:can render to the Hierarchy which you love and serve, and you can do it over your full period ofDiscipleship1, 438:for yourself and for your group and those you serve. It could give you also, if you permitted it, aDiscipleship1, 443:constitute an arduous undertaking and will serve to stabilize your orientation and your direction,Discipleship1, 443:concept in your daily life. This effort should serve to link your personality and soul and toDiscipleship1, 444:be the effect in the life of the group I wish to serve? Can I honestly say that I can stand asideDiscipleship1, 445:undesirable) need to be observed if I desire to serve more intelligently? What is the majorDiscipleship1, 445:my fellowmen? In what way can I most truly serve them? And how will observation help me to do this?Discipleship1, 449:seat. A case in point, my brother, which may serve to illustrate my point was your reaction to theDiscipleship1, 457:soul learns to live within itself and to serve and work, to think and feel with the consciousnessDiscipleship1, 464:your meditation work. As outlined, it should serve gradually to stabilize you and lift you up on toDiscipleship1, 466:selfishness, but only longing to love and serve. These are your desires and the future holds forDiscipleship1, 474:you have never done. But read with the intent to serve your fellowmen through the medium of thatDiscipleship1, 478:attaining love to all beings and fit yourself to serve the Plan more effectively and your groupDiscipleship1, 481:tread the lighted Way into the hearts of men. I serve my brother and his need. Those whom I, theDiscipleship1, 481:need. Those whom I, the little self, love not, I serve with joy because I love to serve. 6th monthDiscipleship1, 481:love not, I serve with joy because I love to serve. 6th month - Release. Naught holds me now,Discipleship1, 484:to increased service. You are now more ready to serve than at any other time in your life. I thinkDiscipleship1, 484:of that diary serves, and should continue to serve, a most useful purpose. Therefore, continue withDiscipleship1, 484:my disciples is to produce a greater capacity to serve. I would like to see you doing some definiteDiscipleship1, 487:that there is nothing left in you wherewith to serve, by means of which to express the results ofDiscipleship1, 491:preoccupation of our world work those who serve humanity have not the desire, nor have they theDiscipleship1, 491:light that shines in a closely shut lantern may serve to irradiate the inner walls of the lanternDiscipleship1, 491:is - as are all similes - faulty, but it will serve to demonstrate pictorially the theme of thisDiscipleship1, 491:have not. This inner light or knowledge does not serve to reveal to you the inner walls of yourDiscipleship1, 492:of war; you have a life task wherein you can serve us and humanity; you have no lack of life'sDiscipleship1, 494:is to give you a personal meditation which may serve to aid you: [495] PERSONAL MEDITATION Relax.Discipleship1, 505:remainder of your life and in detachment seek to serve the Plan. Ponder on this last sentence,Discipleship1, 508:power to love and break your chains in order to serve with freedom and to go forward in my group ofDiscipleship1, 516:search for light and for a field in which to serve your soul and to evidence your devotion toDiscipleship1, 517:I strengthening them as souls to handle life and serve? Again, you tie yourself to certain peopleDiscipleship1, 523:knowing that all is well. To the aid of those I serve, the Masters of the Way, I dedicate myself.Discipleship1, 523:to me to love, upon the ways of life, I love and serve. I gaze upon them free from fear. ToDiscipleship1, 527:from that center I shall go forth to love and serve." NOTE: Four months later this disciple wentDiscipleship1, 527:later this disciple went forth "to love and serve" on the inner side of life. Though out of theDiscipleship1, 533:to the soul, love pours through. Thus can I serve. 3rd month - I raise no barriers 'twixt myselfDiscipleship1, 541:whom you are pledged interiorly to love and to serve. But they will serve to provide a widenedDiscipleship1, 541:interiorly to love and to serve. But they will serve to provide a widened scope for more magneticDiscipleship1, 541:You are not oppressed with the need to serve; you are not struggling to plan your life so that youDiscipleship1, 543:do those who have the time and the leisure serve as do those who have no time or leisure! ReflectDiscipleship1, 544:on you. [544] It is for you to find the way to serve and to gain the needed sense of proportion,Discipleship1, 546:is better established, such exercises will serve a useful purpose. I outline for you below a simpleDiscipleship1, 548:for the Hierarchy of Masters whom you seek to serve. These can only reach your immediate personalDiscipleship1, 550:and both of you - being swept by the urge to serve - have much to endure in the cultivation ofDiscipleship1, 551:sight of their own progress in the desire to serve. The Law of Service, as you know, is theDiscipleship1, 560:mind that you are such because of a capacity to serve and not because of any karmic links. You andDiscipleship1, 560:hers also. It is not for me to tell you how to serve or in what field it is to be rendered. I haveDiscipleship1, 561:I help below: I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; I pray; I mount the cross; I treadDiscipleship1, 562:the devotee, and more impersonal, more free to serve for the sake of service and not to serveDiscipleship1, 562:free to serve for the sake of service and not to serve because of your devotion to a teacher, aDiscipleship1, 562:but the need of those you daily meet. Then serve. Shut the door upon each thought of self, and uponDiscipleship1, 562:you. Then with a tender heart of love and pity, serve all you meet, knowing that "each heart hidesDiscipleship1, 563:[563] you and your ways, and seek simply to serve. Serve with a joyous heart and equilibrium. OneDiscipleship1, 563:you and your ways, and seek simply to serve. Serve with a joyous heart and equilibrium. One of yourDiscipleship1, 563:can be illumined; you can teach and you can serve. With this you have not yet adequately begun. YouDiscipleship1, 563:have not yet adequately begun. You must learn to serve as a soul, and not as a high gradeDiscipleship1, 566:life and attitudes, leading to a new ability to serve. In connection with your rays, my brother, itDiscipleship1, 568:your personal friends, and yourself. For you serve yourself unduly, my brother, and at your stageDiscipleship1, 570:acceptance and endeavor to meet the need and to serve, not only on the subtler planes and levels ofDiscipleship1, 570:spiritual and esoteric truth and can, therefore, serve upon the mental plane. You have a growingDiscipleship1, 570:very portal of life itself. You can, therefore, serve. You have served with efficiency upon theDiscipleship1, 577:placing yourself at the disposal of those who serve that Plan. Then say: "Asking nothing for theDiscipleship1, 583:you the group meditation is essential; it will serve to aid your soul in its life task and toDiscipleship1, 585:up to date, has prevented your sincere desire to serve from coming to fruition? My brother, youDiscipleship1, 585:of others and wondered why and how they chose to serve in the various ways they did; you haveDiscipleship1, 585:and have at times made it possible for them to serve; you have talked to groups on service and yetDiscipleship1, 592:to criticize and to judge, plus a willingness to serve wherever the need is greatest. That is yourDiscipleship1, 597:Instead of studying my writings, will you serve your fellow disciples by making (on their behalf) aDiscipleship1, 603:as rapidly as may be in order to set you free to serve. Perhaps the way in which I can best helpDiscipleship1, 605:soul. I am that soul. All love and light am I. I serve the world and lose myself in service. ThisDiscipleship1, 606:You have ability to write; therefore, at present serve through writing. Keep your eyes on the lightDiscipleship1, 609:with care, but it is the opportunity to serve which is the result to which I referred in my openingDiscipleship1, 609:and the planet continues to revolve whether you serve or not. Lower the intensity of yourDiscipleship1, 609:Lower the intensity of your vibration. You can serve and your service is needed. All servers areDiscipleship1, 610:it primary. Settle back, my brother. Love and serve; relax and live a normal, useful life. TheDiscipleship1, 611:is nothing more that I can do. An opportunity to serve and make a new start was offered to you. YouDiscipleship1, 611:guidance from those who have sought to help you serve, and who opened the door of opportunity forDiscipleship1, 615:of my deep and lasting desire to help you and to serve you. I shall not attempt further to makeDiscipleship1, 615:and demonstrate your willingness to serve with humility and readiness. I will communicate with youDiscipleship1, 619:you are glimmered by a dream of service. We who serve the Hierarchy and humanity, [620] especially
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