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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVE

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Discipleship2, 665:hard task you are in preparation, for some must serve this way and only the strong and tried canDiscipleship2, 665:light travel between you and those you seek to serve. Therefore, my brother, write. You have theDiscipleship2, 683:I seek to pour out upon you and upon all whom I serve as Master and Teacher. This will lead youDiscipleship2, 683:from error and prejudice in order the better to serve both Humanity and the Hierarchy. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 686:give you now a personal meditation which will serve, I hope, to lift the life of the astral bodyDiscipleship2, 698:is Myself. For three lives now I have sought to serve your need. Respond in love to all theseDiscipleship2, 704:briefly, so that you can (if truly in earnest to serve your fellowmen, as I believe you are) beginDiscipleship2, 710:is so well balanced that your capacity to serve the Ashram and humanity is very great, providedDiscipleship2, 711:circumscribed and you will not be able to serve as generously and successfully as you otherwiseDiscipleship2, 711:as you otherwise might. Always you will serve; always you will have the freedom of the Ashram, andDiscipleship2, 716:my Life, and stand within the ranks of those who serve. What shall I do? The answer comes: TheDiscipleship2, 717:I am a part. Above me stand the Ones I seek to serve, below me stand brothers demanding help. 12thDiscipleship2, 724:am alone, for round me gather those I seek to serve, my brothers in the Ashram, souls that demandDiscipleship2, 725:to the public. What end, therefore, did they serve? Only to sidetrack you from the simple duty ofDiscipleship2, 729:so constantly live. Years ago, your dream was to serve the Master, to be known by him and to be aDiscipleship2, 738:of the outer form. For two years study, read and serve within the circle wherein your soul hasDiscipleship2, 738:the first. Develop joy in self-forgetfulness and serve your brothers in my Ashram. Two of them needDiscipleship2, 740:output of work in that connection; it will serve to focus the consciousness more firmly in theDiscipleship2, 741:this time. You are exceedingly well equipped to serve. Your second ray energy, coupled with yourDiscipleship2, 742:to readjust your living conditions in order to serve more adequately. I would call your attentionDiscipleship2, 745:power is all I am and have; I send it forth to serve my fellowmen; I thus prepare the way into theDiscipleship2, 747:do for you. The meditation I last gave you will serve you for the rest of your life, so I give youDiscipleship2, 753:and - for the sake of those whom you can serve - be what you are. That this emergence on your partDiscipleship2, 761:such as you. The contact with the Ashram will serve to emphasize in your mind the concept ofDiscipleship2, 767:and, in the outer realm of darkness, toil and serve; bring forth the Real; unveil the hidden depthsEducation, 2:give you some brief and general ideas which will serve to indicate to you the trend of my thoughtEducation, 19:the will-to-beauty, and the will-to-serve must be cultivated. 2. Love-wisdom. This is essentiallyEducation, 24:plane investigation. The above remarks will serve to show you that the true educator should beEducation, 37:writing only a fundamental textbook which will serve as a signpost for the production of the newEducation, 39:unrelated to daily living. These facts could serve (if used as seed thoughts in meditation andEducation, 52:to the preceding analogy one more, which will serve to clarify the process of unfoldment in yourEducation, 71:as a governing, natural process. This will serve as a determining factor in the racial life andEducation, 71:which have been inherited from the past will serve real purpose. Young people will then be studiedEducation, 93:the child who is taught to practice it: It will serve as a directional agency from the earliestEducation, 94:can help him or be helped by him, those who can serve him and whom he best can serve. It willEducation, 94:those who can serve him and whom he best can serve. It will therefore make him definitely creative,Education, 102:possible ideal. He is taught that he must serve the State, Empire, or Nation with the very bestExternalisation, 8:the human mechanism or response apparatus, and serve to put the man in touch with aspects of theExternalisation, 10:with his conscious permission in order to serve some spiritual end and help his fellowmen can beExternalisation, 11:are souls aided and given opportunity to hear or serve. But these, too, would profit by a moreExternalisation, 13:hear truly and report accurately, and so serve their age and generation, and make the astral planeExternalisation, 17:this in order more rapidly and effectively to serve the race, and to cooperate with the plan of theExternalisation, 23:I call you. All of You, without exception, can serve in these three ways, if you so desire. TheExternalisation, 31:clearly through the use of the intuition; they serve on astral levels. The third group, theExternalisation, 50:instructions. What I have stated, however, will serve to indicate to you the general theme of theExternalisation, 73:Page 22). Those of you who are seeking to serve humanity and to join in the Hierarchical effort toExternalisation, 74:and the new group of world servers can best serve; it is the unfoldment of the human consciousnessExternalisation, 78:into account by all disciples as they seek to serve in this critical cycle; these two forces mustExternalisation, 110:no record of them. Only two points of view will serve truly to clarify what is happening at thisExternalisation, 111:call your attention to my wording.) It might serve a useful purpose if I enlarged somewhat upon theExternalisation, 113:men. This must surely be apparent to you and may serve to answer the question which is uppermost inExternalisation, 118:responded to the divine urge to experience, to serve and to sacrifice, separated themselves fromExternalisation, 127:and man's predestined future. It will serve no purpose for me to trace the relation of the presentExternalisation, 141:some dramatic and universal event which will serve as the inspiration and the inauguration of theExternalisation, 142:with them. I seek to love not hate: I seek to serve and not exact due service. I seek to heal, notExternalisation, 143:records of names and addresses and capacity to serve and help, establish group contacts and soExternalisation, 151:focused aspiration and the unselfish struggle to serve which characterizes millions of people inExternalisation, 154:creative impassioned use of the imagination may serve to add greater potency to your thought and toExternalisation, 172:respond, therefore, to the inner voices and to serve dispassionately and selflessly is seriouslyExternalisation, 174:potent in evoking a desirable reaction, and will serve also to blend into closer unity all whoExternalisation, 187:will be allowed to go on just in so far as they serve the need of Germany. The lesser Axis powersExternalisation, 218:the study of the questions may enable you to serve your day and generation more ably and to presentExternalisation, 229:your loyalty, your interest and your ability to serve will be placed, and then go forward toExternalisation, 250:extent with the Forces of Light. This will serve practically to focus your effort. I would ask youExternalisation, 251:has seemed to me after due thought that it would serve a most useful purpose if I elucidatedExternalisation, 262:at this time is useful and needed; it will serve at least to elevate humanity and its thought, andExternalisation, 315:intelligent loving service, and it should also serve to bind you all together in the closestExternalisation, 322:A.A.B. has assisted me to write. These will serve (when the war is over) to lead humanity forwardExternalisation, 322:and these, rightly distributed, will serve a useful part in carrying the consciousness of man toExternalisation, 346:and would prove a disaster. It would simply serve to focus and strengthen the lower self-will,Externalisation, 370:tradition or ancient boundaries will only serve to plunge the world again into war. TheseExternalisation, 383:of relationship will be set up which will serve to weld a new world into one harmonious andExternalisation, 387:to a true start of a universal faith which will serve the need of [388] humanity for a long time toExternalisation, 393:all who truly love their fellowmen [393] and who serve them with sacrifice and selflessExternalisation, 393:the past, or ask you for cooperation either to serve or sacrifice. I only seek to give youExternalisation, 405:and then returned to the ways of men, to serve. The testimony to the existence of this Path is theExternalisation, 423:of human history. When He Whom all disciples serve was on Earth two thousand years ago, He saidExternalisation, 444:feel no response to world need and no call to serve, then beware and seek a deeper measure of soulExternalisation, 445:helping of humanity. May He Whom we all love and serve, the Master of all Masters and the undyingExternalisation, 467:and convinced demand which you, who seek to serve the Christ, can throw behind the men legislatingExternalisation, 486:living, where thinking, loving men and women serve, the tide of the new life sweeps. The Plan isExternalisation, 488:of men - The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the race ofExternalisation, 510:cling to the familiar. The church is intended to serve the masses and is not intended to be of useExternalisation, 510:The Christian church in its many branches can serve as a St. John the Baptist, as a voice crying inExternalisation, 514:The sacraments, properly understood, serve to strengthen this link and realization, and such a oneExternalisation, 515:such Great Souls exist, and exist entirely to serve Their fellowmen. The public must beExternalisation, 518:Then comes the time when the form may no longer serve the intent, when the structure atrophies,Externalisation, 520:Masters. Offering Their disciples opportunity to serve in relation to the emerging Plan.Externalisation, 532:two centuries, and my words here will therefore serve an ultimate purpose. Those Who form theExternalisation, 534:There are certain synonyms which here may serve to develop your synthetic thinking and so bring inExternalisation, 557:message and calls for your renewed pledge to serve humanity and to find your way into an AshramExternalisation, 558:aid and I await your decision. That He Whom we serve may be nearer to all of us than ever before,Externalisation, 585:in incarnation such disciples stand free to serve one-pointedly and whole-heartedly that section orExternalisation, 622:and thus prepare the way for the One Whom They serve, the Christ, the Master of all the Masters andExternalisation, 629:of people who love the Christ and seek to serve His cause gave at least a tiny sum of money eachExternalisation, 637:truly the attitude of the Christ and of all who serve His cause. With the focused entrance of greedExternalisation, 640:the means of reaching me. The Christ, Whom I serve as a disciple, and the spiritual Hierarchy, ofExternalisation, 642:May the blessing of the One Whom we all serve rest upon you all and upon all disciples everywhere,Externalisation, 645:as may the others. Its inflow will, however, serve to bring about a "fixed intention" on the partExternalisation, 645:wills" of the intelligentsia, of those who serve the public in some capacity or other, and those
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