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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVED

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Statement:the Masters can be found) then they will have served their purpose. If the teaching conveyed callsAstrology, 258:reaction from the form side and is thereby served. [259] The three Crosses - cosmic, systemic andAstrology, 326:are one - the Saving Souls and the Units to be served. "Slowly the vision of the Saving One becomesAstrology, 616:my heart of love that which I, the One, have served and that for which I sacrifice Myself." Atom, 65:that spirit seeks to express itself has somewhat served its purpose, and is proving a limitation.Autobiography, 114:him he had come down for a confirmation. I had served supper and was in the kitchen washing dishesAutobiography, 205:and I believe a good time was had by all. We served cake and punch, tea and coffee, and no matterAutobiography, 237:for the evolving life and later, when they have served their purpose, repulsing those forms so thatBethlehem, ix:only twelve Were at the feast Of humble bread served in the upper room Where that sad cup wasBethlehem, 188:upon which we have crucified Christ; it has served its purpose as the custodian of the ages and theBethlehem, 211:of God was the way of love and of service. He served and loved and wrought miracles, and gatheredBethlehem, 227:of highest rule because he was not come to be served but to serve, in giving his life as ransom forBethlehem, 236:carried with great solemnity to a tomb, which served the purpose of rendering him the last honors.Bethlehem, 247:beauty which life-experience and initiation have served to reveal, cannot die. It is essentiallyBethlehem, 261:in the process of expressing divinity, lived and served and died. But none of them came at theBethlehem, 267:[267] that love means service, and we like to be served. The time has come when that selfishBethlehem, 267:to be done, and how desperately men need to be served by those who have vision and the love of GodBethlehem, 280:children who, in their day and generation, had served, suffered, and brought the world salvation,Bethlehem, 284:lines, and we must learn to serve as Christ served, to love all men as He loved them and, by theDestiny, 62:Africa, and in this capacity Spain has earlier served. It will be apparent to you also howDestiny, 143:given to the human "spirit of discovery" has served its purpose. Any further intensification of theDestiny, 148:mainly to the material values, then it has served its usefulness and must [149] pass away, and thisDiscipleship1, 86:that which has become crystallized, which has served its purpose and become old and useless; he isDiscipleship1, 113:not sufficiently moved by opportunity. You have served from a rigid sense of duty but you must nowDiscipleship1, 123:uncomfortable. This, in your earlier years, served to hold you away from people, and led you toDiscipleship1, 215:it wisely. Your sixth ray soul-polarization has served to enhance [216] the dynamic one-pointednessDiscipleship1, 241:of opportunity for service. You must learn to be served as well as to serve, for in so doing, yourDiscipleship1, 306:of every disciple - that the Plan must be served. I have but little more to say to you now, exceptDiscipleship1, 351:the greatly needed group integration. You have served the group well, e'en if you do not realize itDiscipleship1, 420:tempest. The third has had a dual effect: it has served to show you the futility of glamor and thatDiscipleship1, 484:upon the quality and the need of the one to be served. This subjective process must precede allDiscipleship1, 542:divine" in such a way that the inner life is served and the outer form becomes the magneticDiscipleship1, 551:considered of dominant interest: the Master was served and duty to him emphasized because therebyDiscipleship1, 561:and to gather together those who can thus be served. Choose quality and not quantity, and teachDiscipleship1, 567:not enough time in serving humanity; or, if he served, he did so because I expected it and itDiscipleship1, 570:By that I mean, my brother, that you have never served with a completely sacrificial spirit. YouDiscipleship1, 570:and made small sacrifices but you have never yet served as a soul - possessing nothing and askingDiscipleship1, 570:life itself. You can, therefore, serve. You have served with efficiency upon the [571] astralDiscipleship1, 596:free from contact with each other. Your devotion served not to prevent mistakes or the misuse ofDiscipleship1, 655:Or was I engrossed with the need of those I served? Monday... In helping others, or in speakingDiscipleship1, 655:with anybody, did I speak (yesterday as I served) about myself at all? Tuesday... What was theDiscipleship1, 718:because that point of consciousness has served its purpose. The shattering of the causal body takesDiscipleship2, 80:- for that is what it is. Thus you have served and helped at this critical time - critical not onlyDiscipleship2, 171:and the experiment was brought to an end; it served, however, a most useful purpose. As a result ofDiscipleship2, 203:been many mystics and a few occultists who have served as channels of relationship; today, theDiscipleship2, 260:plane takes place and humanity is consequently served. Every disciple who arrives at a recognitionDiscipleship2, 430:impelling [430] goal, and they have consequently served. This must not be forgotten. It is reallyDiscipleship2, 498:or for any length of time. The Plan must be served. I would ask you to prepare to re-establish theDiscipleship2, 510:light and life and know) to know that you have served and helped thousands, through the radio andDiscipleship2, 522:of psychological reactions. These have served to enhance your problem, and your entire emotionalDiscipleship2, 568:in assimilating the Ageless Wisdom and you have served the Hierarchy consciously for many decades;Discipleship2, 653:to the light and power of my Ashram. Having thus served and been served, and having taken yourDiscipleship2, 653:power of my Ashram. Having thus served and been served, and having taken your group brothers intoDiscipleship2, 655:off much karma, and whilst so working you have served. In you I now have a disciple upon whom - inDiscipleship2, 713:to those who, like you, have worked and served in difficulty and distress and under the drasticDiscipleship2, 713:imposed by this world war. You have served without any deviation from the path of duty. Forget thisDiscipleship2, 729:understood, of an accepted disciple. You have served the Master and rendered us, as I told you,Discipleship2, 768:Way into the innermost. We follow after. They served their time. We seek to do the same. Education, 13:critical comment where a good purpose would be served. He must depend thoroughly upon the sincerityEducation, 119:the Piscean ideals have been molded. They have served their purpose and done a great and neededExternalisation, 114:expression; the educational systems, having served their purpose, are fast being recognized asExternalisation, 119:were not recognized. The latent spark of mind served only to bring a relative enlightenment to theExternalisation, 140:understanding people; nothing that we could do served to arouse them to powerful action or toExternalisation, 146:of those who have used the Great Invocation has served to stimulate the selfish purposes of theExternalisation, 246:that is the only way in which his brother can be served and freed. Externalisation, 248:That which you have hitherto used has now served its immediate purpose, though it can again beExternalisation, 255:place when mankind is truly loved and selflessly served, and when the true, divine purpose is seenExternalisation, 299:in the world, in humanity and in all forms. He served the soul of man. The Christ, because of HisExternalisation, 376:all humanitarian feeling, the Axis Powers have served the race by showing us what must not, andExternalisation, 514:in Palestine they saw Him, knew Him and mayhap served and loved Him. Externalisation, 518:walls for just as long as the purpose is served and the race is instructed through that form. ThenExternalisation, 543:interpreted His words in such a manner that they served to bridge the gap between the spiritualExternalisation, 646:crystallized into money. Human intelligence has served on the side of materialism and not on theExternalisation, 671:only in so far as the interests of the State are served, but the individual himself - as anExternalisation, 677:also a ferment of thought in the world which has served to awaken the mentality of the masses toFire, 133:away, and the form disintegrates, having served his need. This is not always the case in everyFire, 245:(His body of manifestation and experience) has served its purpose. The Son is liberated. Extend theFire, 439:slowly but surely disintegrate, having served its purpose [440] for close on two thousand years.Fire, 452:publication. No purpose would be immediately served by the impartation of mantric forms. InevitablyFire, 953:for lack of warmth and light, that which has served to hinder no longer is." 87 The Solar Gods areFire, 974:has been accomplished, and the thought-form has served its purpose, every creator, consciously orFire, 1088:not possible to reveal, and no purpose would be served by such a revelation. The fact only can beGlamour, 109:the lower at the expense of the higher, and served to distract the attention of the aspirant awayHealing, 62:in through the processes of individualization, served to stimulate the lowest centers. Hence,Healing, 350:the body as the instrument whereby the Plan is served. Frequently, today, lives are preserved inHealing, 422:away, and the form disintegrates, having served his need. This is not always the case in everyHealing, 449:Note this phrasing. Form or appearance, having served its purpose, disappears. Death of the formHealing, 478:useful to humanity or a liability, which has served the race or been an ineffectual member of it,Healing, 501:and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. The principle of mind (theHealing, 535:and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. The principle of mind thenHealing, 561:was predestined to recover, but they have served a useful purpose in correcting a characterHealing, 678:and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. The principle of mind thenHealing, 681:and Applied The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. This word, or this "spiritualHealing, 694:of the average student and experimenter has served as a protection, and little has been set inHercules, 148:perpetual strife. The high ideals that have served as beacons over the centuries, brotherhood,Initiation, 99:the secrets of the mysteries, and no purpose is served by revealing them. Other types of force fromInitiation, 103:final gift, only to find that those whom he has served throw his gift back to him, scorn hisInitiation, 117:characteristic of Spirit. The lower self has served the purposes of the Ego, and has beenInitiation, 117:and has been discarded; the Ego likewise has served the purposes of the Monad, and is no longerInitiation, 199:to speak. That time comes when the group can be served by wise words, a careful intimation of
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