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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVES

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Glamour, 14:and knowledge anent the figures in a symbol serves to pull your consciousness up on to the mentalGlamour, 95:unification temporarily takes place which serves to deepen the glamor and to delay progress intoGlamour, 97:and a picture of the immediate way to go - serves temporarily to glamor the man with a sense ofGlamour, 135:a "forbidding dark cloud of rain" which serves to hide from view the "raincloud of knowable things"Glamour, 139:of a car and their self-sufficient blaze, serves only to intensify the problem and fails toGlamour, 141:soul and constitute eventually a condition which serves to veil successfully the true nature of theGlamour, 182:to the source from whence it came; some of it serves to destroy the revealer, [183] and some toGlamour, 227:aids, and they do provide a setting which serves to help beginners to keep the theme of their workHealing, 2:apparatus of the indwelling spiritual man and serves to put that spiritual entity en rapport withHealing, 64:facts and the information is of value to you. It serves to throw light upon a problem which anHealing, 124:certain definite human relationships. A disciple serves; he writes and speaks; his words andHealing, 216:and consciously, into close cooperation. This serves to establish right human relations, rightHealing, 321:the activity of the blood corpuscles., which serves to keep the blood stream in good condition.Healing, 354:from the angle of the greater whole, but it serves a useful purpose in training the group membersHealing, 354:group members to think in those wider terms. It serves as a stepping stone away from theHealing, 363:of the immortal soul proves inadequate, and only serves to comfort the serving healer personally,Healing, 503:shatters and destroys substantial form and thus serves a constructive purpose; this result isHealing, 503:this result is largely astral or psychic and serves to dissipate some of the enveloping glamor. TheHealing, 579:Concentration upon the physical body only serves to enhance its potency and to feed its appetitesHealing, 685:Obligation; an understanding of the differences serves to bring illumination, and consequently,Hercules, 134:both sides of an issue, and this ability serves him well as a mediator and arbitrator. The energiesHercules, 148:agent of beneficent gifts. Then, indeed, power serves love and love glorifies power. Pride. TheHercules, 200:loses sight of himself in the goal and silently serves. Then we come to the third sign Pisces, thatInitiation, 75:which can beguile him from his chosen path. He serves, because he knows what is in man, and becauseInitiation, 98:has a definite effect upon the causal body, and serves to stimulate the heart center. A third typeInitiation, 103:a strong vibration in a man's lower nature, only serves to swing him away from, instead of towardsInitiation, 106:are not compulsory as are the earlier five, it serves no purpose to enlarge upon his work. TheseInitiation, 111:back, are deterrents to the many. If this book serves no other purpose than to spur some one toIntellect, 86:use may be profoundly true, but this knowledge serves no purpose unless each educated thinker facesIntellect, 113:the form. That which is exoteric and substantial serves two purposes: [114] To give some faintMagic, 8:hylozoistic theory, though the term but serves to confuse. This great Life is the basis of Monism,Magic, 13:effect of the free [13] play of the soul of man serves to demonstrate the fallibility and relativeMagic, 25:it would only be understood by the initiate", serves only to aggravate him, tends to make himMagic, 32:has found a point of truth in himself which serves to illumine his steps as he slowly and graduallyMagic, 101:Three - Soul Light and Body Light Thus humanity serves, and in the development of a consciousMagic, 110:the ray one is on and the Master under whom one serves one's apprenticeship? Is not true knowledgeMagic, 110:one repairs to his appointed station and there serves in his acceptance of Brotherhood in theMagic, 129:of that condition called "accepted chelaship" serves to postpone that contact and delay theMagic, 140:for the use of the soul. The use of the OM serves also to indicate to the workers on the universalMagic, 152:with thought and conscious purpose behind it, serves to vitalize the centers and fill each of themMagic, 167:analysis of motive when truthfully undertaken, serves amazingly to lift the would-be disciple outMagic, 189:or loud speaking. In self-forgetfulness he serves; in self-abnegation he walks the earth, and heMagic, 189:as to his own value or usefulness. He lives, serves, works and influences, asking nothing for theMagic, 194:know that, as he strives, meditates, studies and serves, certain changes will take place withinMagic, 252:as he can make it to the prototype, and which serves to model the lower man and force conformity toMagic, 262:form proves adequate for the average man and serves him till death. The man who is entering on theMagic, 267:matter aspect and the life poured into the form serves only to vitalize the atoms in substance. TheMagic, 267:God. I express this truth in these words as it serves peculiarly to make the distinction clear andMagic, 306:of the major fears which afflict humanity and serves only to open up the subject and giveMagic, 325:end is near. In nature, a general electric storm serves to clear the atmosphere, and ushers in aMagic, 371:Then the time comes that the form no longer serves the purpose intended, when the structureMagic, 373:Therefore, he will not carry us with him. He but serves our purpose now, offering us a home withinMagic, 395:modifies and steps down the qualities and serves as a handicap. A potent personality may functionMagic, 559:in the world of men; he loves and comforts and serves; he pays no attention to his [560]Magic, 578:even though at times the energy they transmit serves to stimulate wrongly. As regards the use ofMagic, 590:is too optimistic. Better far that the aspirant serves and loves and works and disciplines himself,Magic, 615:his release. It is this maya itself which [615] serves to guide him into truth and knowledge; it isMeditation, 6:and a pure reflector, and the mental body serves the purpose of a sensitive plate andMeditation, 63:periphery of the body and creates a shell that serves as a protection. It drives away discordantMeditation, 72:as providing a link; on the mental plane it serves somewhat the same purpose, only this timeMeditation, 116:other work, - planetary, systemic or cosmic. He serves first through activity, through the use ofMeditation, 116:of his best for the helping of the race. He serves through love, becoming, as time elapses, one ofMeditation, 116:and in love he dies that others may live. He serves then through power. Proved in the furnace toMeditation, 146:the first. The mental thought-form thus built up serves as the mayavirupa as did the other and theMeditation, 272:laid on service, for it is only as a man serves that he advances. It is the keynote of theMeditation, 324:by a domed tower at one side. This domed tower serves two purposes: It is the place forMeditation, 326:for the use of the public. In this way be serves his time and generation and educates the race inMeditation, 345:correcting of his well meant mistakes, and he serves no end but his own desires. The reward of goodMeditation, 345:offset by the results of foolish action. He serves with discrimination who realizes wisely his ownMeditation, 345:the whole applies himself to fill the niche. He serves with discrimination who judges with the aidMeditation, 345:requests and demands of his fellow-servers. He serves with discrimination who brings a realizationPatanjali, 89:one of the hidden scriptures runs as follows and serves to elucidate the idea of this sutra:Patanjali, 90:the mind. The mind is so constituted that it serves the purpose of both a telescope, bringing thePatanjali, 147:in nature, equilibrized and rhythmic, yet serves to confine him to the world of physical endeavorPatanjali, 163:of the nature of spirit. The mind then serves a triple purpose: Through it, the seer looks out uponPatanjali, 174:that he suffers more than the average man. This serves to drive him forward with increasingPatanjali, 207:stirs up increased trouble, and resistance only serves to feed the evil, whatever it may be. ThePatanjali, 368:manifestation has been so dealt with that now it serves as an adequate expression and means ofPatanjali, 386:Here Patanjali lays down a basic formula which serves to explain not only the purpose and reason ofPsychology1, 79:stocking of the memory with occult detail which serves no useful purpose only strains the brainPsychology1, 97:state of being. This expansion of consciousness serves both to encourage them in their endeavor andPsychology1, 99:not prove the fact of the soul, however; it only serves to break down the materialistic position.Psychology1, 245:a new light upon sex and upon the function it serves in the interrelation of lives and the creationPsychology2, 31:and liberated adept is such that language serves only to blind and to hinder true understanding.Psychology2, 46:Influence Ray Five "The Angel of the Presence serves the three - the One above, the one below, andPsychology2, 119:the masses in such a way that the individual serves the group by a forced negation of his personalPsychology2, 121:around to the point of view of the one who serves, because what the would-be server has found to bePsychology2, 137:devotion to the Plan, to those whom the Plan serves, and to Those Who serve the Plan. Note thePsychology2, 173:becomes so magnetic and vibrant, that he serves the race by becoming what he knows he is. Immersed,Psychology2, 369:for His use, - The One Who lives, and loves and serves the form, the One Who Is. The Word goesPsychology2, 378:transmutes the pentagram into a ring of fire, he serves the Plan." Psychology2, 430:is not utilized and understood, for it then serves to increase the cleavage instead of beingPsychology2, 432:the medium of the vital or etheric body which serves ever as the linking web between the densePsychology2, 458:situation is of no real moment, and sometimes serves a useful purpose, for it enables the obsessingPsychology2, 588:Let him, therefore, control emotion, for emotion serves to keep the door ajar and facilitatesPsychology2, 590:should surround himself with that color, for it serves to keep the inflowing energies in the headRays, 37:in terms of their group significance. This serves to decentralize him and to convey into hisRays, 50:is permanent, farsighted, unalterable, and serves the Eternal Idea. The stage wherein - after theRays, 90:following June Full Moon. Their united activity serves to bring about a much closer approachRays, 193:defines man's attitude upon the mental plane and serves to make a rent in the etheric veil,
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