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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Statement:has transmuted emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanity - not to the Master. The booksAstrology, 18:which is at present unknown. It might be of some service if I enlarged somewhat upon this point: InAstrology, 40:forth. They are the devas who are ready for service, which is to give to another Hierarchy [41]Astrology, 62:has ever to be translated into living active service, and desire has to demonstrate itsAstrology, 62:in some of my earlier books but it will be of service to refer to them again and to expand theAstrology, 69:with the individual, but this is of small service to either party unless the intuition andAstrology, 99:is related to Aquarius, [99] the sign of world service, leading to death and liberation in Pisces.Astrology, 107:renounces all for the love of humanity and its service, and lays himself upon the altar ofAstrology, 108:(according to his ray type) and the path of service chosen. You will see, therefore, theAstrology, 117:as these that the mainspring to the life of service must be sought. People born in this sign areAstrology, 117:it. It is for this reason that the life of service and the directed intention to serve constitute aAstrology, 117:release. In Aquarius, the sign of world service, the lesson is finally learned which produces theAstrology, 117:in Pisces. Hence my constant emphasis upon service. Astrology, 117:learning until he has transformed servitude into service. He alternates between the pairs ofAstrology, 124:Self-preservation into selfless world service. Self pity into compassion, sympathy and divineAstrology, 133:own standpoint which is the only standpoint of service to you, indicating to you what lies behindAstrology, 135:most difficult to demonstrate. They are: The service of the personality, the lower self, whichAstrology, 135:which eventually transmutes itself into the service of humanity. Superficial and selfish activityAstrology, 136:yet retaining his spiritual Identity. From self-service, he proceeds to world service and yet isAstrology, 136:From self-service, he proceeds to world service and yet is always the individualized Son of GodAstrology, 136:he has into his water pot, storing it there for service and giving it freely on demand to meet aAstrology, 137:whilst the fourth ray indicates the field of service and the mode of attaining the goal. This modeAstrology, 138:Master Mason and can then proceed with world service undeterred and held back by no thought of selfAstrology, 141:to the second center, that of the Hierarchy of Service. Astrology, 142:individual, consecrating all thought, time and service to his own well being and personalAstrology, 142:two signs. The Aquarian is consecrated to group service and to the welfare of humanity. The averageAstrology, 142:Cross this consecration to others becomes world service. Aquarius, we are told, governs the bloodAstrology, 143:be so tested that it shows fitness for the world service demanded in Aquarius. This is beautifullyAstrology, 145:to live his life and to spend himself in the service of humanity. In connection with the questionAstrology, 148:of the enforced task and sacrifice and planetary service. This achievement reaches its goal at theAstrology, 151:- 3rd Aspect - latent. - Consecration to the service of the lower self. Selfishness. ExperienceAstrology, 151:- 3rd Aspect - expressed. - Consecration to the service of the Whole. The death or negation of allAstrology, 169:his heart and life to the soul and to human service, can he be permitted to pass through the doorAstrology, 174:my back." For him there remains now no goal but service. He therefore passes back through the gateAstrology, 174:unity Fire Fire Air Selfishness Struggle Service Evolution The final path Liberation I couldAstrology, 178:stages. "I realize." Inspiration, governing service - Aquarius. Group consciousness. "I go forth."Astrology, 179:and finally release into full spiritual service. In connection with the development of theAstrology, 195:our solar Logos. A few hints may, however, be of service to the truly esoteric astrologer who mayAstrology, 200:symbols. This coming process of planetary service through the third divine center is only trulyAstrology, 208:group awareness and group response, plus group service, are now taken. Such is the outcome and theAstrology, 211:the revelation of the vision of liberation and service; in Sagittarius, it is the revelation of theAstrology, 215:attachments and the liberation of the soul for service upon an universal scale. Christ, in Pisces,Astrology, 221:Return. Aquarius - Fixed Cross - Group impulse - Service. These are signs 1-4-8-11. These numbersAstrology, 223:decentralized, group conscious, and given to service. The horizontal arm is Taurus-Scorpio,Astrology, 225:imagination, which is the factor of greatest service to man, begins to take the place of theAstrology, 230:initiation in Capricorn, followed by service in Aquarius and the work of a world savior in PiscesAstrology, 241:of life from the sumtotal of energy, to the service of the Whole. Forget not that initiation is butAstrology, 243:thereby offering opportunity for sacrifice and service. A study of the relation of this HierarchyAstrology, 247:- Attainment. Aquarius - Objective - Inclusion - Service. This relation is established by the threeAstrology, 258:of the soul principle runs the theme of service. In Gemini, the relation between the great dualityAstrology, 258:or substance exchange or interchange their service and each serves the other. In Sagittarius, weAstrology, 258:the other. In Sagittarius, we find emerging the service of the One Life in terms of the service ofAstrology, 258:the service of the One Life in terms of the service of the Hierarchy, the planetary expression ofAstrology, 258:the planetary expression of the idea of service, whilst in Pisces, there appears - as a result ofAstrology, 258:It has been said that Virgo "involves the service of the immediately present" or in other wordsAstrology, 259:of God Capricorn - Incentive behind initiation (Service). Desire for liberation. Service desire.Astrology, 259:initiation (Service). Desire for liberation. Service desire. The Light of Life All these expressAstrology, 261:with changed and changing attitudes of selfless service, a personality dedicated to the service ofAstrology, 261:selfless service, a personality dedicated to the service of humanity and with a voluntaryAstrology, 278:- Direction - Mutable Cross. Aquarius - Service - Fixed Cross. Pisces - Salvation - Mutable Cross.Astrology, 290:order to make the gained knowledge a factor in service. This triangle expresses the life ofAstrology, 293:of Liberation. Aquarius - The Chalice of Self-service. The Light of the world. The Fixed Cross isAstrology, 306:consciousness combined together in the service of the Plan. Reflect on this definition, for it willAstrology, 309:to the higher vibration and directed intelligent service of the Plan. Ponder on this summation.Astrology, 310:Aquarian awareness. It will alter the self-service of Leo into the group service of its polarAstrology, 310:alter the self-service of Leo into the group service of its polar opposite, Aquarius. It mightAstrology, 324:perfect. The main incentive is sacrifice and service to those lesser lives that are dependent uponAstrology, 327:to be saved by the more advanced. The theme of service and sacrifice runs, unrecognized, throughAstrology, 339:becomes a conscious method of expression for service. Aquarius-Leo Personality interests as anAstrology, 339:man becomes the world server. Heights of noted service are then reached in both signs. Pisces-VirgoAstrology, 340:by form become the instruments of world service. [341] As these results are studied, you willAstrology, 342:again in Cancer the perfect [342] instrument of service which the initiate wields as he seeks toAstrology, 342:the initiate wields as he seeks to render mass service instead of being involved and lost in theAstrology, 353:to be borne in mind and will be some day of real service to the astrology of the future, for someAstrology, 361:These potencies, when effective, lead to true service in Aquarius. All this activity is intensifiedAstrology, 366:rules the arms and the hands, indicating the service which the two brothers must render to eachAstrology, 377:living tends to the fulfilment of free will in service and a free subordination of the lower willAstrology, 390:and which must be called into effective service during initiation. Such an effort [391] is neededAstrology, 392:the strength to move forward along the line of service. There is revealed to him (as there wasAstrology, 397:and this must be developed into the selfless service of the salvaging initiate. The task of theAstrology, 416:finds its reflection and a mode of spiritual service and outlet in the great White Lodge of ourAstrology, 442:after the war when again the field of world service opens and men have time for thought and dueAstrology, 442:have time for thought and due reflection. World service is going on now perhaps in greater volumeAstrology, 443:to the more strictly physical forms of help. The service to which I here refer is that educationalAstrology, 454:a particular planetary triangle. It might be of service if I here briefly tabulated again for youAstrology, 485:disciples and initiates, leading them to world service on a large scale, producing group activityAstrology, 488:thereby, and turns it to conscious use in the service of the group. We might phrase it thus: TaurusAstrology, 488:and of consecration to the divine expression of service. It is here that the importance of theAstrology, 493:The work of the Fellow Craft - The building and service of the temple of humanity. From theAstrology, 494:the need and that which will meet it. Service is essentially a scientific Mode of expressingAstrology, 495:with the inner plan of God. This we call service. There are, therefore, great Triangles of energyAstrology, 522:and [522] with the expression of the nature of service. This planetary center, which conditions theAstrology, 522:and not in its destroying aspect. It is the service of the whole which is being attempted at greatAstrology, 523:All this is happening under the inspiration of service, motivated by love. Thus the two majorAstrology, 571:has come! Come forth, O Mighty One. The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived. Let itAstrology, 572:and marked a relatively useful point of service, but one which is in process of being transcended.Astrology, 573:is the will-to-good, who think in terms of world service and who are oriented towards light - theAstrology, 586:glimmerings of this new approach to God and service which - again I say - can and must remake,Atom, 28:by the transmutation of selfishness into loving service. Thus we can cooperate in the generalAtom, 89:will lead him to sacrifice his identity in the service of the group, and to merge his consciousness
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