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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Atom, 149:spirit; there are differences of ministries (or service) but the same Lord." When we are all groupAutobiography, 1:said that he felt that I would really render a service if I could show people how I became what IAutobiography, 3:I have not, therefore, been useless where world service is concerned but I do not, and cannot,Autobiography, 7:and knowledge - what I say may prove to be of service. Many isolated mystics, disciples andAutobiography, 18:Y. W. C. A. in Scotland. If I have been of any service to my fellowmen and if I have done anythingAutobiography, 34:my spirituality in attending the early communion service every day, if possible, and in trying toAutobiography, 34:people. That particular expression of religious service and enterprise could not be helped and IAutobiography, 37:except in moments of real emergency in world service. I found that this visitor was the MasterAutobiography, 38:and only carries weight if backed by a life of service. The claim that one is an initiate of aAutobiography, 151:angle of general helpfulness. Concentration on service can and does lead to self-forgetfulness.Autobiography, 158:should be required are those dedicated to the service of one's fellowmen, the spiritual HierarchyAutobiography, 159:for non claim-making and for dedication to the service of humanity that Foster cabled Mrs. BesantAutobiography, 165:and university and was in charge of the secret service on the Tibetan frontier. He is now dead butAutobiography, 170:of work - the Co-Masonic Order, the Order of Service and an educational movement. If you did not doAutobiography, 171:people whom I knew to be more effective in world service, more intelligent in serving the Christ,Autobiography, 174:at Krotona and our very real effort to be of service to the Theosophical Society. [175] Autobiography, 176:for the writing. This is what I call selfless service - to write a letter which you do not sign andAutobiography, 176:way which you can think, by which you can be of service to me?" Here we were, therefore, withoutAutobiography, 186:to "take the [186] lid off " when on active service yet the girls of foreign nationality must alsoAutobiography, 197:but deeply international in its thinking. Service is its keynote. Its members can work in any sectAutobiography, 198:and that oriented its students toward a life of service as the road of approach to the HierarchyAutobiography, 198:by secretaries who speak their language. The service activities extend into an even wider field andAutobiography, 201:in this connection wishing to attend a communion service in the early mornings at a little churchAutobiography, 204:to now, but were also loyally dedicated to the service of humanity. [205] We seldom went away inAutobiography, 207:and deeply afraid of life. I think I was of service to her along these lines, for she respected myAutobiography, 213:of spiritual projects all occupied with the service of humanity and all of them non-profit andAutobiography, 227:time of this writing Colonels on active [227] service abroad. One year, my second daughter,Autobiography, 233:led them to an upper room where the communion service was instituted. All this was indicative ofAutobiography, 235:suggested our organizing what He called Units of Service in as many countries in the world asAutobiography, 235:of goodwill, with the organizing of Units of Service in nineteen different countries and in findingAutobiography, 250:asked to look upon such activities as fields of service wherein they can express any spiritual helpAutobiography, 250:perfectly free to give their time, loyalty and service to their own groups. The Arcane School hasAutobiography, 250:is being made. The keynote of the school is service, based on love of humanity. The meditation workAutobiography, 251:resulted in the forming of nineteen centers for service in as many countries had temporarily to beAutobiography, 256:the Hierarchy itself - on humanity and on world service, and not on a group of teachers who, evenAutobiography, 256:of the earth and convey aid and help; the service work which I suggested, and which F.B. carriedAutobiography, 257:of the Hierarchy" but by a life of service, by indicating that the Masters exist and are known toAutobiography, 263:an indictment of much faithful though uninspired service. Students must recognize that the schoolsAutobiography, 266:to vital reconstruction and to greater service. Autobiography, 267:A true esoteric school works on four levels of service and of experience. This enables the discipleAutobiography, 267:as approved and endorsed by the Masters, service to humanity is taught and not the need for theAutobiography, 268:upon the measure and [268] the quality of the service rendered by the disciple to his fellowmen.Autobiography, 268:interest of group purpose - ever directed to the service of humanity and the Hierarchy. He becomesAutobiography, 269:of his activities. They are simply his field of service, and his personality becomes that throughAutobiography, 270:with world need; he is keenly anxious to be of service and is conscious of learning all the time,Autobiography, 271:helpers will largely depend the success of his service. He assumes no authority over the group orAutobiography, 272:by a disciple and that it is his attempt at service and not the field of expression of a Master.Autobiography, 279:he knows also what he has to give in the service of humanity and whom he is able to help. He beginsAutobiography, 283:the work of the Arcane School is the theme of service. Service to one's fellowmen is the hallmarkAutobiography, 283:of the Arcane School is the theme of service. Service to one's fellowmen is the hallmark of aAutobiography, 283:your true spiritual Self, the soul, and make service the expression of what you know. These threeAutobiography, 286:groups. We - as an organization - exact no service from them; we have no lodges, centers orAutobiography, 286:give expression to their own ideas and modes of service without interference from us. This theyAutobiography, 286:welcome the effort as providing a field of service for the student and we approve of the attempt toAutobiography, 290:not hate; I seek to serve and not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring dueAutobiography, 292:indicate the common goal, the universal field of service and the ancient methods whereby humanAutobiography, 298:enough to have knowledge of the program of service to which on the inner plane she was alreadyAutobiography, 301:a new emphasis on group responsibility and world service as the essential of all true discipleshipAutobiography, 301:way. She insisted that a life of selfless service was the most important factor and that physicalAutobiography, 302:School or direct its affairs, nor any of the service activities by means of any messages of anyBethlehemTwentieth Century that fervent adherence and service which in former ages could be obtained fromBethlehem, 3:its implications of divinity and its urge to service and sacrifice. Is the Gospel storyBethlehem, 9:there will be some objective gained and some service and help rendered. It is possible that today -Bethlehem, 19:rapidly moving. Some day the great Communion Service will be held, of which every communion serviceBethlehem, 19:Service will be held, of which every communion service is the forecast. We are slowly passing intoBethlehem, 25:will are to be found working, and where world service is rendered. The modern so-called esotericBethlehem, 29:(Phil., III, 10.) Self must be lost to sight in service. Service is rapidly becoming the keynote ofBethlehem, 29:III, 10.) Self must be lost to sight in service. Service is rapidly becoming the keynote of theBethlehem, 35:of the new birth which releases a man into the service of the kingdom of God. Down the ages,Bethlehem, 35:entered into a deeper life of fuller, richer service. Step by step, their sense of divinity hasBethlehem, 44:laws of the spiritual kingdom. Through birth, service and sacrifice the initiate becomes a citizenBethlehem, 44:walk in the light of the soul, realizing that in service to his fellowmen and in forgetfulness ofBethlehem, 45:to reach the point he has reached. The path of service and cooperation with the divine will becomeBethlehem, 48:The gradual revelation of the Plan and its service always accompanies the initiation process; theBethlehem, 54:of movement and activity, of difficulty and service, and of the next unfolding glory. Following theBethlehem, 54:Finally, every initiation leads to expanded service. Practical spiritual living must follow theBethlehem, 54:Self and its attainment must be forgotten in service to others. From this there is no escape. EveryBethlehem, 54:the needs of a consequent and strenuous life of service, and initiation ever calls forth renewedBethlehem, 60:entered, as did all the others, upon a life of service and of sacrifice, thus qualifying for theBethlehem, 68:the new birth, the experience of life, the service to be rendered, the death to be endured, andBethlehem, 68:and then the resurrection into more extended service. Joseph's name means "he who shall add"; heBethlehem, 73:nature, which must be consecrated to the service of God and of man. Frankincense symbolizes theBethlehem, 77:lessons of sacrifice, of understanding and of service. This is ever the first lesson which everyBethlehem, 78:Here lies our test, and here lies our field of service. Many true and earnest aspirants feel thatBethlehem, 78:fact and happily settle down to a life of service and of giving lovingly in their own homes, theyBethlehem, 90:was the incentive and impulsion to His life of service, and it is the principle upon which theBethlehem, 91:ideals and that example of sacrifice and of service which today (two thousand years after He walkedBethlehem, 91:to us an idea which became in time the ideal of service, so that today the attention of many rulersBethlehem, 96:which lay ahead of Him, and the intervening service. In the fourth initiation, He demonstrated thisBethlehem, 96:and it closed a period of preparation, of quiet service, and inaugurated a cycle of strenuous [97]Bethlehem, 100:the past before we can face towards a future of service, consciously undertaken, and know that fromBethlehem, 102:was complete. He then faced the life of service and the difficulties which attend the path of everyBethlehem, 105:is the root of all our future consistency and service; it is also unassailable. Upon this basis weBethlehem, 110:it possible for Christ to pass on to His world service and the Mount of Transfiguration. One of theBethlehem, 114:the basic fact of His utilizing those methods of service, triumph and sacrifice which are availableBethlehem, 114:opposition; many have dedicated their lives to service, but none have succeeded with theBethlehem, 121:became, living centers of radiant energy for the service of the world. Probably what may happenBethlehem, 131:of the kingdom, and then He began that increased service which is ever the signal to the world thatBethlehem, 131:as it was before the initiation is taken and the service rendered. The emergence of an initiateBethlehem, 135:Gita, XI, 1-4. [135] I. Another period of service is ended. Christ faced another interior crisis,
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