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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Discipleship1, 250:seated desire to see you all freed for fuller service is surely in a different category. May I,Discipleship1, 252:Go forward, therefore, with joy into a richer service and a more true self-forgetfulness. TheDiscipleship1, 253:. . . Life for you at this time holds much of service. See to it that you crystallize not. As oneDiscipleship1, 253:with divinity. Choose not the subjects of your service but serve all who seek your aid. Seek themDiscipleship1, 254:with equal equanimity, then your field of service can enlarge. You will have no interest in theDiscipleship1, 254:has opened out increasingly along the lines of service to your fellowmen and to us. One word IDiscipleship1, 254:say to you in this connection: Let not that service take the place of your soul in your wakingDiscipleship1, 254:that for you (in this incarnation) only love and service must govern your life expression, if theDiscipleship1, 255:factor. It leads you along the way of service. When, however, two instruments or vehicles and theDiscipleship1, 256:during the coming years and thus make increased service possible and also keep fluid in intent, inDiscipleship1, 256:You have passed through a period of expanded service; it has carried you far from the life intentDiscipleship1, 261:to face and let it there dedicate itself to the service of the soul with deep consecration, devotedDiscipleship1, 261:duty. Let not the glamor of attainment of your service goals, brother of old, blind your eyes toDiscipleship1, 261:an extent that he forgets that the outer life of service will become arid and full of personalityDiscipleship1, 261:and be not so occupied with the task of service that you neglect the lessons which you yourselfDiscipleship1, 261:values clear. You have done good and faithful service and helped many. Take help yourself withoutDiscipleship1, 262:comforting and help. To carry forward this new service to which you have dedicated yourself, youDiscipleship1, 266:the group if they continue to evidence willing service. Given a little more personal training, theDiscipleship1, 268:They are, for you, the key to successful service. Let nothing and no one remove you from yourDiscipleship1, 268:all are in training for greatly extended service and that service will begin to take form veryDiscipleship1, 268:training for greatly extended service and that service will begin to take form very shortly...Discipleship1, 269:here be noted. The extremity of the disciple in service finally draws out the interest of the soul.Discipleship1, 269:evokes the cooperation of the Monad. Thus service is the scientific mode, par excellence, to evokeDiscipleship1, 269:in your spiritual diary: What was the form of service which produced the crisis? Was it in theDiscipleship1, 270:work of the group now. An increased momentum in service and a more rapid spiritual reaction at allDiscipleship1, 270:to avail yourselves of the world opportunity for service. Go forward, therefore, with the same workDiscipleship1, 270:for the extremity of the disciple in service draws out finally the interest of the soul. You willDiscipleship1, 275:It is a relation not only of agelong mutual service and of understanding but also of analogousDiscipleship1, 275:above all to play it dynamically. It is a vital service which you can render, my brother, and youDiscipleship1, 277:Plan and a sense of hopefulness for your future service. First: I would say - Deepen yourDiscipleship1, 277:for it means bringing together in the bonds of service many elements which might not otherwise fuseDiscipleship1, 277:and silence. Seek to integrate others into the service of humanity by yourself standing inDiscipleship1, 278:into this group; it can be offered by you in service to the group. It is in this participation in aDiscipleship1, 279:will aid the group, so regard your work as a service to be definitely rendered. Emotional stressDiscipleship1, 281:not [281] subordinated in all humility to group service. When the personality is guided by theDiscipleship1, 281:given to the freely imposed rhythm of organized service, then power can be conferred, and definiteDiscipleship1, 281:this intuitive sensitiveness of yours can be of service to the group with which you are associated.Discipleship1, 281:give you a meditation which will render group service and which will aid me in my work of awakeningDiscipleship1, 281:group brothers. Fifteen minutes given to this service once a week will bring to you its own reward.Discipleship1, 282:therefore, to increase your [282] intuitive service, to be the master of your time, to walk throughDiscipleship1, 286:release into greater expression of beauty and service. Discipleship1, 288:into the brain consciousness and its wise use in service is what calls for your attention. I canDiscipleship1, 289:and find themselves within and by the law of service. You can leave this particular group, but ifDiscipleship1, 289:yourself inevitably within some other group for service. You can drop the responsibilities whichDiscipleship1, 289:and must at some time be recognized. It is the service, the responsibility, and the group workDiscipleship1, 289:and essentially, you are pledged to the service of the Plan somewhere, somehow, some day. TheDiscipleship1, 290:terms of individual light but in terms of group service and group relationship. There are many inDiscipleship1, 291:or my instruction. Seek the way of selfless service and all is well. "As birds fly together toDiscipleship1, 291:development, and the other connected with what service you can render in the world. Yet these twoDiscipleship1, 291:in fitting disciples for their work is through service to achievement, with the emphasis upon theDiscipleship1, 291:to achievement, with the emphasis upon the service and not upon the achievement. Your work in theDiscipleship1, 292:is deepened. Your second line of development is service in the world. What line that service mustDiscipleship1, 292:is service in the world. What line that service must take is for you to know and decide, and theDiscipleship1, 292:instructions at any time to govern a disciple's service. Not in this way do servers grow. ThreeDiscipleship1, 294:sense. This would increase your usefulness in service and supply a need. It is more a need inDiscipleship1, 294:and a more loving attentiveness to the service of others. Continue, therefore, with the meditationDiscipleship1, 294:for you an increased field of contact and of service, carrying with it the consequent tests and newDiscipleship1, 298:concerning "radiation" and concerning "magnetic service"? These two papers will constitute yourDiscipleship1, 300:mind, and how - troubled as I am - can I be of service to the group?" With most aspirants, the needDiscipleship1, 300:can rise on the wings of love and the motive of service into the freedom and the light where theDiscipleship1, 301:integrate it, and fit it for an instrument for service. I begin this communication by stating thisDiscipleship1, 301:communication by stating this clearly, as the service you can render is to you of more value thanDiscipleship1, 301:you can render is to you of more value than the service that can be rendered to you. But the groupDiscipleship1, 302:of all aspirants, must work out in exoteric service, rendered progressively on each of the threeDiscipleship1, 306:the fact of the group, the purpose of group service at this time, and the intention that shouldDiscipleship1, 306:hold you back from the life of full and loving service - I speak of inner habits of thought and notDiscipleship1, 307:but it also embraces the life of outer service and of those relationships which you have assumed asDiscipleship1, 307:his mind is frequently disturbed and his service handicapped. I give you here a hint. Every linkDiscipleship1, 308:See the physical body dedicating itself to the service of the soul. Retreat still further inward asDiscipleship1, 308:pouring itself forth in aspiration towards the service of humanity. Retreat still higher and stillDiscipleship1, 308:inwardly and dedicate the mind principle to the service of the Plan. Then, holding theDiscipleship1, 309:with the hierarchical endeavor. 6th month - The service of the Plan. Insert here what intercessoryDiscipleship1, 309:instrument; your vibratory rate, your power in service, can increase; and your opportunity at thisDiscipleship1, 310:is that a life of fuller expression in outer service on the physical plane is required and wouldDiscipleship1, 311:carry you forth upon the tide of an ever richer service. You are at the point where you can - ifDiscipleship1, 311:group brothers. In what manner that extension of service must demonstrate is for you gradually toDiscipleship1, 312:to train others through a more definite outer service. You have always been able to workDiscipleship1, 313:is found; and with the pressure of the hands in service of the light, and with a beating heart ofDiscipleship1, 316:for the helping of the group and as a group service. When it becomes possible to do this world workDiscipleship1, 316:giving you a meditation which has this service intent and I would ask you to do it for the next sixDiscipleship1, 317:find another reason why you have this special service to render along these lines. Will you rereadDiscipleship1, 318:they observe. Such are their lives and such the service that they render to the world of men." IDiscipleship1, 318:They convey to you, not only the field of your service, but also the desired attitude of yourDiscipleship1, 318:as to focus the soul within the chosen field of service. The power to attain right observation, soDiscipleship1, 321:carried through to completion. Let your service be group service and not so much individual work asDiscipleship1, 321:through to completion. Let your service be group service and not so much individual work asDiscipleship1, 322:results of what you say. You know your field of service; therefore, serve. You know your groupDiscipleship1, 322:Where the Master's work and your own field of service are in question, clearly and truly you see.Discipleship1, 324:quality of your aspiration towards usefulness in service indicates energies which have beenDiscipleship1, 326:another door which opens to a field of newer service." I cannot impress upon you too strongly twoDiscipleship1, 326:work and live with joy the life of loving service. Discipleship1, 330:potency that they temporarily handicap their service. Or, secondly, they are overwhelmed andDiscipleship1, 331:should likewise recognize your divinity, your service and your power. Being primarilyDiscipleship1, 336:of force to meet the emergency, the need or the service of a particular life. This [337] first rayDiscipleship1, 338:spiritual will so that your dedication to service, your consecration to the life of meditation andDiscipleship1, 345:with my Ashram) cannot begin its real service until its individual members function in anDiscipleship1, 346:suffice to carry you through your full life of service. Once a day you must seek recharging and, ifDiscipleship1, 347:of the strength and the wisdom which you need in service. Go forth then to your life and serviceDiscipleship1, 347:need in service. Go forth then to your life and service and expect and look for results. Discipleship1, 349:reflective attitude of mind, by a life given to service and selflessness, and by a determination to
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