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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Discipleship1, 609:your usefulness and shorten your period of service through your intense earnestness. Remember, youDiscipleship1, 610:your fellowmen. At present you love our work and service and the ideal more than you love yourDiscipleship1, 610:and not the fire of my own aspiration." "The service which I render must be to souls and not untoDiscipleship1, 611:ray person) you were prone. The opportunity to service. To relax and lead a normal life. You willDiscipleship1, 611:that you should do instead of cooperating in the service which you accepted. You have endeavored toDiscipleship1, 612:in a glamorous world of your own idea of service and of what should be done, but there has been noDiscipleship1, 612:in years gone by. You do not keep your line of service clear. You wander into too many other fieldsDiscipleship1, 612:clear. You wander into too many other fields of service which are not yours and where you are notDiscipleship1, 612:you and to hold you to the straight path of service. They are conscious of failure [613] and blameDiscipleship1, 614:sixty. Ahead of you lie a few more years of service, if you will, or a futile running around, ifDiscipleship1, 614:my co-workers and offered your assistance. Your "service," so called, has hitherto been the makingDiscipleship1, 614:been the making of plans after your initial service of financing the earlier stage. But, myDiscipleship1, 615:based on conviction that you are in the Way of Service and that you travel not alone, but that aDiscipleship1, 616:and by retaining your relationship to useful service... Discipleship1, 617:be ruled out for this life; meditation and group service must, and will, provide adequateDiscipleship1, 617:personality and your soul. Find time for that service and be not entirely overwhelmed with theDiscipleship1, 617:physical plane. Your daily business, your daily service in your environment, your sensitivity to myDiscipleship1, 617:fruitful living and prepare you for the freer service of the next life. You have had a grueling andDiscipleship1, 618:radiation holds the key to your successful service, and the careful watching of your lower sixthDiscipleship1, 619:and devotion who are pledged to unwavering service - the service of the little things - and youDiscipleship1, 619:who are pledged to unwavering service - the service of the little things - and you could give much;Discipleship1, 619:must coincide; you are glimmered by a dream of service. We who serve the Hierarchy and humanity,Discipleship1, 620:especially today, know the intense difficulty of service in present world conditions, and theDiscipleship1, 620:the disillusionment of much of it; we know that service frequently runs contrary to much that oneDiscipleship1, 620:that has been planned by servers; we know that service means endless disappointment, ceaselessDiscipleship1, 621:and your utilization of energy in the work of service is commendable. Your aim must be to avoid allDiscipleship1, 622:activities, noted with attention. Your field of service will this way be greatly increased, againDiscipleship1, 623:send them forth." Thus the rhythm of the life of service is indicated and expressed. Your gift toDiscipleship1, 623:great usefulness. This group of disciples is a service group and this must always be remembered.Discipleship1, 624:priesthood had long been your chosen field of service. An ancient sannyasin are you. To theDiscipleship1, 625:the manifested world is his rightful field of service. But to this must be added the power toDiscipleship1, 627:through the medium of words and your field of service can be increased in this respect. Write,Discipleship1, 629:all Ashrams) a period of preparation for fuller service. No cost is too great to pay in order to beDiscipleship1, 630:within your tower but are busy elsewhere in the service of your fellowmen. Keep the door open andDiscipleship1, 630:group activity which must govern unfoldment and service during the coming New Age. I can give theDiscipleship1, 638:you? I have put them in their proper order, for service must ever be the keynote. You bring to thisDiscipleship1, 638:wherein you best can serve. I know your field of service, but I will never tell you; each discipleDiscipleship1, 638:freely come to an understanding of his destined service. When you know for yourself what it is,Discipleship1, 639:leads to revelation. 5th month - The Way of Service leads to liberation. 6th month - The Way ofDiscipleship1, 639:directed towards your chosen and indicated service. What is the choice which you have to make?Discipleship1, 641:this group of disciples ready for active healing service. It was necessary for me to help all ofDiscipleship1, 642:upon this statement and see how wide a field of service is opening up. I would ask you to realizeDiscipleship1, 644:learn much more through personal contacts and service than you will from lectures and books, thoughDiscipleship1, 644:(free from false values) and an organized active service. Discipline for yourself (and this youDiscipleship1, 644:for yourself (and this you like not) and service for your fellowmen, will release in you theDiscipleship1, 645:for special training with the view of special service. It is no easy matter to interject one'sDiscipleship1, 648:preparatory to clearing your aura for increased service. You must seek to walk with accuracy in theDiscipleship1, 650:leave the last named quality out, your life of service will flow with greater freedom, and withDiscipleship1, 650:your personality. See to it, for the sake of the service which you can render, that you add toDiscipleship1, 650:for which you can be known before your term of service ends. There is so little that I can say toDiscipleship1, 651:this matter adjusted and your present sphere of service will provide a fine training ground in theDiscipleship1, 651:inner side are looking for your help in world service. May I say, for your encouragement, that youDiscipleship1, 652:steady in the light and carry your plans and service into the Presence. Discipleship1, 652:now. You are in a place of wide possibility for service. Your opportunity to make a real impactDiscipleship1, 653:disciples in your particular grade and sphere of service, if you so chose. Everything in you isDiscipleship1, 654:which I have for you. Your life is cleared for service, for you are free to serve, and theDiscipleship1, 654:It is also the place where your best service can at present be rendered. Your problem is not at allDiscipleship1, 655:have to give will be so great that your field of service and your power to cooperate with theDiscipleship1, 655:a possibility which will greatly enrich your service. Your meditation can, for the next threeDiscipleship1, 655:questions: Sunday... Did I work as a soul in my service yesterday, or as a personality? Was myDiscipleship1, 655:I press forward towards the goal of fuller service; I am the soul, whose nature is light and loveDiscipleship1, 657:time - your life, your thoughts, your work and service, and your relations to others are all builtDiscipleship1, 658:then your work will take on fresh life, and your service will become a dynamic, magnetic, focalDiscipleship1, 660:to release you to fuller and more [660] joyful service, to a self-forgetfulness which eventuates inDiscipleship1, 660:with others, and, therefore, to a life of loving service which will obliterate the strenuous waysDiscipleship1, 660:your way but only as preparation for fuller service. Before, however, that fuller service becomesDiscipleship1, 660:for fuller service. Before, however, that fuller service becomes possible there must be anDiscipleship1, 664:renewed consecration and a more clearly defined service - the "comradeship of the Path" and theDiscipleship1, 664:nothing to say in connection with your life of service and activity. That will go on naturally, andDiscipleship1, 665:with the soul, constitute also the mechanism of service through which the monad manifests), provideDiscipleship1, 669:produce a triple unit of energy which will be of service to your group brothers. You three can fromDiscipleship1, 669:approaching it in happiness and in the spirit of service, I will give you later some ideas uponDiscipleship1, 680:preparing disciples for constructive work for service and eventually for initiation. They areDiscipleship1, 680:into existent groups and be available for world service. It is planned to do this on a large scaleDiscipleship1, 680:take in hand and weld into their groups for service. They are: The recognized need to tune in, asDiscipleship1, 680:problems from their own preconceived ideas of service and their own established idealism. TheDiscipleship1, 681:past and add to it that which is of immediate service in the present. An attitude of spiritualDiscipleship1, 682:that his entire orientation is towards the service of the Plan and not towards his own individualDiscipleship1, 684:group of disciples will be effective in world service and useful to his Superiors just in so far asDiscipleship1, 685:will proceed more rapidly and their love and service will consequently increase with a parallelingDiscipleship1, 686:the processes of meditation and through definite service, based upon a growing love of yourDiscipleship1, 687:identical, and the group life conditions the service rendered by both of them. It is, therefore,Discipleship1, 688:dominant factor but the field of experience, of service and of achievement. Ponder on this. SomeDiscipleship1, 689:and the need they feel to shoulder the service and the responsibility of their Master and hisDiscipleship1, 690:own circle of co-workers and their own field of service are seen by them in right proportionDiscipleship1, 690:future you go forward into a greater measure of service, impelled thereto by the fire of love inDiscipleship1, 691:as to success or non-success in the apportioned service, you would greatly aid in the task withDiscipleship1, 691:they meet on the level of the soul and when the service to be rendered is the dominant factor andDiscipleship1, 691:and to draw energies into the destined area of service and this is a fact you must constantly haveDiscipleship1, 691:effective in the chosen (self-chosen) line of service. I would have you, therefore, ponderDiscipleship1, 692:for the group with which they are affiliated in service. Herein lies responsibility. The clue toDiscipleship1, 692:dedication of all individual resources to the service of the Great Ones, without restraint andDiscipleship1, 693:procedure put the work of the Master and of service first. What is that work? To provide a workingDiscipleship1, 693:main preoccupation will be: What must be my service at this time? What are the non-essential thingsDiscipleship1, 694:demonstrated in the intensity of their proffered service. Planned service is one of the modes ofDiscipleship1, 694:intensity of their proffered service. Planned service is one of the modes of the training.Discipleship1, 694:those who through their knowledge, devotion and service have worked their way out of a group intoDiscipleship1, 696:this reservoir of thought contributory to world service and creatively effective. The importantDiscipleship1, 701:so, in some measure, through their love and service. To this soul energy, they add personalityDiscipleship1, 702:and not of personalities, gathered together for service purposes. It is a blending of individual
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