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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Discipleship2, 106:create and present a perfect team in world service. One other factor I will mention among the manyDiscipleship2, 107:progress from a minor ray to a major ray or (for service reasons) on to a different subray of theirDiscipleship2, 107:an Ashram and tends inevitably to successful service in the three worlds. I am anxious to see theDiscipleship2, 110:unless they are productive along the line of service to humanity, and become increasingly factualDiscipleship2, 113:a group of pledged disciples, dedicated to the service of humanity. They can then be trusted. (PageDiscipleship2, 115:outgoing and of withdrawing, of progressing in service towards the periphery of activity and alsoDiscipleship2, 117:not hate; I seek to serve and not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring dueDiscipleship2, 119:and the potency of its future work" in the service of humanity. Discipleship2, 128:because the activity of reporting is of real service in centralizing your thought and thereforeDiscipleship2, 128:formula constitutes a Word of Power of magical service. Discipleship2, 132:a quota of that energy for their need, their service and their use. But energy is fluid and inDiscipleship2, 133:made available to disciples and can be used for service. That is the energy of the Forces of Light,Discipleship2, 133:about changes in the disciple's life, in his service, and therefore in his effect within theDiscipleship2, 134:activity connected with daily living and service. This is registered in due course by the brain.Discipleship2, 138:our work - we will simply regard as the field of service and of experience - experience in work andDiscipleship2, 138:endeavored to bring that organized instrument of service into contact with the source ofDiscipleship2, 140:instance it can be the Arcane School and the Service Activities. You will then say: "I striveDiscipleship2, 141:that will by love. I turn towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work out that willDiscipleship2, 141:not only greatly increase your own realization, service and understanding, but you will definitelyDiscipleship2, 142:by a fixed determination to bring the life and service into conformity with the revealing relationsDiscipleship2, 144:realization and inspiration, plus the consequent service. Here are twelve words. Use one each monthDiscipleship2, 145:with yourself, the disciple, active in service and the Master's work, but not in connection withDiscipleship2, 146:with a daily dedication of yourself to the service of humanity; renew your pledge to your MasterDiscipleship2, 146:to love, not hate; I seek to serve not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bringDiscipleship2, 148:Transmitter of Ideas: Dedication of yourself to service. Pledge yourself to the Master. Say theDiscipleship2, 148:For each of you this indicates a renewed time of service and of activity. I send you herewith theDiscipleship2, 153:via the Ashram and its life of pledged service. This statement is of importance to you at thisDiscipleship2, 153:ashramic life to which their thinking and their service have admitted them. The first faint effortsDiscipleship2, 159:draws its life, as it draws its impulse towards service from humanity. You well know that there isDiscipleship2, 176:of the sacrificial Will, plus the instrument of service and an area in which evil is scaled,Discipleship2, 176:that will by love. I turn towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work out that willDiscipleship2, 177:almost entirely to preparatory work for ashramic service. The first definite act of this type ofDiscipleship2, 177:service. The first definite act of this type of service was embodied for you in the sixthDiscipleship2, 179:essential that every disciple (aspiring to the service of humanity) should make its distribution asDiscipleship2, 182:of the activity of the heart center) to the service of humanity via the ajna center. TheDiscipleship2, 184:of contact - whenever needed and desired for service - with the physical brain and also anDiscipleship2, 191:find that they will lead to an extension of your service, which (as far as the majority of you areDiscipleship2, 192:and concentration. That the horizontal life of service is preserved with equal care and that thereDiscipleship2, 192:of the aspirant, than his horizontal life of service, and indicates the measure of his consciousDiscipleship2, 193:attained by the disciple to the lowest point of service. You will notice also, in this symbol, thatDiscipleship2, 198:spiritually demanded, and thus to the spiritual service of the group. In the Hierarchy, meditationDiscipleship2, 199:and the spiritual inflow which hierarchical service in the immediate future requires. It is also -Discipleship2, 200:of all such group meditation must be selfless service; the keynote of all such groups isDiscipleship2, 202:have of scientific ability and knowledge to the service of humanity - each in his chosen scientificDiscipleship2, 202:a responsibility to be dispensed wisely in the service of others, yet the mystical or occultDiscipleship2, 203:their relation to humanity and of their planned service, but are totally unaware of the unseenDiscipleship2, 205:- determines the quality and the nature of the service to be rendered. Gradually the neophyteDiscipleship2, 210:and they spend the aeons of their planetary service: In active contemplation of the divine Purpose.Discipleship2, 212:to it, if you are in any way dedicated to the service of humanity, under inspiration of theDiscipleship2, 226:who are willing to participate in the indicated service. Discipleship2, 226:possibilities. I dedicate myself anew to the service of the Coming One [227] and will do all I canDiscipleship2, 230:allegiance (i.e., the Arcane School and the Service Activities, or any other group which you knowDiscipleship2, 232:affects most definitely the varying fields of service. These are the areas of thought within theDiscipleship2, 233:finds his place and sphere of activity and service - from the very highest initiate to the leastDiscipleship2, 234:the line of effective cooperation, is of no service or usefulness to the illiterate inhabitants ofDiscipleship2, 235:lies and in what field destiny indicates his service to the race of men must be found. This is noDiscipleship2, 243:as best they can. Both the vision and their service suffer from their failure to develop thatDiscipleship2, 244:in you, which is now called to this collective service and the radiation today of the ChristDiscipleship2, 247:relations must find expression in attitude, in service, and in some deeper expansion ofDiscipleship2, 254:The recognition of new modes and fields of service. Freedom of movement within the bounds of theDiscipleship2, 275:center of the circle and within the square of service - he precipitates the energies and forcesDiscipleship2, 275:precipitates the energies and forces which that service demands. From these few hints you can graspDiscipleship2, 277:meaning; but they [277] are concerned with service and with human and planetary affairs, and areDiscipleship2, 278:and precision and to render satisfactory service to the Hierarchy. I shall ever indicate to youDiscipleship2, 282:because you serve. Resulting from this service, certain powers and energies will manifest, and yourDiscipleship2, 307:which must take intelligent place in the life-service of the initiate, and of new inclusions ofDiscipleship2, 308:is intended to make in the daily life and service and the ashramic relationships of the disciple orDiscipleship2, 310:forward, will make that which is revealed of service to the disciple in his contribution to theDiscipleship2, 311:it and precipitate it into the human field of service; he consciously employs that which he hasDiscipleship2, 312:result of the pledged and united dedication to service which is the outstanding note of the unitedDiscipleship2, 313:of penetration, carried forward as an act of service, with the intent to bring enlightenment toDiscipleship2, 317:advanced disciple, it is the Ashram and direct service under the instigation of some Master. I haveDiscipleship2, 326:energy, to be later used in their future world service. This group approach, this group intention,Discipleship2, 330:Great united strength can be brought to the service of the Plan, and the occult significance of theDiscipleship2, 332:attacks or intrusions. The sharing in the service of the Plan, resulting in action in the threeDiscipleship2, 333:point of tension which can release energy in the service of the Plan. It produces also a point ofDiscipleship2, 343:to apply these seven hints to your daily life of service will train you in the techniques of myDiscipleship2, 347:by the initiate, affecting his daily life, service and ashramic activity. The germ, seed, key orDiscipleship2, 350:to the race, this being their major form of service. Today, owing to the pronounced development ofDiscipleship2, 354:ashramic intention and its precipitation in service. It is here that the Points of Revelation areDiscipleship2, 355:its fusion, its initiation and its service. A hint is intended to teach you something new in yourDiscipleship2, 358:Group Responsibility. The concept of service rendered by the Hierarchy is consistently present. TheDiscipleship2, 363:to the disciple and to his ashramic life and service, and the second had reference to the moreDiscipleship2, 371:energy of a planetary center is directed in the service of humanity at this particular time. TheDiscipleship2, 376:lives and their realized fixed intention and service bring them inevitably, eventually, on to theDiscipleship2, 377:star and not a seven-pointed star. As the needed service which must be rendered takes possession ofDiscipleship2, 378:sense of values is in error. There is a group service quality to the revelation with which we areDiscipleship2, 380:upon the astral plane, into "enlightened" service upon other planes, is neither comprehended nor inDiscipleship2, 383:in the group, the more valuable will be its service. It is the bringing together of groups inDiscipleship2, 383:his Ashram remained for tuition and training in service under that Master who took his place as theDiscipleship2, 388:disciples working in an Ashram and preparing for service and for initiation. Hint III. - DisciplesDiscipleship2, 389:the personality of the disciple, but it is of no service unless the personality recognizes it; itDiscipleship2, 389:Finally, he becomes so engrossed with his service, with aiding his fellowmen and with leading themDiscipleship2, 401:is functioning through karma, decision or service in the physical body) that which is undergone; inDiscipleship2, 404:to his unfolding intention and planetary service. The objective is equally clear; it is theDiscipleship2, 407:is loving understanding and intelligent, living service, no matter by what words or terminologyDiscipleship2, 409:- where he earlier demonstrated perfect love and service. But - as you know - this time he will notDiscipleship2, 411:of the Christ; this will embody your life service to humanity and to the Hierarchy. With theseDiscipleship2, 411:may be calling imperatively for the disciple's service. The hint given was usually removed from allDiscipleship2, 412:instrument for soul contact, and later, for service. The major emphasis was, however, soul contact,
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