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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Discipleship2, 416:for ashramic relationships. Others concern the service to which the pledged disciple is committedDiscipleship2, 421:(from the conscious control angle) and of service. This recognition will end the moment ofDiscipleship2, 422:presented with a widened and widening field of service for which he has the equipment, or at leastDiscipleship2, 422:of man and also within the forms in the service of the Hierarchy. This Law of Attraction is a majorDiscipleship2, 429:he loves his fellowmen and is dedicated to their service and can use his mind on their behalf - heDiscipleship2, 431:these energies into the three worlds of human service and thus employ them for the furthering ofDiscipleship2, 433:to the needs of the work to be done or the service to be rendered. An advanced initiate, however,Discipleship2, 438:full comprehension. Many lives of struggle, service and [439] progress lie ahead, but the reward ofDiscipleship2, 443:of reconstruction you will be of effective service. But, brother of mine, to be truly effective inDiscipleship2, 443:of inspiring many to active work in the service of humanity, or sponsoring your own activities andDiscipleship2, 443:could provide for you an adequate field of service. It would enlist both your personality and yourDiscipleship2, 444:develop divine indifference as to your form of service and ponder deeply on the thought of "serviceDiscipleship2, 444:of service and ponder deeply on the thought of "service by radiation." As you already know, theDiscipleship2, 444:life expression) tends to confuse the issue of service and its correct rendering in your mind. YouDiscipleship2, 444:will of the soul. For you, I would repeat, service by radiation is the way. To bring this about, itDiscipleship2, 445:Be not the center of the work you undertake, the service rendered, but be its fluid life. TransmuteDiscipleship2, 447:definitely affected your personality life, your service to the Plan, your various groupDiscipleship2, 447:just as well. Then, too, your attempted world service has intensely preoccupied you, and you haveDiscipleship2, 447:with that work I have only this to say: Your service will be best rendered if you refrain fromDiscipleship2, 448:life, in your group relation, and in your service to humanity? A general answer will not suffice,Discipleship2, 448:Again a question of importance. A rich life of service lies ahead for you in the coming period ofDiscipleship2, 451:of presented opportunity in both karma and service, and for discreet decisions in relation to yourDiscipleship2, 452:in of the sources of supply for that life of service which is your aspiration (I refer at thisDiscipleship2, 453:those interludes in the initiate's life of service wherein he withdraws all his forces into a "wellDiscipleship2, 453:I refer not to the withdrawing from outer service but to an inner, constant, cyclic attitude ofDiscipleship2, 454:to indicate to you the lines along which your service, as a disciple in my Ashram, should proceed.Discipleship2, 455:without interfering with your objective life of service, of obligation and of duty. I commend theseDiscipleship2, 455:year I give you another three: Obligation, Service, Duty. For the year beginning September, I giveDiscipleship2, 455:My love and blessing rest upon you, and the service of my Ashram holds you. [456] Discipleship2, 456:obligations and the chosen field of soul service) is being successfully attempted by you. Where theDiscipleship2, 456:- rare at first but more frequent when the service rendered attains greater importance - the MasterDiscipleship2, 456:progress, the growth of the general structure of service which the disciple is creating and theDiscipleship2, 460:impressions and contacts which concern your service and deal with man's next definite step forward.Discipleship2, 464:you that you were on that most difficult path of service. K.H. desired to find out if you wereDiscipleship2, 465:you build new bodies for integration, use and service? The decision rests with you, for those whoDiscipleship2, 470:and between the two pinnacles lies a field of service, a sphere of danger, a land of glamor andDiscipleship2, Esoter:and the three brought together in a synthesis of service, of discipline and of unfoldment. AllDiscipleship2, Esoter:with your Ashram work, your thinking and your service in spite of all that has been going on. ThisDiscipleship2, 473:life very hard for you. The great need of the service which you can render and the desperate taskDiscipleship2, 476:life-orientation and the desired quality of your service during the coming ten years. They intimateDiscipleship2, 476:thus bringing the "directing eye" into greater service, prominence and usefulness. It is towardDiscipleship2, 477:as a powerful piece of equipment to be used in service. In these two symbolic phrases we haveDiscipleship2, 477:and the nature of the race, nation and type of service to which the over-shadowing soul will commitDiscipleship2, 478:is taking of you and your preparation for fuller service in the next life. A study of these threeDiscipleship2, 479:connection with their personalities. An act of service, wherein you flood the personalities ofDiscipleship2, 479:Ashram. This will involve the Past. The Path of Service which you seek to travel now, moving freelyDiscipleship2, 480:he seeks to prepare a group of people for world service; seldom do they understand the problem withDiscipleship2, 481:Ashram) in some designated piece of work and of service, because he knows that he will imperil theDiscipleship2, 481:he seeks to lead his disciples along the Way of Service. The disciple has some one greatDiscipleship2, 483:they have longed to know you better and to be of service and of moment to you. As an executive, youDiscipleship2, 485:may exist; thus you will find your field of service tremendously extended and your potency broughtDiscipleship2, 490:what thought will come to you or what call to service will sound forth, you know not. Your attitudeDiscipleship2, 491:relationships (to the Ashram and to me) through service planned and rendered; to the soul throughDiscipleship2, 492:same time to carry forward the life of active service upon the physical plane. This is your problemDiscipleship2, 492:have to express the utmost that is in him in service. I point this out so that you can comprehendDiscipleship2, 497:a group. Lean on your Soul. Your field of service has been real, but older threads of service mustDiscipleship2, 497:of service has been real, but older threads of service must later be regrasped. Prepare.Discipleship2, 498:[498] meaningless!) of the constant and untiring service to the Plan which you have so ceaselesslyDiscipleship2, 498:followed the path of ceaseless, constant service. You have reached and have helped many. I wouldDiscipleship2, 498:plans which they consider fitted for the type of service which they seek to render. But todayDiscipleship2, 498:and blended plan or scheme of worldwide service is required, and that a master Plan of theDiscipleship2, 500:your group brothers; day by day investigate your service as rendered up to date in the searchlightDiscipleship2, 500:in the future in the place of your earlier service. Again, I recall to you the closing words of theDiscipleship2, 500:and in every interlude in your daily life of service and of work. Endeavor to sense the note or theDiscipleship2, 501:at a high water mark in your developed life of service and can therefore go no further, or whetherDiscipleship2, 502:the choice than at first appears. It might be of service to you, and to all who may later readDiscipleship2, 502:inevitable tendency which comes from constant service and constant contact with others, might beDiscipleship2, 502:follows: He must endeavor to carry the rhythm of service and of fruitful living with him when -Discipleship2, 502:side of the veil. There must be no gap in that service. He must endeavor as far as in him lies toDiscipleship2, 504:Ashram works. It is not so much the active outer service of a group of disciples which is of majorDiscipleship2, 504:to you will be a much harder life of service from now on; the results will be the carrying out ofDiscipleship2, 506:South America - your two recognized fields of service. Only your second ray personality will haveDiscipleship2, 507:and courage, go forth again, my brother, in the service of the light. I stand ever behind you. OnDiscipleship2, 507:and your undeviating adherence to the service of the Hierarchy. For many years you have done ourDiscipleship2, 509:increase of love and light that your sphere of service will recognize it, even if - at first - youDiscipleship2, 509:type of meditation constitutes a definite act of service and should - when done in the morning -Discipleship2, 511:have you ponder on this, my brother, for your service is needed, but is today - if you will permitDiscipleship2, 512:people and occasionally the fruitfulness of your service. The careful and considered following ofDiscipleship2, 512:the situation and so release you for fuller service. You would find it useful also, once and forDiscipleship2, 512:for it concerns your established technique of service and your group activity. You haveDiscipleship2, 512:You have accomplished a good and fruitful life service. You have aided many towards the light andDiscipleship2, 514:of integrated man to humanity. - This is service. The attitude of the disciple to the Hierarchy. -Discipleship2, 516:I are close, and close to Morya. Your field of service needs a certain note of quality. Learn toDiscipleship2, 517:on the higher levels of consciousness and service; the two basic energies in reality constitute oneDiscipleship2, 518:my friend, and as I look ahead at your life of service and of right intention, one word stands outDiscipleship2, 519:of creation, of living, of loving and of service, and this is true of a solar system, a planet,Discipleship2, 521:Therefore, your personality motives in life and service will have to come under review, and theirDiscipleship2, 522:in both the higher and the lower places of service, and to do this simultaneously. One placeDiscipleship2, 523:wisdom which will enable you to render better service to the world. See therefore how simple is theDiscipleship2, 524:become possible. Then rededicate yourself to the service of humanity; reconsecrate yourself toDiscipleship2, 525:[525] or again, he is absorbed in some form of service which he deems essential and which loomsDiscipleship2, 527:It was not just to have a book which would be of service to disciples, but because it was essentialDiscipleship2, 529:still time for this emergence into wider world service. It need not be postponed until next life.Discipleship2, 529:in 1953, carried on his own established line of service. Discipleship2, 530:of life looms unduly large in your attitude to service. You are, under the glamor of idealism, aptDiscipleship2, 532:ways, my brother. Will you come on to renewed service, to new ideals, and to a fresh cycle ofDiscipleship2, 533:and with my love. You restrict your field of service, brother of old. Expand again. My brother, theDiscipleship2, 535:will definitely extend your field of service. Be willing, therefore, to descend into the deep waterDiscipleship2, 537:choices affect many, for those related by united service are included with the other groups, andDiscipleship2, 542:that position; it will give you a wider field of service, a greater spiritual influence and an
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