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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Education, 97:science of meditation, and also the science of service whereby group control and group relationshipEducation, 99:educational systems of that time. It is of no service to you to do so, and I am unable to reallyEducation, 131:the Science of Meditation, and the Science of Service. Their connotations have to be interpreted inEducation, 136:light" of those particular souls, thus rendering service to the divine plan. 3. The science ofEducation, 142:a consciousness of light and the goal of pure service (which such a consciousness inevitablyEducation, 146:ways: interiorly in self-unfoldment, and in the service of the plan for humanity. Education, 148:later bridges the gap - through meditation and service - between the three mental aspects. It thusEducation, 149:and elsewhere on the Science of Meditation, of Service and anent the Antahkarana gives method,Externalisation, 7:seek the Way and who refuse to tread the path of service with pure motive. Lest this widespreadExternalisation, 9:into activity as the result of meditation and service. Let the student, however, remember twoExternalisation, 10:lend their body temporarily to another soul for service, preserving their own integrity all theExternalisation, 10:for the use of the Christ. It is in the word service that the whole story lies, and the safeguard.Externalisation, 11:use of the instrument of the loaned body in service of some kind or another. But this procedureExternalisation, 11:much higher order whose lives are offered in service to advanced souls on the other side of theExternalisation, 13:single-minded, unselfish, pure and dedicated to service. But in the training to which they subjectExternalisation, 13:let them approach the subject from the angle of service and carry their researches into the realmExternalisation, 14:great and the need of their work is vital. The service rendered has been real and essential, but ifExternalisation, 18:by meditative living and one-pointed service, will successfully arouse the entire system, and bringExternalisation, 18:years of spiritual application, devotion and service; concentration upon the centers in the forceExternalisation, 18:detachment and is paralleled by a life of loving service, the awakening of the centers and theExternalisation, 19:remembering in the press of daily duties and service who they are essentially and what are theirExternalisation, 19:forty minutes. Let them forget themselves in service, and let them not concentrate their interestExternalisation, 20:him to estimate truly the esoteric value of service and teach him above all to practice thatExternalisation, 20:of development. Where the emphasis is laid upon service to one's fellowmen and the trend of theExternalisation, 23:the challenge to faith and the appeal to your service is before you. The next two years will seeExternalisation, 24:some time every day to this definite idea and service? Responding to my appeal will involveExternalisation, 25:the rededication of themselves to the task of service. To this effort I call you. It is aExternalisation, 35:why, in these groups, emphasis is laid upon service because that embodies response to the mass andExternalisation, 35:and the old forms. Hence the opportunity, the service and the problems of these groups. Let meExternalisation, 36:is one of the tasks of the group. It might be of service to you if I outlined a little more clearlyExternalisation, 50:of this subject. The work to be done (political service) by the fifth group of disciples is by farExternalisation, 56:Technique of Indifference and the Technique of Service (See Glamor: A World Problem). As we studyExternalisation, 57:the thought contained in the words "scientific service" as used by me. The work of this group isExternalisation, 57:hypotheses, they will formulate those forms of service on the physical plane which will precipitateExternalisation, 58:work of the eighth group, which is psychological service. In this field the work will be lifted outExternalisation, 59:one. The ninth group, whose project is financial service, will be one of the most practical andExternalisation, 59:people, however, may form part of the financial service group if the plan works out as hoped andExternalisation, 61:of the Christ, is part of a much needed world service and can now make a satisfactory beginning;Externalisation, 69:disciples must hold ever before them the idea of Service; in connection with our present theme thisExternalisation, 69:with our present theme this is political service - along the line of world planning and worldExternalisation, 79:and permit it to usurp the place of objective service. If it is so hard, my brothers, to arouseExternalisation, 79:arouse aspirants, such as yourselves, to urgent service and a full sense of responsibility; if menExternalisation, 81:of strength, of responsibility and of the joy of service. As regards some of the things which youExternalisation, 81:definiteness and to hold it during the hours of service which lie ahead each day. This will not beExternalisation, 82:fill your days with vital occupation and true service, guarding with care all thought and speech.Externalisation, 93:Be content with your duty and the immediate service which will lead you a step further upon the wayExternalisation, 112:an increasingly perfect form to the expanding service of the soul. For the first time since itsExternalisation, 127:their various parts in the great drama. It is no service to you and to your mental grip upon theExternalisation, 142:love not hate: I seek to serve and not exact due service. I seek to heal, not hurt. "Let pain bringExternalisation, 142:the vision and lead the aspirant to fuller service and to a wider cooperation based upon sacrifice.Externalisation, 147:now swing out of the normal and, for the sake of service, heighten their consciousness and workExternalisation, 159:this principle of love in His life and world service, He definitely linked up our planet andExternalisation, 171:General World Picture Call to a United Act of Service November 1939 The situation is serious. SeaExternalisation, 172:by the dual effort of being effective in service, whilst at the same time fighting off emotionalExternalisation, 172:ask you to work anew with fresh ardor in joyful service, forgetting past weaknesses and failures inExternalisation, 172:world. There has been much lack of joy in the service rendered to the world lately. When I speakExternalisation, 189:Men will be drafted like slaves into the service of the state. Such is the picture of the orderExternalisation, 201:whether the keynote of His life of sacrifice and service is reproduced among men; it is immaterialExternalisation, 202:and see the fruition of His plans, sacrifice and service, but the hold of the ecclesiastical ordersExternalisation, 203:the citizen and the state which will evoke the service of the individual and the right protectionExternalisation, 205:common sense are prerequisites of all demanded service. Men should cultivate these qualities,Externalisation, 206:a clear call and intelligent organization in the service of reconstruction. Let them be found. TheExternalisation, 207:of goodwill and provide the incentive to all service and action. These three practical andExternalisation, 228:intermediaries who are today being called to the service of the race in an hour of urgency. ItExternalisation, 244:unit there comes the call for sacrifice and service to the group of which he is part. EventuallyExternalisation, 244:swung - again as an integral unit - into the service of the Planetary Life. In the above you haveExternalisation, 244:and of the Allies, he knows his destiny and service. But what of those who question what they canExternalisation, 246:of love, through understanding action, selfless service and the willingness to die in battle ifExternalisation, 249:has come! Come forth, O Mighty One. The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived. Let itExternalisation, 257:and which would drive them into active, selfless service to the Forces of Light. They do nothing toExternalisation, 265:through right choice, sacrifice and strenuous service), are in reality of no service at all to anyExternalisation, 265:and strenuous service), are in reality of no service at all to any except themselves. There areExternalisation, 268:upon feeling. These Lives are embodiments of service and can be reached by true servers with theExternalisation, 268:be reached by true servers with the appeal of service. Bear this in mind. As man progresses uponExternalisation, 269:Lords of Liberation, are on the Path of world Service. They issue forth via that highest spiritualExternalisation, 279:humanity offers all that it has to give to the service of the sad, the suffering, and theExternalisation, 280:with some form of definite [280] physical plane service, and so aid constructively the Forces ofExternalisation, 300:until Christ came and lived a life of love and service and gave mankind the new commandment toExternalisation, 301:and of humanity speaking in unison; Their service is evoked only by realized need, and only afterExternalisation, 306:with focused intent, strenuous [306] physical service and activity, and determined effort toExternalisation, 309:stand between a disciple and effective service on the physical plane. It is old habits of [310]Externalisation, 310:right action, which have prevented effective service. But, my brother, all things have to becomeExternalisation, 311:The major prerequisites today for true world service are an overwhelming love of humanity and aExternalisation, 312:are dominant: The determination to offer group service - as a group - to the world group. TheExternalisation, 312:activity. To construct a network of light and service in every land. This is begun in theExternalisation, 313:for your cooperation and your help in world service. Some have responded and given help. Many haveExternalisation, 314:later writings those plans and instructions on service which will be applicable to the changedExternalisation, 315:feel could and should be done by you in the service of the immediate future. I would ask those ofExternalisation, 315:and heart, leading thus to intelligent loving service, and it should also serve to bind you allExternalisation, 315:plan to be carried out and upon the indicated service for the coming day. Do this as the [316]Externalisation, 324:the practicality of this new ideal in service methods. These are a few of the undertakings in whichExternalisation, 325:you are all adult souls and progress by defined service, not by being helped. Your task is to aidExternalisation, 325:to do, to find the ways and means whereby that service can be wisely rendered, to discover theExternalisation, 330:the war and are perforce inactive. The Units of Service in the occupied countries are a case inExternalisation, 336:and the welding of all workers into one unity of service. A united attitude of love, of hopefulExternalisation, 336:the right results and produce an instrument of service of such power that its progress will beExternalisation, 348:in the not too distant future when His term of service will be over and He will return no more,Externalisation, 351:Both the Full Moons should be times of effective service. The Buddha does not require invoking. HeExternalisation, 353:before you for years the vision of opportunity, service and discipleship. I have outlined to youExternalisation, 353:I have outlined to you the mechanism of service which already is in existence and which can be
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