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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Externalisation, 354:remember that the united [354] interest, love, service and money of the many is far more potentExternalisation, 381:is intensely practical, and expresses itself in service and cooperative activity. It seeks to aidExternalisation, 381:working; he is mobilizing all his forces for the service of the hour. A truly compassionate heartExternalisation, 381:emotion by practical love, expressed in selfless service. The third step is to reorganize our livesExternalisation, 381:our lives so that we have time for this needed service. Most people are not getting the maximum ofExternalisation, 381:really desire to make the sacrifices which such service demands; often they are under the delusionExternalisation, 381:under the delusion that their present output of service represents their utmost possibility; again,Externalisation, 382:responsibility, the expression of real love in service and the reorganizing the life so as to getExternalisation, 383:you to do so if you regard such discussions as a service and believe that your interests andExternalisation, 393:must now prepare themselves for a great act of service at the time of the May and June Full MoonsExternalisation, 406:to us that God was Love through His life and service on earth. Today the knowledge aspect ofExternalisation, 443:lives count in the scale of useful and needed service. Leave off saying and thinking those thingsExternalisation, 444:which can and will condition your daily life and service during the ensuing year. Let nothing deterExternalisation, 444:soul purpose, move outward into a wider field of service. If you feel no response to world need andExternalisation, 465:being mobilized and can be brought into active service at the Full Moon of May (Taurus) if theExternalisation, 467:I call you, therefore, everyone, to a great service of demand and of invocation on behalf ofExternalisation, 485:fellowmen, and in their dedication to selfless service; the men and women of goodwill are also toExternalisation, 486:for clean political activity, for disinterested service, and for a world religion which willExternalisation, 487:way, each in his own place and chosen field of service, and to see all these phases of the work asExternalisation, 488:For each of you this indicates a renewed time of service and of activity. I send you herewith theExternalisation, 497:the second of the Great Invocations: The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived. ThisExternalisation, 508:of angels are a band of servers, pledged to the service of the Christ, and their work is to contactExternalisation, 510:not intended to be of use (except as a field of service) to the esotericists of the world, for theyExternalisation, 513:the life of worldly endeavor into the life of service. The first detachment gathered into theExternalisation, 518:must unite together for the rendering of Service and for the helping of the Brotherhood, of whichExternalisation, 521:of group problems as these affect group service, and - above all - make an attempt (through deepExternalisation, 521:one inner Group; they must be externalized for service purposes. The fact that this externalizationExternalisation, 524:for they indicate great opportunity for service. The Masters need many such as you on the outskirtsExternalisation, 524:who have, by discipline, development and service, fitted themselves to establish such aExternalisation, 526:life. They are all hallmarked by the idea of service to the whole. The Hierarchy in Its true senseExternalisation, 526:all forms; Its present agency of salvage and of service is the mind, as it expresses Itself throughExternalisation, 527:at this point is needless and of no real service to you. The Hierarchy works also through the sevenExternalisation, 529:difficulties and the tension of world service. All these changes necessitate much adjustment. TheExternalisation, 531:the senior initiates is the Path of Earth Service. This Path, as you know, keeps the MastersExternalisation, 531:Path, as you know, keeps the Masters attached to service in the three worlds for a period muchExternalisation, 540:disciples carrying the burden of the outer world service; this alignment has also to be extendedExternalisation, 543:taught the blood sacrifice instead of loving service, and which emphasized the existence of aExternalisation, 544:gave, summing it up for us in His life of service, in the love which He preached and in HisExternalisation, 546:associated as it is connected with His final service to mankind. The establishing, by all meansExternalisation, 547:new esoteric teaching, founded on the past, of service today, and indicative of the future. InExternalisation, 557:and to find your way into an Ashram where that service may be directed. It calls for sacrificeExternalisation, 564:center of affairs; in order to be of greater service in Their own sphere, They have taken TheirExternalisation, 572:appearance is dependent upon the effective service of the first group of isolated and hard-workingExternalisation, 575:its due wages and the right reward of all service rendered in the building of the Temple of theExternalisation, 575:reward of light is received and the reward of service rendered; spiritual status is recognizedExternalisation, 584:the life theme and purpose which are his service dynamic. One major characteristic is, however,Externalisation, 585:and care less. Part of their effectiveness in service is due to the fact that they are notExternalisation, 585:with soul contact and with the idea of academic service. Their eyes are on the job to be done,Externalisation, 586:with the art of serving consciously and who make service a goal, who are keenly alive to the factExternalisation, 586:with the Hierarchy, his loyalties, his service and his life intention are directed entirely to theExternalisation, 587:His own ashramic life will deepen as his world service develops. The statement in the Bible (orExternalisation, 592:He did - a love that leads unerringly to world service, to complete self-forgetfulness and toExternalisation, 597:who are unitedly pledged with Him to Earth Service. He can only reappear. It is a spiritual factExternalisation, 604:in so far as they fit themselves for planned service, for the distribution of love, and come intoExternalisation, 604:by unintelligent fanatics, but a field of service and a place where every man has full scope forExternalisation, 604:scope for the exercise of his divinity in human service. Externalisation, 608:ignorance, and to recognize those whose faithful service has made His return possible. He too isExternalisation, 608:the Father's House or to some distant place of service where only the most exalted can follow Him;Externalisation, 609:question now arises: In what way can we be of service? How can we aid during this preparatoryExternalisation, 621:the body and take your joy in the livingness of service. This leads to a longer life. I speak hereExternalisation, 621:hours of the time which could be given to the service of humanity. I ask those who are seeking toExternalisation, 621:many hours spent in needless self-care into the service of the Hierarchy. Still another alibiExternalisation, 621:for the loss of millions of hours of world service. Externalisation, 621:these hindering conditions would bring to the service of the Christ (to use the language of theExternalisation, 622:coercion or undue pressure exerted in the service of the Hierarchy. The situation is clear andExternalisation, 622:it is for this coming forth to outer active service that They are already - one by one - enteringExternalisation, 630:grows. Therefore the third prerequisite is the service of the one humanity. The fourth prerequisiteExternalisation, 632:of preparation. All else that I have done in the service of the Hierarchy is of secondaryExternalisation, 633:of her own Master, after twenty-eight years of service in mine. Before I began the work of the pastExternalisation, 647:of those who are completely dedicated to the service of humanity and to the establishing of rightExternalisation, 653:of the world wherein they can render effective service. The reappearance of the Christ at a dateExternalisation, 654:two of them are rapidly coming into effective service. It must be borne in mind that I am hereExternalisation, 660:the techniques and disciplines which will be of service to the initiate or disciple who is makingExternalisation, 665:subdued, controlled, purified and dedicated to service. It is this controlling, subduing processExternalisation, 666:is recognized, first of all, as being: Selfless Service. The time has come when men everywhere mustExternalisation, 666:upon Intelligence, plus right motive and service. When these three factors are present in any humanExternalisation, 683:to their destiny, immediate karma or form of service. St. Paul, for instance, was in the initiateExternalisation, 684:family. Forget not the nature of the protective service which the Masters have assumed on behalf ofExternalisation, 686:to a new and more potent form of immediate Earth service. In other words: a few of the Masters andExternalisation, 695:group contacts and fails to seek (in the name of service) the love of the group, and as long as heExternalisation, 697:cannot thus create to suit his purpose and his service. Will all the Members of the Hierarchy makeExternalisation, 699:of right motive, the beauty of selfless service and a vivid intellectual perception. This, myFire, xiv:and will demonstrate through a life of active service, tending to amelioration of environalFire, 81:the root Yaj - to serve also means a twofold service, service done to the thing above throughFire, 81:Yaj - to serve also means a twofold service, service done to the thing above through service doneFire, 81:service, service done to the thing above through service done unto its expression the thing below."Fire, 115:and is already somewhat harnessed to the service of man; that the fourth subplane of the astralFire, 123:in order to equip workers in the field of human service. This is the object of all occult training.Fire, 127:perfection is the goal and scope for greater service to the race must be achieved. [128] 58 LostFire, 173:for training, and who seek to use them in world service, follow the method of imparting a fact (oftFire, 188:5th 4th 3rd Atmic plane 1. Beatitude 2. Active service 3. Realization 4. Perfection 5. AllFire, 189:Planetary psychometry. Healing. Active service. The Third Sense - Sight. Physical sight.Fire, 200:This is realized through the not-self. Touch - Service. The summation of the work of the Self forFire, 445:holds hid the mystery of the particular form of service of its planetary Logos. He governs theFire, 542:application of all the powers of the soul to the service of humanity with no thought of return norFire, 546:is the explanation frequently of the power in service along [547] certain lines displayed by some,Fire, 585:by this law, and likewise to wield it in service. It is the law whereby sex expression, as we knowFire, 585:breathes, and the attraction that works out in service, is the same thing as demonstrated in theFire, 585:into the coming together of many for acts of service, which will give birth to new ideals, and to aFire, 610:and blending of the two fires. It is the life of service and of the Path. Third. The period wherein
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