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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Fire, 653:The Holy place, the place of consecration and service. The Holy of Holies. The first corresponds toFire, 722:clothing itself in matter for the purpose of service. All avatars in the strict sense of the wordFire, 739:a member of a Hierarchy to continue His work of service for the little evolved humanity of thatFire, 740:which all must pass: Path 1. The Path of Earth Service. Path 2. The Path of Magnetic Work. Path 3.Fire, 746:who "make the sacrifice," and choose rebirth for service on the planet, but to all adepts. FreedomFire, 747:which is achieved by Those Who have offered for service as the occult Hierarchy in the next round.Fire, 749:has reached a certain development and can be of service to the world, cases occur when he isFire, 750:over-rapidly developed, and hence their term of service wears to a close. This is a fact which isFire, 750:A hint is here conveyed which may be of service. Again, when a man has become a disciple he may, ifFire, 756:vitalized by it, and consequently available for service. The reaction mentioned above, will alsoFire, 756:they will be in the full flower of their service and will have recognized their work, even thoughFire, 757:writing, or teaching), and his illumination for service. He will be conscious of this, thoughFire, 760:desire for sentient existence, or desire for service to humanity, are the factors which produceFire, 821:is the application of that knowledge in love and service, or the expression of the Self and theFire, 826:opposites, and their equilibrising in love and service. This cycle covers the period passed by theFire, 832:through the conscious effort of the Ego in group service. The pull of the lower nature isFire, 842:wonders then to be achieved by them in loving service along their own particular line will be oneFire, 855:whose careers are distinguished by altruistic service. Radiant lotuses, or those whose light isFire, 866:an appreciation of the occult value of money in service. He seeks nothing for himself, save thatFire, 884:satisfactory in explaining the type of deva service here necessitated, but it must suffice) by aFire, 902:devas of water find for themselves the path of service in their great work of nourishing all theFire, 902:to the good of the whole. So does the law of service and sacrifice govern all the second aspectFire, 903:the devas of the waters pour themselves out in service to the vegetable and animal kingdoms, and inFire, 903:of the physical plane find their way, through service, on to the gaseous subplane, and then to theFire, 913:Masters are endeavoring to prepare humanity for service when the World Teacher comes, so these RajaFire, 913:two departments. For the green devas the path of service is seen in magnetization, of which theFire, 913:of that body. For the white devas the path of service lies in the guarding of the individuals ofFire, 913:much that concerns the fish kingdom. Thus in the service of humanity in some form or another liesFire, 955:energy towards some particular channel of service to the race. d. In all thought building,Fire, 966:obvious, likewise, that the disciple's power for service for humanity is dependent largely uponFire, 970:purposes, and its value to the group in the service of humanity, the man has certain things to doFire, 974:his work and builds his thought form for service, he is occultly looking, and consequentlyFire, 975:conscious creating adept to the instruments of service, his thought-forms. The little evolved doFire, 978:and who disinterestedly follow the path of service, They can produce more definite results in aFire, 996:and untiringly, and his physical plane life and service bear witness to the inner transmutation,Fire, 1004:the throat, and the eye, allied for triple service. The focal point of energy that the man, theFire, 1011:of influence, and upon its intended path of service; and that through his eye by means of directedFire, 1126:this sixth mahatic sense is of vaster extent and service to them than it ever is to the whiteFire, 1131:can bring about on the physical plane results in service that for many lives have been probably aFire, 1149:off karma rapidly and so liberate himself for service. The Ego impresses this desire upon theFire, 1150:rapidity. Second, to work out some piece of service under direction of his Master. This willFire, 1152:books but the following tabulation may be of service: Cosmic Entity Systemic Entities Number ofFire, 1173:know, That which he can utilize in his work of service, Other souls with whom he can work. It willFire, 1199:forth. They are the devas who are ready for service, which is to give to another hierarchy certainFire, 1216:harmonious group relations. Law 3. The Law of Service. This law, for want of a better name,Fire, 1217:to group activity. It is literally a law of service, but only comes consciously into play when theFire, 1218:of liberation is carried forward. Sacrifice, Service, Magnetism ("I, if I be lifted up, willFire, 1220:energy 2nd Ray. Manifesting factor. 3. Law of Service. The Law of Water and of Fishes. A Pitcher onFire, 1242:Paths as follows: 35 Path I - The Path of Earth Service. Path II - The Path of Magnetic Work. PathFire, 1244:of the Cosmic Paths Path I. The Path of Earth Service The nature of the spiritual force whichFire, 1244:linked to the Hierarchy which is pledged to the service of our planetary scheme. It comprises thoseFire, 1246:his fitness so to do through a long period of service in connection with our planetary evolution.Fire, 1247:may be found suggestive: [1247] PATH I. EARTH SERVICE Attributes - Wise-compassion. Source -Fire, 1249:then they stand and serve and through their service the seven suns burn up." The seven suns areFire, 1267:Formulas. No. 49) PATH 1. The Path of Earth Service. The Dragon who hideth within the lowest of theGlamourgroup purpose is very great, and can be a real service to mankind. The newer Aquarian techniquesGlamourwork which is undertaken as a spiritual world service and not as a means of spiritual unfoldment ofGlamour, 13:others may share it with you. This thought of service and of growth in usefulness must be steadilyGlamour, 13:is however a technique of study which may be of service to you as you attempt to arrive at an ideaGlamour, 16:to a deep study of glamor. Herein will lie your service, for as you think truly and use yourGlamour, 16:of men in thrall. I ask, therefore, for your service along these lines, and I request also that youGlamour, 17:records. Also, herein will lie eventually their service, for they can later (but not for some longGlamour, 17:levels and therein will lie their field of service. Still other groups are only as yet in anGlamour, 17:plane of the soul. No constructive work and no service of vital importance can be rendered in thisGlamour, 18:revelation and how useful our consecrated service can be. I say "our" advisedly, brother of old, asGlamour, 18:ends as a part of my ordained (self-ordained) service. I ask for your cooperation and assistance.Glamour, 18:can do on levels other than the physical. Group service and united effort towards group welfare hasGlamour, 18:political, philanthropic and educational. Group service on the astral plane has been started alsoGlamour, 19:[19] Communicators; here they can render potent service. Groups of sensitives of this order canGlamour, 19:phenomena noted. This is to be expected as this service calls you to work on the astral plane. ButGlamour, 23:hence the need of training intuitives. Hence the service you can render to this general cause byGlamour, 24:love and intention will accomplish much. To this service, I reiterate my call. During the next fewGlamour, 34:will, to meet your need and clear your course to service. Glamour, 43:these points for they outline your way and your service... I have organized somewhat our ideas andGlamour, 44:disciples. This is par excellence, the Great Service, and it is to this aspect of it that I callGlamour, 48:of travel, and of group recognition and work and service will impose themselves upon him until heGlamour, 48:incentives and the techniques of their chosen service will penetrate his consciousness, andGlamour, 48:But there is never any freedom from the Law of Service, and from the constant interplay between manGlamour, 53:spoils what might otherwise have been a fruitful service. Any emphasis upon the personality canGlamour, 53:Worked definitely at the task of intelligent service. [54] Made his soul alignment consciously andGlamour, 62:has a life plan, and some chosen field of service. If he has not such a field, he is not aGlamour, 68:of glamor, with the view to your destined group service and not with a view of your personalGlamour, 72:to dispel glamor, either in his own life or as a service rendered to the world, must recognize thatGlamour, 77:based primarily on a theory of love and service, which characterizes so many human relationshipsGlamour, 80:through pride, the world savior complex, the service complex, and all the various distortions ofGlamour, 80:which hinder his progress and which spoils the service to others which he should be rendering.Glamour, 84:from the influence of glamor and be of greater service consequently to your fellowmen. I haveGlamour, 91:dedication to the life of the soul and to the service of the Hierarchy, of God and humanity. TheGlamour, 92:help you in one very definite way. It will be of service to you if I indicate to you - each of youGlamour, 101:and that my time is short for this particular service. The resolution of these dualities takesGlamour, 114:and thus giving to that soul a definite field of service. The vehicles through which the soul isGlamour, 121:of self-satisfaction. The glamor of selfish service. RAY III The glamor of being busy. The glamorGlamour, 124:even though it delay functioning in group service. Several of the group members were stillGlamour, 129:far that it conditions, with definiteness, your service to your fellowmen. You can react correctlyGlamour, 129:of your surroundings within your chosen field of service. [130] A mental illusion might perhaps beGlamour, 130:which has its part to play in human or planetary service; and each of them is so interrelated withGlamour, 135:higher realms of awareness or into that loving service which must be given in the lower worlds ofGlamour, 136:and sense the divine plan and are pledged to service, and to work for the salvation of humanity.Glamour, 142:simply a temporary difficulty, incident upon the service which you are seeking to render. If youGlamour, 151:they observe. Such are their lives and such the service that they render to the souls of men." I
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