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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Glamour, 151:convey to you not only the field of your group service but also the desired attitude of theGlamour, 154:theoretically directed towards liberation into service. The problem is to make the theory and theGlamour, 188:High, leads a dramatic and arresting life of service and symbolizes in His life-events certainGlamour, 190:to the consideration of the next development and service to be rendered through the medium ofGlamour, 192:initiate or disciple which can be used in the service of humanity and in higher spheres of divineGlamour, 192:new states of awareness and new fields of service. For instance: The Technique of the Presence,Glamour, 195:of which hierarchical contact, illumination, service and discipline are descriptive and, finally,Glamour, 196:to dispel glamor and render a deeply esoteric service to the world. It might be said that the innerGlamour, 197:today: it concerns the astral plane, and the service to be rendered is vital and timely. TheGlamour, 197:world) is the possibility of a definite world service. Groups will eventually be formed of thoseGlamour, 199:adopted the technique of light in the service of the race," their work will be completed by secondGlamour, 201:that groups working consciously at the service of dissipating glamor will have the followingGlamour, 206:himself of glamor preparatory to extended service. He is in conflict then with the whole glamor ofGlamour, 213:in the process before starting this work and service. Disciples and aspirants must cultivate theGlamour, 213:of cooperation and realization that in service such as is proposed, they are definitelyGlamour, 214:towards united group activity along this line of service, I present a formula or group ritual whichGlamour, 215:if he would lay the foundations for effective service in the dissipation of world glamor. Glamour, 216:the same time he is preparing himself for group service along the same line. This will not prove anGlamour, 230:and the power of radiation, soul life and service. The Cross as now made in the Catholic Churches,Glamour, 235:what is an [235] entirely new technique of service each step must be mastered and practiced forGlamour, 235:both from the individual angle and as an act of service to humanity. That all the groups may learnGlamour, 240:or if they are aware of the wide field of service which it opens up, making practical - as it doesGlamour, 252:God"; it is a life of spiritual application and service wherein the higher triangle is the mostGlamour, 268:soul can use; it is a highly trained agent for service; it is essentially a piece of adequate andGlamour, 268:instrument and one which can render good service. Can it and should it be sacrificed so thatGlamour, 271:connotes group realization, group work, group service and eventually group initiation. With theseGlamour, 271:recognition of the light. The need for the service of men and women, free from illusion and glamor,Healing, 28:to the medical profession is great, and the service rendered to humanity by the profession doesHealing, 42:to relinquish the soul and set it free for other service. In all these cases everything possibleHealing, 68:soul qualities - self-sacrifice, compassion and service. But the ways and the techniques of the NewHealing, 105:strengthening; and dissipating all that hinders service and good health." Say this slowly andHealing, 115:him physically through his sacrificial life of service. Contagion can affect him but not seriouslyHealing, 124:relationship and intention to cooperate in group service. This is a point which both parties - theHealing, 127:we shall see the new order of individual service and of world service established, and thereforeHealing, 127:the new order of individual service and of world service established, and therefore the coming inHealing, 161:is the Hierarchy. He is drawn into close service relationship with humanity. His growing sense ofHealing, 183:adequacy to the demands of the initiate and the service of the Hierarchy and of Humanity. TheHealing, 194:and the life expression is extroverted into service to others. In connection with physical diseaseHealing, 216:reactions are transformed into aspiration and service; selfish individual love is transformed intoHealing, 249:greater beauty of expression and usefulness in service. This will be true some day of all theHealing, 260:consciously and deliberately offered for the service of the whole. There had been other WorldHealing, 260:had not been ready to grasp the implications. Service is the keynote of liberation. Christ was theHealing, 290:with the initiating of causes through world service is added to that which the individual hasHealing, 319:from the form. It will know that the service of the form is no longer required and that it must beHealing, 325:through meditation. Life expression through service. [326] The practice of these three, over a longHealing, 334:wherein the disciple's interest and his service lie in other directions. There are laterHealing, 345:right conditions. It is also a synthetic act of service. Ponder on this. Your question gives me anHealing, 353:needed adjustments. Nothing should stop your service along this line, not even the realization ofHealing, 360:in so far as they fit themselves for planned service, for the distribution of love, and come intoHealing, 365:it. The wise disciple labors in the field of service but looks forward steadily to the dawn of theHealing, 372:love your major objective. Choose a field of service which has its definite limits (for allHealing, 372:you accomplishing really at this time? Let your service lie within the field of contact where youHealing, 387:the highest possible goal. It may be so if the service to be rendered is of real import, ifHealing, 391:material world or the three worlds of incarnated service. The restitution of the body to theHealing, 391:to the general reservoir of substance, or to service in the outer world of daily physical living,Healing, 405:which exacts from him the last possible ounce of service that he is in a position to render toHealing, 409:The massed use of the imagination in the service of desire has nevertheless constructed an illusoryHealing, 441:lives. - Page 534. When the nature of true Service is comprehended, it will be found that it is anHealing, 441:for it destroys the forms in order to release. Service is a manifestation of the Principle ofHealing, 441:of Liberation, and of this principle, death and service constitute two aspects. Service saves,Healing, 441:death and service constitute two aspects. Service saves, liberates and releases, on various levels,Healing, 441:same statements can be made of death. But unless service can be rendered from an intuitiveHealing, 447:death is an immediate entrance into a sphere of service and of expression to which he is wellHealing, 447:hours he has developed a field of active service and of learning. He now simply functions in it forHealing, 450:and, for the term of Their freely rendered service, work with the consciousness aspect in order toHealing, 505:create a body for physical plane contact and for service in the three worlds - this time not underHealing, 505:under the Law of Necessity but under the Law of Service, as understood by the initiate. You will byHealing, 509:this needed integration and a consequent life of service. Thus the aspirant can test out both hisHealing, 510:over) that there follows a phase of intelligent service, motivated in the first instance by mercy,Healing, 516:now conveys its own demands: For a life of service in the three worlds, so familiar and now soHealing, 517:part of its area of awareness and its field of service? The only way in which I can make clear toHealing, 518:for the personality. Thus an instrument for service in the three worlds is created. This time,Healing, 547:in his mind and greatly increase his effective service. You will note also that I am not givingHealing, 560:taking on conditions engendered by his world service for men. As the majority of human beings areHealing, 561:is dangerous and hindering. It might be of service here if I indicate along broad and general linesHealing, 584:trend of the patient, his mode of living or of service, the character he displays, are allHealing, 587:the original intent. Its function and field of service could, however, be realized and expressedHealing, 603:of his good intentions and of his spiritual service, for the consequences would all the same beHealing, 603:impersonal agency. Purity of intention, selfless service and goodwill are no true protection, inHealing, 608:the soul to employ as a medium of expression and service. Karma determines then the quality andHealing, 676:can be regarded as its expression in daily service. The will-to-good, as expressed by a higherHealing, 686:karma, working out in cyclic dharma. Instinctual service, the fulfilment of all duty, and a sharingHealing, 686:and become one great act of living faithful service; he is then at the point of moving forward uponHercules, 2:mount the fixed Cross, demanding deeds to do, service to render unto God and man, and willingnessHercules, 24:a mind and used his intellect in active work and service. So, doing and daring, in silence and withHercules, 27:the Labor started and the first great act of service was begun. The story that they tell carriesHercules, 28:lesson of this task and then pass on to further service to your fellowmen. Go forth into theHercules, 52:with whom he is associated, and a life of loving service: these constitute the ideals of theHercules, 58:in his hand, "The Way to us is always marked by service. Deeds of love are signposts on the Way."Hercules, 58:inscribed in light, was writ the golden word of Service. "Remember this," she said, "forget itHercules, 69:great burden of Atlas and learns the meaning of service. Lepus, the Hare, associated with these twoHercules, 72:the work that he has to do in the field of world service. Aspirants need to remember that theyHercules, 73:have learned to forget themselves in [73] service and to lose sight of their spiritual selfishnessHercules, 75:the God within, could go forward to the service of the world and to lifting the burden of Atlas.Hercules, 76:to Hercules an apple marked with the golden word Service. Hesperis, the evening star, the star ofHercules, 76:and contacted by the selfless aspirant through Service. [77] Hercules, 77:How fares he? How is he tested and with what service is he now engaged?" The Teacher said, castingHercules, 100:his labors and which was his first act of service. Through that act he demonstrated that he wasHercules, 109:in a position to begin to learn the lesson of service and universal consciousness. When, in twoHercules, 125:and preparation for a major test and future service to the race of men. For this, let him prepare
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