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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Magic, 595:where now they are defeated and in the life of service and of struggle they may then reach theMagic, 602:be demonstrated by a life of active unselfish service and by the manifestation of an illuminedMagic, 602:Each worker is responsible for himself and his service and for no one else. It is wise to gauge andMagic, 606:organized observers, but have a wider scope of service than they have, for they work in a moreMagic, 618:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service A Call to Service In closing this treatise on theMagic, 618:- Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service A Call to Service In closing this treatise on the magical workMagic, 618:and to the formulation of their plans for service. The world aspiration is now so strong andMagic, 618:or their failure to achieve a sphere of service. Thus they become lost, on the one hand, in theMagic, 618:as centers of power in a field of fruitful service; they [619] draw up, mentally, plans for worldMagic, 619:as the pivotal point around which that service will move; they frequently make an effort to workMagic, 619:must - and will - be eliminated before true service can be rendered. This tendency to aspirationMagic, 619:be rendered. This tendency to aspiration and to service is right and good and should be seen asMagic, 620:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service Students should therefore ponder on these wordsMagic, 622:does its needed work. Hence the present call to service which is sounding like a trumpet in the earMagic, 622:the ear of all attentive disciples. This call to service usually meets with a response, but thatMagic, 622:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service These latent characteristics often do not makeMagic, 622:do not make their appearance until after the service has been undertaken. That they are there, theMagic, 623:as he seeks to carry his particular form of service to the world. I refer to that service which isMagic, 623:form of service to the world. I refer to that service which is self sought and formulated on aMagic, 624:to the point of development of the aspirant to service. He is either, through the strain, learningMagic, 624:types) and build up a structure around their service, and construct a form which in realityMagic, 624:so full of what is called personality that their service is gradually and steadily stepped down toMagic, 625:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service But if true impersonality is cultivated, if theMagic, 627:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service These tendencies, based on fear have (because manMagic, 629:on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service Thus the fears which beset humanity, having theirMagic, 630:These are two potent factors in the life of service, and hinder many. Those who are beginning toMagic, 630:the plan and are learning the significance of service are prone to fear that what they do will beMagic, 630:of their group, and the way in which their service is rendered comes under the tongue of criticism.Magic, 631:towards other workers in the field of world service and where there is a capacity to see onlyMagic, 635:primarily the problem as to their objective in service. This is to be done through meditation. TheMagic, 636:greater facility. Love reveals. The rendering of service with complete impersonality. This is doneMagic, 636:are three main points of danger in the life of service. I am not here dealing with the individualMagic, 636:training of the disciple but with his life of service, and with the activities in which he isMagic, 637:these suggestions works out in lack of power in service and in the growing thralldom of theMagic, 638:forces, to renew their vows of dedication to the service of humanity, to subordinate their ownMeditation, 9:of the Vehicles. The Esoteric Life of Service. Let us today take up the consideration of the firstMeditation, 16:realization of the Higher, and resulting in the service of power through love in activity. [17] YouMeditation, 17:oneness with all that breathes, resulting in the service of love through love in activity. You haveMeditation, 17:perfection through the utilization of all in the service of man; first by the utilization of allMeditation, 17:and thus on and up till all is utilized in the service of humanity. When the egoic ray is theMeditation, 18:him to utilize all knowledge in the loving service of his race. The Ray of Devotion isMeditation, 36:is backed by the profound conviction that in service to humanity will the dreamed-of goal beMeditation, 43:the disciple is willing to relinquish all in the service of the Great One, and to hold naught back,Meditation, 48:and to work among the sons of men. Unselfish service is the bedrock of the life of the occultist,Meditation, 75:emotional and mental, - is turned upward in service, and his life begins occultly to sound. He isMeditation, 86:you have will and love blended in harmonious service, and the lower physical activity is transmutedMeditation, 93:effects are to be seen in the esoteric life of service. Remember likewise that psychic phenomenaMeditation, 98:the egoic standpoint and from the standpoint of service to the race. Let them aim at a wiseMeditation, 112:much more widespread. Hence the emphasis laid on service, and on the steadying of the mind as anMeditation, 113:awakening of the heart center shows itself in service. Hence the emphasis laid in the occident onMeditation, 113:the heart meditation and the subsequent life of service. You will see, therefore, that when theMeditation, 115:of his own development, but his equipping for service to humanity. His own growth and developmentMeditation, 115:on the physical plane are his objectives in service, and if in the endeavor to attain certainMeditation, 115:Unless inner growth finds expression in group service the man treads a dangerous road. Meditation, 116:when the world [116] itself is his sphere of service and the multitude those whom he assists. HeMeditation, 116:realms of death. In all these three branches of service you will notice that the faculty of workingMeditation, 117:actions and reactions of a man, his capacity for service, and his response to any surrounding need.Meditation, 130:faculty can be safely permitted; they demand service to the race every day throughout the scope ofMeditation, 131:to meditation, and power and activity in service, a man has developed his vehicles to a point ofMeditation, 161:forms. When his object is to equip himself for service, when he aims only at the acquirement ofMeditation, 222:of all indicated truth to his personal life of service in the three worlds, and that he tries toMeditation, 238:individual and his increased capacity to be of service are all brought about by the wise use ofMeditation, 240:of occult meditation, and the objective life of service. In service is renunciation, and, under theMeditation, 240:and the objective life of service. In service is renunciation, and, under the occult law,Meditation, 240:and, under the occult law, therefore, in service the subjective finds liberation, and is set freeMeditation, 259:and the human - and has, through meditation and service, expanded His center of consciousness tillMeditation, 260:meditation occultly performed, balanced by service lovingly administered. A Master of the Wisdom isMeditation, 260:in meditation. They are applied in the life of service which is the logical outcome of trueMeditation, 262:be appreciated and known, and by knowledge and service can the life be set free from all thatMeditation, 269:bodies. By the utilization of that equipment in service to the race on the physical plane, therebyMeditation, 271:group consciousness and thinks in group terms of service, gradually his aura takes on more and moreMeditation, 271:(for that is approximately known), but in service. This is of more importance than is realized, forMeditation, 272:tried and not been found wanting. His life of service in the world is more concentrated andMeditation, 272:more extended work. Hence the emphasis laid on service, for it is only as a man serves that heMeditation, 273:are ever the same: occult meditation and service; the inner life of concentration and the outerMeditation, 274:(which sound is to be heard through the life of service), some one particular Master begins to testMeditation, 280:accepted disciples are rare. If by meditation, service, and the purifying of the bodies, those nowMeditation, 281:but forget not that the life of objective service must keep pace with the subjective growth; onlyMeditation, 282:of the threefold lower man, and consecrated service to the world. Methods of Approach and EffectsMeditation, 282:these methods. The three methods are: Sanctified service. Love demonstrating through wisdom.Meditation, 282:active one-pointedness that expresses itself in service for the race through love and wisdom. ButMeditation, 282:Both love and mind must be expressed in terms of service before the full flower of either isMeditation, 282:to the Masters via Meditation 1. Sanctified Service This is the method of the man who wields theMeditation, 283:bodies and of making them fit instruments for service. It is perhaps the hardest way that a man canMeditation, 283:physical body. It will be set apart wholly for service, and subjected consequently to a processMeditation, 284:body will [284] be set apart wholly for service, and its place in the threefold microcosm will beMeditation, 285:live. It is not the love that sweeps all into service, suitable or unsuitable, and that recognizesMeditation, 285:So potentially all are, but in present terms of service all are not. True love or wisdom sees withMeditation, 286:on wisdom, which is love expressing itself in service, such a service that recognizes the occultMeditation, 286:is love expressing itself in service, such a service that recognizes the occult law, theMeditation, 287:fifth plane, will he live the life of sanctified service, and so blend the three rays. AlwaysMeditation, 289:and every department of his nature and of his service develops, with greater frequency will comeMeditation, 292:good work in meditation coupled with active service for the race. These intervals are rare at firstMeditation, 293:interior effort to the external life of loving service. At some one meditation he will suddenlyMeditation, 295:earnestness of his work, the consecration of his service and his karmic liabilities. When he meritsMeditation, 304:should be paralleled by a life of exoteric service. By the graded expansions of consciousness thatMeditation, 312:of the threefold lower man, and his training in service. The advanced school definitely preparesMeditation, 312:and interactions in with them, in service and struggle, the pupil may learn to knowMeditation, 315:work of assisting evolution and devoted to the service of some one Master. They must and will beMeditation, 316:Along with all this will be the life of world-service, rigidly demanded of each and every pupil.
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