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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Meditation, 316:demanded of each and every pupil. This life of service will be carefully watched and recorded. OneMeditation, 319:report at intervals on the quality of their life service and assist them in building their buddhicMeditation, 320:must have demonstrated, by a previous period of service, his ability to work in group formation andMeditation, 321:of the indwelling light, and upon his power in service. This suffices for today; tomorrow we willMeditation, 327:powers of assimilation and the outer life of service. It depends therefore upon the point inMeditation, 329:and microcosmic centers. Practical Work Service to the race. Study of group work. Review work.Meditation, 331:he who utilizes all power and knowledge in the service of the race. His inner development must beMeditation, 331:inner development must be expressed in terms of service before he is permitted to pass on into theMeditation, 332:instruments They see few as yet ready for the service required. But likewise They see some who,Meditation, 334:who may desire to help In preparing a soul for service the Guides of the race have to deal withMeditation, 342:Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service THE RESULTANT LIFE OF SERVICE SeptemberMeditation, 342:Resultant Life of Service THE RESULTANT LIFE OF SERVICE September 16th, 1920 Motives for service.Meditation, 342:LIFE OF SERVICE September 16th, 1920 Motives for service. Methods of service. Attitude followingMeditation, 342:16th, 1920 Motives for service. Methods of service. Attitude following action. [343] I seek to giveMeditation, 343:of general use. I wish to speak to you anent service and its perfect rendering. What I give you inMeditation, 343:for their own exclusive benefit. In rendering service three things are of moment: The motive. TheMeditation, 343:the right, and by adjustment of the life of service to my indications comes correction andMeditation, 343:comes correction and inspiration. A life of much service opens up to many these days; see, all ofMeditation, 344:Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 1. The Motives for Service These motives areMeditation, 344:The Resultant Life of Service 1. The Motives for Service These motives are threefold in the orderMeditation, 344:of those capacities to the need appreciated. Service is of many kinds, and he who wisely rendersMeditation, 344:Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 2. The Methods of Service These are many andMeditation, 344:The Resultant Life of Service 2. The Methods of Service These are many and varied. I can butMeditation, 345:zeal but no brains to bear on this problem of service, but dissipates force; he renders oftMeditation, 346:summer's day. In fitting the mental body for service the worker strives at the opposite ofMeditation, 347:glorious yet ephemeral chimeras of spectacular service engross his attention, but the instantMeditation, 347:the human family test out all applicants for service in the small detail of everyday life, and heMeditation, 347:and ill-judged work? A further method of service shews itself in adaptability. This involves aMeditation, 348:Meditation - Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 3. The Attitude following Action What shouldMeditation, 348:loving than his, is weighing up the fruit of his service; and that judgment, more profound thanPatanjali, 23:work on high levels, preparatory to some active service upon the lower; The sleep of thePatanjali, 26:by him in increasing his efficiency in group service and in group endeavor. Patanjali, 47:is to be reached through pure love and devoted service, and when reached He will be seen seatedPatanjali, 58:through meditation and discipline, coupled with service - have made a conscious at-one-ment withPatanjali, 70:vestures or sheaths, nor must it only include service or identification with group consciousness,Patanjali, 76:men, Tender handling of the animal kingdom, Service on the physical plane in cooperation with thePatanjali, 121:rebirth but Raja Yoga liberates him to complete service and freedom to work as a White Magician.Patanjali, 150:the fear of failure in the spiritual body in service. These equally cause pain and distress andPatanjali, 165:includes the lesser and though - for purposes of service - he may choose to limit himself to aPatanjali, 174:new tendency is the beginning of the life of service which leads eventually to a full realizationPatanjali, 180:upon steadfast practise, meditation and earnest service. 2. Illumination. The gradually increasingPatanjali, 188:pledged to purity of life and unselfish service, can take up the practise of yoga much more safelyPatanjali, 190:the attitude of the lower threefold self to the service of the ego, the inner ruler, the God orPatanjali, 190:teacher, and leading him also into devoted service to Ishvara or the divine Self as found in thePatanjali, 197:used, The wise use of silence as a factor of service, The constant study of the causes lying backPatanjali, 204:limit himself by a form for specific purposes of service is true, but this he does through an actPatanjali, 213:love of God, with its accompanying qualities of service, love of man, and patient endurance inPatanjali, 214:the physical body and to devote it to the service of Ishvara through hatha yoga, with aspirationPatanjali, 214:the emotional body and to devote it to the service of Ishvara through bhakti yoga, with aspirationPatanjali, 215:to control the mental body and devote it to the service of Ishvara through Raja Yoga, withPatanjali, 267:with the evolutionary plan becomes possible. Service is then based on complete understanding. Patanjali, 286:He may, however, continue or resume his work of service in the three worlds, without ever reallyPatanjali, 294:and throat. This is done through life, love and service, not through breathing exercise and sittingPatanjali, 294:of the attention upon the heart life and service, and the realization that the heart center is thePatanjali, 323:5. Idealism 3rd Atmic 1. Beatitude 7th 2. Active service 6th 3. Realization 5th 4. Perfection 4thPatanjali, 323:Planetary psychometry. Healing. Active service. c. The Third Sense - Sight Physical sight.Patanjali, 326:controlled by them, and how to use them in the service of his brother and of the Hierarchy, butPatanjali, 328:occupy the vehicle of a disciple for purposes of service, as Christ occupied the body of thePatanjali, 358:yogin does not concern himself. At will and in service he will perceive that which is needed; atPatanjali, 358:perceive that which is needed; at will and in service he will employ the occult powers, but hePatanjali, 368:it serves as an adequate expression and means of service. The soul can now function freely andPatanjali, 418:As a vehicle for the life of the soul. In the service of the Hierarchy. In cooperation with thePatanjali, 420:their steps upon the path. When is the term of service, 0h! Savior of men? I know not, save thatPatanjali, 424:time to be occupied with the vision and with service and not with himself. It is so easy to be theProblemsa world at crisis point is a vital and practical service. LUCIS PUBLISHING COMPANY, New York,Problems, 21:of the world today. Her potentiality for human service and her ability to impose her will on aProblems, 128:flower forth in all its glory; He taught that service was the keynote of the spiritual life andProblems, 136:of that love by their own lives of simple loving service? Will they tell the people that ChristProblems, 137:that they have" and follow Christ on the path of service? Or will they - like the rich young man inProblems, 139:Carpenter of Nazareth, she can render a world service and set an example which will serve toProblems, 174:example, for he gave of his best and died in the service of humanity. There are enlightenedPsychology1, xvii:body which will most rapidly set them free for service. It must be remembered that constant studyPsychology1, xix:use am I? How can I, in my small sphere, be of service to the world?" Let me reply to thesePsychology1, xix:life lived in conformity with its teaching, your service is very real. This will necessarilyPsychology1, xix:endeavor will be made to lose sight of self in service - a service to be rendered in the place andPsychology1, xix:be made to lose sight of self in service - a service to be rendered in the place and under thePsychology1, xxv:which will fit you for more active and useful service. That none of you may be hindered by the pastPsychology1, 8:we can more justly determine our vocation and service, our assets and our debits, our true valuePsychology1, 41:and training themselves to live the life of service might be regarded as having reached the pointPsychology1, 95:When men, through meditation and group service, have developed an awareness of their own controlledPsychology1, 110:books which awaits your adaptation and useful service. Much will be given in the present volume,Psychology1, 111:What must we as a group do that we may be of service, and so constitute a good channel for thePsychology1, 111:attitude towards all teaching is that of willing service, with no thought of self. The growth inPsychology1, 111:your mind and effort are turned towards group service, and when your tongue is rendered harmless,Psychology1, 111:time which could well be given to more fruitful service, to closer study of the life-essentials,Psychology1, 174:supply of the need of all, the beauty of mutual service, and the divinity of constructive work. InPsychology1, 192:of cooperative responsibility, and of service. These relationships, as we well know, underlie thePsychology1, 241:the goal of a vegetarian diet is this field of service, the arguments for its following and forPsychology1, 260:is attached by the bonds of affection or of service. The ray impulses which are active at any time.Psychology1, 261:with which he is linked, to which he must render service, and by which he can be served. ThePsychology1, 271:obvious, - is it not? - that it is no part of my service to the readers of this book to enter intoPsychology1, 272:evolved come into incarnation under the Law of Service, and through the deliberate choice of theirPsychology1, 290:the head center, is awakened through meditation, service and aspiration, and it is through thisPsychology1, 291:purifying it [291] and bending it to the service of the spiritual will, he automatically raises thePsychology1, 295:but a result of education in group relations, service and the law of love, as understoodPsychology1, 304:and adaptability, its demanded sacrifices and service, and its opportunities for the fullPsychology1, 304:every part of man's nature. There is no greater service to be rendered to the race than thePsychology1, 358:ideal, such as that of individual sacrifice or service, and the mystical vision was the high waterPsychology1, 359:to love of the divine revelation, and when service to the race is the determining force, then wePsychology1, 361:of the coming initiates the concept of group service and sacrifice. This will inaugurate the age of
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