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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SERVICE

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Rays, 152:take as instruments in his pledged intelligent service. The blending of the four lessons which theRays, 154:or there will begin a greater and more extended service. Coming down to the immediate practicalRays, 155:but also his chosen and destined field of service. He begins to learn with his group the meaning ofRays, 158:which the Great Invocation speaks: "The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived". (TheRays, 166:and for the term of Their freely rendered service They work with the consciousness aspect in orderRays, 169:lives of great sacrifice and the term of their service in this particular connection is relativelyRays, 195:in these special and individual cases. Their service was rendered to humanity and They made rentsRays, 196:of the Hierarchy. Theirs was a universal service, and made possible further human progress, forRays, 198:and the need to focus upon the task and service of the moment are the rewards of moving forwardRays, 211:[211] preoccupied with world need and with the service he can render, and - almost inadvertently,Rays, 211:pledge to the Master of the Ashram, and a united service given to humanity. There comes a point ofRays, 211:group of disciples at a point of tension in service, is the first indication that the group isRays, 212:is concerned, for the recognition of the group service seems little to ask from the world which isRays, 212:and unitedly strive for complete absorption in service - an absorption so deep that it excludes allRays, 225:where the spiritual will is released in full service and with full comprehension at the time of theRays, 227:applicants emphasized: The use of the hands in service for healing, blessing and for invocation.Rays, 235:to learn how to use new incoming energies in the service of the Plan, just as the individual has toRays, 239:integration; it thus provides a field of service for accepted disciples who are seekingRays, 239:service for accepted disciples who are seeking service-expression, and it also provides a rallyingRays, 240:Master. He is thus freed for other fields of service. This, in itself, is one of the majorRays, 242:that initiation is I may not state. The only service which these hints can render (as to theRays, 252:the Master. The keynote of group fusion and of service underlies the newer form of meditation, andRays, 255:abstruse; little of it can as yet be of real service to the majority of aspirants but a wide andRays, 263:as a conscious soul, and (for purposes of service) through a personality. There are many initiatesRays, 266:of the Hierarchy which exists for purposes of service and active work in its seven major groups andRays, 295:that which must be expressed in the field of service of the initiate, exacting from him all that heRays, 297:phases of discipleship, the later illumined service - based upon the later words - is not possible.Rays, 297:becomes the directing agent for individualized service - as rendered by the individual discipleRays, 297:- inclusive realization and specialized service - renders the task of the initiate peculiarlyRays, 298:of hierarchical position, and a third goal of service. This, however, is not correct. The goalRays, 299:(towards the spiritual world and towards the service of humanity), of methods and of ideas; and allRays, 312:may find no hindrances and obstacles. Service to the Plan, under hierarchical impression. TheRays, 315:the Plan and demonstrates this in his life of service, then within himself and paralleling thisRays, 325:a certain familiarity about these goals, the service they could entail and the consummation of theRays, 329:[329] man. Much, however, should be of practical service to the struggling disciple, and I want inRays, 334:Members of the Hierarchy an act of sacrificial service, but it is also a symbolic gesture. TheRays, 335:the physical plane and the consequent life of service (involving factors of profound significanceRays, 335:of the "saving force" because the hour of service had arrived, permitted (at the same time) theRays, 343:acceptance and have proven it along the line of service. It has to be a group [344] enterprise, aRays, 344:It has to be a group [344] enterprise, a group service and a group contribution. The specificRays, 346:be drawn into a vortex of force and a field of service simultaneously. Ponder on this statement. HeRays, 358:withdrawing identification; there is a field of service for the Master Who has no longer the powerRays, 362:this is dependent upon the type, quality and service rendered by the Master as He conditions andRays, 376:unity. Putting it in other words, it is the service of the Plan which binds the seven Ashrams, withRays, 380:which is developed within the Ashram. It is the service of the Plan which binds the seven Ashrams,Rays, 385:are oriented towards the spiritual life and the service of their fellowmen; their lives, however,Rays, 392:have chosen the first Path, the Path of Earth Service, and for all in preparation for the sixthRays, 396:to follow; He chose instead the Path of Earth Service - which was not His Path at all. This HeRays, 396:Human and Solar the following: The Path of Earth Service. The Path of Magnetic Work. The Path ofRays, 397:the Mysteries of Initiation 1. The Path of Earth Service This is the only Path which the Lord ofRays, 397:He reserves the right to retain in the service of the Hierarchy, and consequently of Humanity andRays, 398:Who are waiting for spiritual opportunity and service. They then follow the Path to our planet.Rays, 398:due time even Those Who choose the Path of Earth Service and remain in hierarchical work areRays, 398:Their decision and pass to extra-planetary service. The Hierarchy, as we have seen, gives theRays, 398:seen, gives the needed training for that wider service, and the theme of what I might call theRays, 399:Masters work Who choose the Path [399] of Earth Service. The major ray of our solar system is thatRays, 399:might be stated that: Path 1. The Path of Earth Service leads to the cosmic astral plane. Path 2.Rays, 400:makes his decision to follow the Path of Earth Service (either temporarily at the request of SanatRays, 400:provide the field of his sacrifice and service. We will now consider: [401] Rays, 419:come), that too will pass away after due service rendered. Thus the cyclic transformation willRays, 426:and the Mysteries of Initiation PATH I. EARTH SERVICE Attributes Wise compassion SourceRays, 439:the Masters (under the accompanying Law of Service), at the sixth initiation, into a wider field ofRays, 441:world and the practical life of physical plane service, but entirely with the preparation of theRays, 444:beginning to be used, consciously and wisely in service, a rhythm is then set up between theRays, 445:and the other world as constituting the field of service, yet regarding both together as formingRays, 447:a conscious incorporation into the group in service and for purposes of assimilation into theRays, 451:the soul itself, through meditation, discipline, service and directed attention. When this has beenRays, 461:its innate being. Through dedicated and devoted service it brings the divine Plan into activity inRays, 472:of the Monad in the three worlds of life service, and then the agelong task of the incarnatingRays, 481:awareness, he finds his place and mode of service, conditioned by his monadic ray. He thenRays, 486:- what the Hierarchy is to humanity. This service only becomes possible when a sufficient number ofRays, 496:receives its reasonable share, in which the service aspect is not neglected, and your lifeRays, 496:inner decisions, and an interior organizing for service and for sacrifice. Perhaps you prefer theRays, 497:of the antahkarana is the great and ultimate service which all true aspirants can render. Rays, 498:in mind, realizing the significance of the word Service, used so frequently in the occult science,Rays, 533:process is coordinating in its nature and is of service to you only in this connection. ItRays, 536:and conditions his expressive form of service, it initiates him into that mysterious area of theRays, 537:mind becomes a potent factor in directing the service activities of the disciple. These activitiesRays, 540:horizontally." This creates the cross of service upon which the disciple is pendant until the CrossRays, 540:wisdom. It is at the center of this cross of service that the point of fusion and the point ofRays, 545:radiant energy is a definite mode of spiritual service and activity, but until a disciple hasRays, 545:of great tension or in a crisis (related to his service activities), there may occur a momentaryRays, 546:along some particular line which may be of service to humanity; he can, however, produce no currentRays, 547:and from the disciple to the Master, is the service of the Plan, the problems connected with groupRays, 547:are unconnected with the disciple's life and his service in the three worlds. The work of theRays, 547:is not basically concerned with his daily world service, though there would be no initiation forRays, 547:would be no initiation for him if that life of service were lacking. His life of service is, inRays, 547:that life of service were lacking. His life of service is, in reality, an expression of theRays, 553:- decided together to tread the Path of Earth Service (technically understood) in order to bringRays, 561:of the mind, plus the demonstration of love in service; these are the outstanding characteristicsRays, 562:process upon the outer plane of activity in service. He cannot be permitted to enter the life ofRays, 562:will become the "strength and potency" of his service among men. We are entering now upon aRays, 571:which is the consciousness of responsibility and service. These initiates exist in their thousandsRays, 574:- upon the physical plane - to establish certain service relationships, to learn the practice ofRays, 585:in the initiate's group and in his field of service; there, he constitutes a point of tension andRays, 585:effects differentiate and condition his group service, according to the initiation being undergone;Rays, 588:transformed by the initiate into ideals for the service of humanity. The stage wherein pure reason,Rays, 608:to Shamballa and in connection with all the service rendered in the three worlds; it is based onRays, 619:of men, and the path of His return to Earth service stands unchallenged and unobstructed. Again,Rays, 629:humanitarian ideology which will result in world service and non-separateness. The rays of energy
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