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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SET

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Fire, 1010:to contact each other, a definite interplay is set up. This triple interplay forms in time a vortexFire, 1012:we will take up those concerned with the second set, which deal with the form-building impulses,Fire, 1014:provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet there is theFire, 1016:now that their work is completed. This last set of formulas is of exceeding interest, and were theyFire, 1017:the form swells and grows. Let the magician set his form upon the proper path. This rule is veryFire, 1039:and yet they are but the returning impulses set in cyclic motion perhaps thousands of years ago. H.Fire, 1042:"the seven solar Rays dilate to seven suns and set fire to the whole cosmos." (S. D., II,72) ThisFire, 1047:the three monadic aspects, a rhythm is set up which eventuates in the formation of: AFire, 1050:through the three permanent atoms. The activity set up in the seven etheric centers of force, theFire, 1075:most perfectly. The [1075] later stages but set the crown upon the victor, and the finalFire, 1098:of purpose and place to the particular set of lunar pitris who form the vehicle. The mental body isFire, 1150:of some standing. It does not mean that karma is set aside, but only that certain forces are keptFire, 1177:to work with men from the moment they first set foot upon the Probationary Path and They continueFire, 1183:and there (if I may so express it) locate, and set up the "Holy Temple of Divine Justice," sendingFire, 1183:Cross formed - and all the wheels of energy set in motion. This is conditioned by the karmic seedsFire, 1183:those lives come into manifestation who have set up a mutual attraction. These five streams ofFire, 1184:little difficult to make clear. This particular set of active lives enter the heart shapedFire, 1244:enough is apprehended by him to enable him to set forth with ardor on the search for its secret. 35Fire, 1276:holds the balances, and the scales are duly set. The energies converge, and shake them out ofGlamour, 12:would like to make clear to you that there is no set interpretation of any symbol, and that forGlamour, 17:the group integration only in process of being set up. Glamour, 39:As you will see from this, my brothers, we have set ourselves a large theme, which must be veryGlamour, 45:themselves by the imposition of some rule, some set of laws, some authoritative dictum, emanatingGlamour, 45:It reduces mankind, as far as one can judge, to set forms and standardizes men's activities,Glamour, 49:It is not the exchange of the prison of one set of ideas for those of another set with perhaps aGlamour, 49:prison of one set of ideas for those of another set with perhaps a larger range or import. A prisonGlamour, 68:a view of your personal release... I ask you to set to work, therefore, with fresh courage andGlamour, 75:The spiritually minded man and the man who has set his feet upon the Path of Probation and whoGlamour, 76:the necessity of standing by whilst the forces set up by man himself proceed to strip him and thusGlamour, 87:aspect of divinity can be offset, and the man set free for the true battle of the pairs ofGlamour, 107:and physical and vital forces. That immediately set up a tremendous activity in the throat centerGlamour, 126:realized the implication of this and has [126] set out to dominate the undesirable condition thatGlamour, 179:being performed and not carried out at certain set times. The trained intuitive or disciple livesGlamour, 207:this as you deal with people and find them set in their ideas and unable to see the truth as youGlamour, 223:is their besetting sin and they are, therefore, set in their purposes and preoccupied with theGlamour, 225:to work with regularity so that a rhythm can be set up which will lead to a steady rhythmic impactGlamour, 227:so many occult groups deem of importance. The set physical rituals are today (from the angle of theGlamour, 228:silence in which the group members attempt to set up that magnetic field of positive receptiveGlamour, 249:you will see what a stern task he has set himself. Not only has he to isolate his five rayHealing, 7:one to be healed and the healing process will be set in motion; the radiation of his mind willHealing, 21:Law of Consequences is not the inevitable and set affair which modern thought surmises, but isHealing, 21:of the Law of Karma as I am anxious to have you set out on this study of the Laws of Healing with aHealing, 41:frame and of the [41] potencies which can be set in motion if certain esoteric truths are admittedHealing, 42:call to the body to relinquish the soul and set it free for other service. In all these casesHealing, 174:the aspirants and the disciples, and these set the pace for the rest of humanity. This they achieveHealing, 175:circumstances, and not by the following [175] of set rules or specific meditations. Later, prior toHealing, 214:and definite conscious relationship is being set up between it and the other centers (dependentHealing, 279:fail to profit from past wisdom, but prefer to set sail upon the sea of research in a spirit ofHealing, 298:His imperfections; their complete "healing" will set the term for His release. Bear in mind,Healing, 298:Causes of Inharmony and Disease "The Great One set Himself to follow by Himself alone His chosenHealing, 299:proceeded; it grew and stiffened. His will was set, and crystal-like, brilliant, brittle and hard.Healing, 306:each other. Threads of intercourse could be set up which would link them more closely together.Healing, 334:Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered On Diet No set diet could be entirely correct for a group ofHealing, 350:airplane is in flight. The energy of faith can set in motion superior energies which can negate orHealing, 351:say with emphasis, that the Law of Karma is oft set aside when form are preserved in coherentHealing, 372:attention the need for achieving the goal you set yourself when you started to work, I shall haveHealing, 372:work is now being done, and the stage set for future unfoldment. Things do not move so rapidly.Healing, 379:They will be so sensitive that they will be set in motion by the power of the human eye under theHealing, 386:The objective underlying them in any case is to set up an unbroken rapport between the healer [387]Healing, 401:of spiritual awareness, or who accept a peculiar set of theological pronouncements, can receive theHealing, 413:passed over will communication eventually be set up and reduced to a true science. e. Man willHealing, 414:of the planetary Logos have achieved, He too is set free from dense manifestation and physicallyHealing, 428:life activity for the duration of the soul's set term of physical enterprise. Two major streams ofHealing, 444:thus see) connected with the life aspect, are set in motion by an act of the spiritual will, andHealing, 447:is that vital concentrated will which, when set in motion in an individual, in a group, in aHealing, 496:and he knows what he is doing within the limits set by his point in evolution. Healing, 528:for discouragement. Such a study will serve to set a needed goal for all healers in the New Age. ItHealing, 565:of a correspondingly intense kind. This friction set up is so acute that disease is promptly theHealing, 566:divine expression, friction is immediately set up and disease eventuates. I think that even a briefHealing, 569:to respond. A condition of friction is therefore set up. The ending of this condition and theHealing, 571:Triad. This esoteric relationship is only set up when the soul is dominating its instrument, theHealing, 581:linked up and the magnetic field is therefore set up and the radiance is present, the healer canHealing, 588:with the same forces and a point of friction be set up, producing a diseased area, pain, sufferingHealing, 594:initiation is taken the first great interplay is set up between the two and the first coordinatedHealing, 606:effective; in the third case, an interplay is set up which preserves balance, and furthers steadyHealing, 625:or the imbalance of his endocrine system or set-up (if I may use that word) from the angle of itsHealing, 627:and not with some vague energy which is set in motion by the power of thought or by the potency ofHealing, 627:evolved. This life principle is contacted and set in motion by the mode of clearing certain ethericHealing, 632:case. There is no need to call in divine aid to set bones which the surgeon is well equipped to do,Healing, 636:Gods" as yet, from the point of view of the goal set before all planetary Logoi. His body ofHealing, 646:Certain healers - few and far between - who have set up a relation with the spirit of the earth,Healing, 646:overmuch along this line or to endeavor to set up a contact or to invoke his aid. Only initiates ofHealing, 650:center is used all the time, and the activity set up, when successful, burns up and absorbs theHealing, 651:use the mode of magnetic passes first so as to set up a changed activity in the diseased area, andHealing, 654:in the work being done by the patient's soul, set in motion by the aid of the healer. The MasterHealing, 656:it is almost as if a great vortex of power were set up by the contact between the two auras and byHealing, 694:has served as a protection, and little has been set in motion - either good or bad - by what theyHercules, 20:him; he had to break away from authority and set out to find his own way and make his own contactsHercules, 23:mission. The twelve great labors that were to set the seal of accomplishment upon his life, andHercules, 26:given him. So he clutched his wooden club and set out upon his labors. [27] Hercules, 43:it was claimed that they possessed only one eye, set in the middle of the forehead. They were ruledHercules, 63:golden apples. He forgets what he himself has set out to do and, in pity, takes the load off theHercules, 80:teacher of his life. "I have fulfiled the task, set by the great Presiding One. Simple it was,Hercules, 83:Hercules accepted the charge of Eurystheus and set out to capture the gentle hind. He was a wholeHercules, 89:birthday of the infant Jesus, being arbitrarily set by the priests, produces a serious discrepancy,Hercules, 91:in Cancer. The thought of a mass of animals, of set boundaries within which these sheep or animalsHercules, 126:and sought within himself for subtle skill. He set a snare with skill, and wisely hid, and then heHercules, 161:have said and done. The moment we no longer set up wrong relations with people by the things we sayHercules, 171:Quickly Hercules then broke the chains, and set the sufferer free. Retracing his steps, HerculesHercules, 177:comes first; the letting go of what he has set himself to do if there is need to help. That is the
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