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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SET

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Meditation, 56:rays, - a ray which adjusts matter, under set forms, to the desired shapes. You may ask here: WhyMeditation, 65:people rightly intermingled? A strong current is set up that reaches the disciple or the MasterMeditation, 98:inner man has to work against inclinations set up in three kingdoms. Before the spirit can functionMeditation, 102:defects and requirements, and then deliberately set in and build a new body that may prove moreMeditation, 105:the individual need. Proper meditations will be set to stimulate quiescent centers, to turn theMeditation, 108:formed his threefold body of manifestation and set his ring-pass-not with the purpose in view ofMeditation, 109:tendencies, and even though the stage is set so that it would seem he must learn the lessons ofMeditation, 119:with it elements of danger, for the vibrations set up on the mental plane and the forces engenderedMeditation, 120:in discussing these problems, thought-waves are set in motion, currents are contacted andMeditation, 128:is possible, and in the use of ceremonial and of set forms, coupled to regulated rhythmic movement,Meditation, 129:you in these letters the part that ritual and set mantric forms play in the evolution of devas andMeditation, 131:a point of real achievement, then his vibrations set in motion matter of a specific kind, and heMeditation, 137:(lifting them up out of the darkness of earth) set their feet upon the Mount, and enable them toMeditation, 141:a vehicle whereby the consciousness may, by set stages, raise itself step by step to someMeditation, 144:by simply giving thirty minutes a day to certain set forms of meditation. It involves an hour byMeditation, 156:inspiration), and by certain rhythmic currents set up on the mental plane and driving from thenceMeditation, 159:in that body, either directly or through causes set up on the emotional plane and reacting on theMeditation, 159:much of the present sickness is due to causes set up in the emotional body and these causes areMeditation, 160:of the pranic life everywhere available, will be set free. They can then circulate with facility,Meditation, 161:emotional storm. This - if persisted in - may set up an analogous vibration in the mental body.Meditation, 161:of these two bodies serious trouble may be set up. This trouble may go all the way from simplyMeditation, 167:three lines works through formulas, or through set forms, which by graded steps put the man whoMeditation, 171:consciousness of the Will aspect, works under set rules, rises from point to point under due forms,Meditation, 178:devas, but impulses, forces, vibrations can be set up by the use of specific forms that lead to theMeditation, 186:work specifically on the Ego. From thence they set up a [187] strong vibration within the higherMeditation, 187:the causal vehicle on the mental plane, and they set up a vibration in the Triad and thus effect anMeditation, 192:dark intelligence’s in high places. Thus they set in motion happenings on the physical plane thatMeditation, 196:will be communicated with. These are a peculiar set of mantrams connected with the Mahachohan'sMeditation, 200:to the healing of that unit by the use of set mantrams, and by the following of certain movementsMeditation, 216:seen at all. This orange comes in as a vibration set up by a cosmic ray, for you have to rememberMeditation, 218:said, this orange comes in as a vibration set up by the earlier cosmic ray of activity in theMeditation, 240:comprehension of what he has to do endeavors to set the indwelling life free from the veils thatMeditation, 240:service the subjective finds liberation, and is set free from objective manifestation. Think thisMeditation, 241:idea of color as a veil that must eventually be set aside. Under the heading of the "Future use ofMeditation, 262:and by knowledge and service can the life be set free from all that limits and trammels. A MasterMeditation, 283:disciplining of the physical body. It will be set apart wholly for service, and subjectedMeditation, 284:and immovable. The emotional body will [284] be set apart wholly for service, and its place in theMeditation, 284:Yogi is he who, after due carrying out of the set forms and times of meditation, merges thatMeditation, 294:to find out the method and watch the causes that set the vibration in motion. As I have saidMeditation, 298:number and those numbers are inappreciable when set against the vast bulk of human beings inMeditation, 317:is an accepted disciple. Under them will work a set of instructors who will deal largely with theMeditation, 326:weeks. Each day will be likewise divided into set times, the earlier hours being those in which theMeditation, 348:is testing the force and extent of the vibration set up, and is adjusting that force according toPatanjali, 44:and love it will be because in other lives he set his foot upon the way of devotion and found thePatanjali, 46:of their efforts hitherto, and begin to "set an even pace." They frequently then enter the sign ofPatanjali, 105:exactly to its name, or to the word which set up the original impulse and so brought a life intoPatanjali, 108:leading to wrong identification and an erroneous set of values. Mental perception. Through the usePatanjali, 138:manifestation is outgrown, and when any peculiar set of forms have served their purpose ofPatanjali, 140:realize the nature of the obstacles and then set in to overcome them, doing the work from thePatanjali, 144:of that world wherein forces are actively set in motion which result in phenomenal effects. He hasPatanjali, 150:so lived in the present that no causes will be set in motion along the line of pain-producingPatanjali, 150:life of the yogi a dual discipline involving a set determination to practise non-attachment, and aPatanjali, 151:further pain-producing causes be allowed to be set in motion. Patanjali, 211:a "right attitude" to all things covers this set of rules. Patanjali, 262:as time elapses, until a rhythmic response is set up between the soul and the physical plane man.Patanjali, 270:is recognized to be the working out of causes set in motion in the present, and thus the cycle ofPatanjali, 285:he initiates is freed from karma, then he can set a term to his life experience and he knows thatPatanjali, 313:function. The aspirant becomes a light or lamp set in a [314] dark place and illumines the way forPatanjali, 328:and effect, and even the Christ Himself may not set the law aside in any case unless there isPatanjali, 392:karma of any kind is engendered; no effects are set up through causes initiated by the yogi thatPatanjali, 400:just as rapidly as the spiritual Indweller can set his impress upon the substance of those forms,Patanjali, 400:utilization of it, the Indweller develops a dual set of characteristics. One set demonstrates inPatanjali, 400:develops a dual set of characteristics. One set demonstrates in the form of the lower self andPatanjali, 422:The right tendencies and rhythm having been set up, it becomes simply a question of steadyProblems, 18:individual to think and act for himself and to set great store by his own ideas, and all in aProblems, 47:foster the child's sense of responsibility and set him free from the inhibitions which fearProblems, 50:Buddha, Shri Krishna and the Christ. They have set Their mark upon millions and still do. Then inProblems, 80:our hatreds or our dislike of other nations, and set us one against the other. The love of money isProblems, 90:These distinctions, which have in the past set peoples and races so far apart, are rapidly dyingProblems, 100:All these and other factors of less importance set the Jew apart, and these he enforces no matterProblems, 101:it is these things in their aggregate which have set the Jew apart from the world in which he wantsProblems, 103:is absolutely no need. To sum up, the Jew has set up an ancient pattern of living within otherProblems, 120:it simply needs to be discovered, educated and set to work. It must not be exploited, however, byProblems, 121:and put in touch with each other; let them be set to work to create a right atmosphere in worldProblems, 132:or procedure. The Protestant Churches have set a precedent of acrimonious controversy from whichProblems, 133:world. They are true sons of God; their feet are set in most unpleasant places; they are aware ofProblems, 139:of Nazareth, she can render a world service and set an example which will serve to enlighten theProblems, 162:Festivals; the Buddhist keeps his particular set of spiritual events, and the Hindu has stillProblems, 177:influence and its devious scheming; it must set the resources of the earth free for the use ofProblems, 177:men of goodwill everywhere must be mobilized and set to work; it is upon their efforts that thePsychology1, xvii:of the emotional body which will most rapidly set them free for service. It must be remembered thatPsychology1, xvii:and reading with care, a group interplay is set up, the group becomes more closely integrated, thePsychology1, 20:point of time) that vortex of energy had been set up. Spirit and matter became mutually interactivePsychology1, 21:form and to incarnate. A vortex of force is set up as a preliminary step and we then have GodPsychology1, 25:sincerity are the qualities of this Lord, and set their impress upon all that is found within HisPsychology1, 67:race, the Aryan, and has connected with it a set of curious phrases which express its purpose. ThePsychology1, 69:of the sun of life reveal the mind of God, and set the shining one upon his way. Then lead him toPsychology1, 69:physical plane. Produce the garment of the Lord; set forth the robe of many colors. Then separatePsychology1, 72:a form that some new rhythm of thought may be set in motion, and some new realizations be graspedPsychology1, 79:is of vital interest to us, for it has set its mark upon our western civilization in a morePsychology1, 81:- spurning that which is not desired. Why set the cross from earth to heaven? But earth can be aPsychology1, 116:will release you from your own ambition and set you free to work as we (on the subjective side)Psychology1, 173:or another. The work indicated, and therefore set before the New Group of World Servers, is toPsychology1, 173:which the Society of Organized Minds has ever set itself. Racial hatreds and national aspirationsPsychology1, 174:the proletariat, of the workers of a nation, as set up in Russia. This has been subversive of thePsychology1, 177:The workers along this line have definitely set themselves the goal of expanding man'sPsychology1, 184:passed over will communication be eventually set up, and reduced to a true science. Nevertheless,Psychology1, 184:beyond telling you that an illumination will be set up and a radiance revealed which will result inPsychology1, 186:the New Group of World Servers. There is a term set to their effort, and later this type ofPsychology1, 188:of your hours and minutes of leisure so as to set others free to serve the Plan; give of your money
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