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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SETS

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Meditation, 327:with sunrise and end with sunset. After the sun sets, and for one hour after each of the other twoMeditation, 337:whim and fancy in its environment; every current sets it in motion; every sound causes it toPatanjali, 48:he no longer (blindly and through ignorance) sets in motion conditions which must produce evilPatanjali, 170:in the great renunciation which once and for all sets a man free from the three worlds. ThisPatanjali, 280:usually understood but in the sense that thought sets in motion certain currents of force. ThesePatanjali, 297:student and it might be wise if we used only two sets of terms, one conveying the orthodox orientalProblems, 38:A nation is today regarded as civilized when it sets a value on mental development, when it puts aProblems, 87:for the entire range of human evil. It sets an individual against his brother; it makes himProblems, 87:hindrance to happiness in the world, for it sets man against man, group against group, classProblems, 87:and to the extremes of poverty and riches; it sets an important emphasis upon materialProblems, 88:and aspirations. This, in its worst aspect, sets one nation against another, fosters a sense ofPsychology1, 8:seven rays emits its own sound, and in so doing sets in motion those forces which must work inPsychology1, 142:on the physical plane at any particular time - sets the quality of the race life and of the formsPsychology1, 195:synthesis, a Plan, and a Will. To this, science sets its seal, for scientific knowledge is thePsychology1, 373:works through this [373] seventh ray, and thus sets His seal upon all form life, particularly inPsychology1, 413:Mind, Will. Ray 7 - Synthetic Ritual. Some Sets of Correspondences I. Mineral Gonads. SacralPsychology2, 80:of "gathering in" or "drawing into". The soul sets up a vibration (little as we may yet grasp thePsychology2, 86:high principle into antagonistic activities. Two sets of principles are to be found controllingPsychology2, 412:close proximity to, or in relation to, the seven sets of major glands: The pineal gland. ThePsychology2, 558:Mystics The inference then is that there are two sets of powers latent in his human equipment - thePsychology2, 558:other and higher one to be developed. These two sets of powers are: The ancient powers andPsychology2, 572:which has personality implications or which sets its recipient apart, thus tending to theRays, 203:Just as the attainment of physical control sets the neophyte free for the learning of higherRays, 203:by the seven planes of our planetary life sets the initiate (such as the Buddha or the Christ) freeRays, 250:issuing the instructions (in the form of monthly sets for reading and study in the Arcane School)Rays, 259:There is a definite relation between the two sets of rules and it is one which we shall note as weRays, 404:plane, and with only the pure essence retained, sets the law in motion which draws this purifiedRays, 411:The needed dynamic whereby the "deciding" Master sets His foot upon the Path of the HigherRays, 480:is functioning. The activity of these centers sets up an answering vibration in the three lowestRays, 489:visualize the entire process, and by this means sets up a definite rapport (if successful) betweenRays, 536:the attitude to the universal goal which it sets; the second aspect we vaguely call love and hopeRays, 640:learns to harmonize himself through conflict, he sets an example which is of definite aid toReappearance, 141:stone cathedrals, upon gold and silver communion sets, on scarlet birettas, on jeweled vestments,Soul, 35:and other, inwardly originating stimuli, both sets of stimuli and both outputs of energyTelepathy, 8:seance. There the medium, quite unconsciously, sets up a telepathic rapport with the people in theTelepathy, 130:as a man makes contact with his own soul and sets up a stable relationship with that soul; then heTelepathy, 147:from dense matter, and thus the seven major sets of endocrine glands slowly came into functioning
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