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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SETTING

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Astrology, 222:in of six potencies is that which provides the setting and conditions of the tests; all these rayAstrology, 222:of the soul, prior to casting the horoscope and setting up the chart. This brings me to two pointsAstrology, 368:the most important aspect of the Mutable Cross, setting or determining the changes and their rateAstrology, 591:lines which at any time upon the planet are setting the pace for the evolution of forms and whichAutobiography, 43:married in spite of opportunity, a good stage setting and wide personal contacts. I think it was aAutobiography, 100:as they are seen in relation to one's setting and equipment. I don't think I have a real sense ofAutobiography, 104:All the indications were good except his social setting and lack of money, but as I was going toAutobiography, 187:must stand the home, complementing and off setting what the scholastic system lacks. Teaching boysAutobiography, 190:friends of H.P.Blavatsky approved of what I was setting out to do. I had their endorsement andAutobiography, 259:times, make a contact with her through the setting up of a vibration which she learnt to recognize,Autobiography, 298:a young girl in her teens, then functioning in a setting of aristocratic culture and veryAutobiography, 298:such young ladies, her Master came to her. Her setting was of the most extreme conservativeBethlehem, 56:necessary. The other three apostles supplied the setting and the detail, and apparently did much toBethlehem, 77:elsewhere. We must live as sons of God in the setting - uninteresting, drab and sometimes sordid -Bethlehem, 78:kind of home, a different environment or setting. Had they married differently, or had they moreBethlehem, 87:Christ submitted Himself to the baptism, setting aside the protests of the Evangelist with His:Bethlehem, 105:through the baptism when He attained maturity, setting us an example, and through His triumphantBethlehem, 144:of man, with its summation in the Law of Moses, setting the limits beyond which man may not go,Bethlehem, 242:plane and its visible experience. It is a setting free from limitation; and whether one believesBethlehem, 282:One here and there may be steadfastly setting his face to go to Jerusalem, there to be crucified;Destiny, 18:bring to the fore the spirit of construction, setting in motion the building and rehabilitatingDiscipleship1, 58:in which he finds himself and from the setting and environment with which his physical plane lifeDiscipleship1, 74:joint work is still group integration and the setting up of that inter-communication between [75]Discipleship1, 137:the importance, the difficulty and the value of setting up this frank relation. It is necessaryDiscipleship1, 175:of response, should be regarded as a liberation, setting you free for the deepening and theDiscipleship1, 225:some of the Teachers on the inner side and thus setting them free for wider and more exactingDiscipleship1, 310:time that that type of loneliness is oft the setting of the disciple. The increased sensitivity ofDiscipleship1, 388:through you. You may feel surprised at what I am setting you to do, and at my apparent omission toDiscipleship1, 406:both good and bad. Surrounding you, in your own setting and among those familiar to you, are manyDiscipleship1, 469:if it is a platitude. Remember also that in the setting where your personality stands at this timeDiscipleship1, 531:realized and sought to draw forth. Your life setting had to be changed before it was possible forDiscipleship1, 724:are: The establishing of magnetic influence. The setting-up of telepathic rapport. The making ofDiscipleship1, 772:disciples and is inevitably a sign that they are setting their feet upon the Path of ConsciousDiscipleship2, 69:the more impenetrable the barriers he is setting up between himself (upon the physical plane) andDiscipleship2, 108:relatively dominant men and women in their own setting, environment or milieu; they thereforeDiscipleship2, 151:of a certain esoteric appropriateness in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired byDiscipleship2, 323:a whole have created, and (note this well) the setting in motion by humanity and in relation to itsDiscipleship2, 339:nevertheless did much harm with their puerile setting of times and seasons, and their attempt toDiscipleship2, 350:significance, unperceived as yet by you, in the setting of a time boundary by the nations whoDiscipleship2, 362:of its features to more limited disciples, thus setting them to work. A group of carefully chosenDiscipleship2, 367:which humanity as a whole has created and the setting in motion - by humanity and in relation toDiscipleship2, 379:use of the Will aspect in "making holy" or in "setting apart," is active not only at the secondDiscipleship2, 636:being done; it may necessitate a change in your setting and circumstances, but the disciple - ifDiscipleship2, 653:reflective approach. I only indicate to you the setting for certain seed thoughts. I suggest thatDiscipleship2, 675:When that is the case, a most difficult setting upon the physical plane is presented to theEducation, viii:presented by the Tibetan will find its proper setting. Here we have the elements of a completeEducation, x:are already taken in several places for the setting up of experiments in education which are toEducation, 38:with the needed efficiency in a competitive setting and in his particular vocational environment.Education, 81:to work constructively in his particular world setting and prove himself a useful citizen. TheEducation, 83:professions and life careers provide the right setting for development and a useful and profitableEducation, 104:is to do wrong, to be naughty, or (if the setting is narrowly orthodox) that I am a miserableExternalisation, 150:goodwill, cooperation, and peace. The setting up of a vibration within humanity itself of suchExternalisation, 160:a close relation so that the result will be the setting up of such a potent vibration and note thatExternalisation, 176:the world are definitely affected. There is the setting up of barriers in a futile effort to keepExternalisation, 180:of the physical body is a lesser evil than the setting back of civilization, the thwarting of theExternalisation, 249:the lines of power which you may thus succeed in setting up may come that which is needed toExternalisation, 407:was heard by Him, affirming His Sonship and setting the seal of approval upon His acts and work. AtExternalisation, 490:of a certain esoteric appropriateness in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired byExternalisation, 539:carried out at this time in the Ashrams by the setting up of magnetic centers which, through theirExternalisation, 554:back into the old ways of thinking or for the setting up of any reactionary structures. This mayExternalisation, 692:usages and certain hierarchical formulas, thus setting loose the energies needed to destroy theFire, 127:will result then (if in nothing worse), in a setting back for several lives of the clock of hisFire, 142:matter of the system, first as a grand totality, setting in movement the material circumscribed byFire, 160:pull of attraction, and the [160] consequent setting up of a repulsion and therefore producing TheFire, 253:body. This coloring manifests as the vibration setting the measure of the major three spirillae andFire, 304:of the causal body, The making of karma, or the setting in motion (by action) of causes whichFire, 422:and are thus passing on the vibration, and setting it in motion against the cruder, coarser one ofFire, 447:chemical processes, causing incidentally [447] a setting loose of radioactive units, and aFire, 486:the inner meaning of radioactivity, or the setting loose of the power inherent in all elements andFire, 547:to a particular line of action, resulting in the setting up of a strong vibration - one so strongFire, 574:beginning of the work of the Logos, the first setting in motion of mulaprakriti. On each plane theFire, 591:of crystallization in all forms, takes place, setting the [592] indwelling life free for furtherFire, 718:physical plane existence. It also brings about a setting loose of force from the cosmic mentalFire, 755:concentration at the time of the festival, thus setting up currents of thought which will have aFire, 756:will be pronounced by the Buddha, thus setting loose force, and enabling His great Brother toFire, 763:petals are fully unfolded, forming a gracious setting for the central jewel, and their orange hueFire, 768:the three produce the seven), and through this setting loose of threefold energy, the work of theFire, 779:kingdom becomes radioactive; it really marks the setting in of the period of obscuration. Venus isFire, 804:and almost as much as the animal. Here we have a setting of circumstances outside human and evenFire, 971:over the idea; he ponders upon it, thereby setting up activity in mental matter, and attracting toFire, 1036:the periods of the emergence of the Rays, setting arbitrary dates, such as 2500 years, for theFire, 1131:of the rays of the blazing sun, then the setting likewise [1132] gleams and rays forth light. AsFire, 1155:with great rapidity. [1155] 23 The rising and setting of the Sun symbolizes manifestation andGlamour, 227:who need external aids, and they do provide a setting which serves to help beginners to keep theHealing, 446:them to remain close to the earth and their last setting in the earth environment. They seekHealing, 592:impact upon the forces of the etheric vehicle, setting up an emotional turmoil, and thus producingHercules, 21:is what Hercules, at the age of eighteen, is setting out to do. He must tread the Path whereon allHercules, 58:Aegle, that fair maid who is the glory of the setting sun, said unto him, placing an apple in hisHercules, 76:the glory of the life and the splendor of the setting sun; the magnificence of manifestation on theHercules, 148:all men together in indissoluble brotherhood. Setting himself apart, he steps further and furtherHercules, 156:clouds so thick they hid the sun. He thought of setting traps within the marsh. Nor boat nor humanHercules, 205:that identity which we call the soul. The world setting is ripe for a renewal of a living faith andInitiation, 2:pages as a spiritual appeal in an idealistic setting, a presentation of alleged facts, or a theoryInitiation, 43:the Christ, for to him is [43] given the work of setting the race type, of segregating the groupsIntellect, 13:persons had made sure they were human before setting out to be superhuman." - Babbitt, Irving,Intellect, 31:pioneers whom we call Mystics, and the standard-setting Figures of the race live and move and haveMagic, 88:as a whole is, however, only concerned with the setting up of a relation between soul and body andMagic, 301:them to remain close to the earth and their last setting in the earth environment. They seekMagic, 325:and present adjustments; they will see the setting loose of fresh life forces, hitherto shut out byMagic, 420:purity of life, conformity to law and the setting of a true example of spiritual living will
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