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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SETTING

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Magic, 480:the idea of a final ending by fire. There is no setting of a time for a disaster or a catastrophe.Magic, 638:and women by: Teaching them to know themselves. Setting them free from authority by awakeningMeditation, 63:the permanent atom, and the contacting and setting in motion of the heart center. The driving outMeditation, 182:development. The secret of this apparent setting back of the plans of the Logos lies hid in theMeditation, 272:Him of some of His responsibilities, thereby setting Him free for more extended work. Hence theMeditation, 272:lighten His own load along certain lines, thus setting Himself free for other important work. [273]Patanjali, 140:by right habits of thought resulting in the setting up of the liberty-producing means. IgnorancePatanjali, 284:of gaining control of the thinking principle and setting up that direct alignment and functioningPatanjali, 333:spirit) impinging upon primordial substance and setting up a pulsation, a vibration, a rhythm. ThenProblems, 37:with the needed efficiency in a competitive setting and in his particular vocational environment.Problems, 52:to work constructively in his particular world setting and prove himself a useful citizen. TheProblems, 54:professions and life careers provide the right setting for development and a useful and profitableProblems, 117:only when men have themselves created the right setting and by the wonder of their own achievementProblems, 137:things of the kingdom of God as Christ did, and setting an example of simple faith, confident joyProblems, 153:to live as Christ would have them live, setting an example of a Christ-like consciousness andProblems, 161:form or another. Meditation is also an energy, setting in motion potencies which can eliminatePsychology1, 63:his eternal purpose, but in the rising and the setting sun his orb of red is seen. His word isPsychology1, 365:ritual or ceremonial, for the rising and the setting of the sun imposes a ritual, the cyclicPsychology2, 140:they do by habit and training in that particular setting. This should be remembered. The seven rayPsychology2, 377:into expression the plan of his soul in his own setting and worldly situation. Until he can doPsychology2, 564:condition or as a rare and unique possession, setting their owner apart as more gifted, more wisePsychology2, 647:Prayer or appeal is either a potent way of setting certain great forces in motion or it is not. ThePsychology2, 681:one which will enable them - in a very difficult setting - to interject the theme of brotherhood byRays, 52:usually regarded by the average churchgoer as setting the seal of divine approval upon his demandRays, 333:the fitness of humanity to provide the right setting and upon the inevitability of evolutionaryRays, 572:in the marriage relation, divorce and the setting in motion of those forces which will eventuallyRays, 572:higher creative center; this ray is therefore setting in motion a period of tremendous creativeRays, 722:and Being, but They will do so only after setting in motion certain energy forces which willReappearance, 23:or mystical words but part of the general setting which will surround the period of Christ'sReappearance, 92:owing to the reactionary nature of the setting or field in which they have to work; they areSoul, 43:with us, our life's star, Hath had elsewhere its setting And cometh from afar; Not in entireSoul, 101:based upon and supported by the heart; and even setting aside the actual definition of the heart asTelepathy, 64:is responsible for the creation of Karma or the setting in motion of causes which must unalterably
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