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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEVENFOLD

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Astrology, 199:of "influential energy": Sirius - working in a sevenfold manner through the seven rays and theirAstrology, 416:even the highest initiate cannot yet grasp. Its sevenfold unified energies pass through Shamballa.Astrology, 430:upon the theme of this particular subject: "The sevenfold light of the Father brought from chaosAstrology, 505:There are others, for our Logos is a sevenfold Being and four remaining aspects are as yetAstrology, 517:thus bringing all the ray influences into a sevenfold stream of energy, playing upon the lower selfAstrology, 608:(of supreme unimportance) is yet a part of the sevenfold appearance of that same Essential Cause.Astrology, 612:our solar system capable of responding to the sevenfold Emanating Cause, expressing Itself throughAstrology, 637:rays, forming the manifesting logos, is again sevenfold. As the seven colors of the solar spectrumBethlehem, 103:teacher, Patanjali, taught that illumination is sevenfold, progressing by successive stages. (TheBethlehem, 214:not, this time, by the Father. Christ spoke a sevenfold word, and in that word summed up for us theDiscipleship1, 356:times consecutively. I wish you to take up now a sevenfold work upon the centers because someDiscipleship2, 122:given above owing to the fact that it is of a sevenfold nature and the method of transition and ofDiscipleship2, 210:to the Hierarchy. In developing that spirit of sevenfold receptivity which will make them a channelDiscipleship2, 256:to these newer values and truths and to the sevenfold source of life expression; the Will of God isDiscipleship2, 312:note of the united Ashrams. It is therefore a sevenfold law, for it takes on the seven colors ofDiscipleship2, 374:within the ashram; this is a point of sevenfold contact, available at all times for the use of allExternalisation, 440:demand) become the "directing Agents" for the sevenfold expression of this force. Second, at theExternalisation, 656:the New Era. This is, as you may well imagine, a sevenfold energy, emanating from and directed byExternalisation, 656:the most constructive results. It is with this sevenfold energy that the Hierarchy will work inExternalisation, 657:with some Ashram in the Hierarchy, the more the sevenfold hierarchical energies can be distributedFire, 12:the Mighty One, and sounded forth the Word. The sevenfold waves of matter resolved themselves, andFire, 15:the Stone. Triple the form, rosy the light, and sevenfold the eternal principle. [16] From out theFire, 17:God emerged from out their source, gazed on the sevenfold work, and stated it was good. The StoneFire, 17:Lord of the greater Twelve handled the work of sevenfold fire. "It is not fit," He said, "mergeFire, 24:the product of the time that was, surmount the sevenfold display. Within the Ring-pass-not the WordFire, 24:Ring-pass-not the Word of Love sounds forth. The sevenfold Lords proceed with just vibration toFire, 25:of the cosmic Third utters a Word unknown. The sevenfold lesser Word forms part of the vasterFire, 62:Lord of Active Intelligence. The triple Logos, sevenfold in manifestation., i.e. The sevenFire, 142:shows first as a totality and then as a sevenfold differentiation. This differentiation of matterFire, 146:seven Hierarchies are (as says H. P. B.) the sevenfold ray of wisdom, the dragon in its sevenFire, 183:The solar plexus. The heart. The throat. The sevenfold head center in its turn finds ultimateFire, 196:the third Logos. Touch - The recognition of the sevenfold Form Builder, the gathering together ofFire, 212:solar system, is called among other things, the "Sevenfold Flaming Fire." It was confided to ourFire, 216:process, cosmically considered. It led to a sevenfold differentiation in the matter of the system.Fire, 216:system. Just as the Law of Attraction led to the sevenfold psychic differentiation of the Sons ofFire, 216:of Mind, and the Law of Synthesis results in the sevenfold perfection of the same Manasaputras, soFire, 237:two is the aim of evolution. The Divine Ray is sevenfold. It brings in seven Entities. These sevenFire, 247:the atom, a relative thing at this stage. Its sevenfold inner economy in process of evolution. ItsFire, 249:or controls his threefold lower nature. His sevenfold inner economy; the development of his sevenFire, 255:It is the power whereby He animates His [255] sevenfold nature. Note the increase of influence asFire, 256:radiant and cosmic ethereal Dhyan Chohan. This sevenfold vibratory measure is the key of the lowestFire, 264:not with form. We have, therefore, considered: Sevenfold objectivity - the material forms.Fire, 264:Sevenfold objectivity - the material forms. Sevenfold subjectivity - the psychic evolution.Fire, 264:Sevenfold subjectivity - the psychic evolution. Sevenfold spirituality - the life of the Entity. WeFire, 266:Questions 2. The Objective Development This is sevenfold in evolution and in time, ninefold duringFire, 267:3. The Subjective Development This is also sevenfold: Astral - pure desire, emotion, feeling.Fire, 267:love-wisdom, intelligence. This deals with the sevenfold development of inherent love-wisdom by theFire, 290:by a Heavenly Man of a group consciousness of a sevenfold nature, or the achievement of accurateFire, 321:sense as "that which veils." Color veils the sevenfold differentiation of logoic manifestation and,Fire, 329:of the evolutionary process, and color the sevenfold differentiation - thus is the work carried on.Fire, 330:three main divisions, then plane by plane or the sevenfold consideration, and finally as theFire, 353:distribution of His force and having myriads of sevenfold groups as the cells of His body. Fire, 427:numbers preceding the names have to do with the sevenfold manifestation, and the numbers succeedingFire, 441:of Brahma, and as one of the Triangles in the sevenfold logoic body) has a unique position as theFire, 449:solar Logos. The threefold Word gives rise to a sevenfold vibration. A Heavenly Man, Who - throughFire, 449:The Monad, whose threefold word gives rise to a sevenfold vibration. The Ego, who - throughFire, 489:of the mineral, or, in effect, its heredity. The sevenfold nature of the peculiar group of devasFire, 608:that form of the psyche. This is seen in the sevenfold display of logoic life through the planetaryFire, 628:Entities Who form their total manifestation. Sevenfold electric fire. The seven types of spiritualFire, 629:They are esoterically the "Spirits of Darkness." Sevenfold solar fire. The seven Heavenly Men, theFire, 629:They are esoterically the "Sons of Light." Sevenfold fire by friction. The seven brothers of Fohat.Fire, 629:existence in time and space is: Seven Spirits - sevenfold will. Seven Rays - sevenfold quality orFire, 629:is: Seven Spirits - sevenfold will. Seven Rays - sevenfold quality or psyche. Seven Deva Lords -Fire, 629:sevenfold quality or psyche. Seven Deva Lords - sevenfold form. The latter are literally the sevenFire, 646:his centers - to put himself en rapport with the sevenfold soul of the world. Class 5. We have hereFire, 685:the Body throbs with spiritual energy, when its sevenfold content thrills under the spiritualFire, 692:about two things: The appropriation by the sevenfold Logos of His dense physical body. TheFire, 720:is ever the fire of matter in reality, and these sevenfold diversifications of electrical phenomenaFire, 741:and just prior to destruction, it becomes a tiny sevenfold sun owing to the radiation and activityFire, 748:vibrate to that sound, - the WORD uttered with sevenfold intensity. Greater the chaos becometh; theFire, 763:fires, showing to the eye of the clairvoyant as sevenfold whorls of light, circulating their lightFire, 865:prepared in the Heavens" which receive the sevenfold energy of the monad. These are the chambersFire, 917:To do this they must be prepared to accept the sevenfold differentiation of the physical plane asFire, 922:have cycled through Their courses." The above sevenfold tabulation can be, under the law ofFire, 1115:and the sum total of the forces which form the sevenfold heart of the physical sun, and which areFire, 1115:The Heart of the central Spiritual Sun. The sevenfold heart of the physical Sun. The buddhic devasFire, 1118:of the fires is (as may be well realized) sevenfold in nature according to the sevenfold nature ofFire, 1118:realized) sevenfold in nature according to the sevenfold nature of the Logos involved. Each circleFire, 1119:forth as seven jewels within the one, or as the sevenfold electric spark, and in the intensity ofFire, 1148:formulas for the three main types. Within this sevenfold differentiation, exist many lesser, andFire, 1157:through a scheme. From what are called "the sevenfold divisions of the logoic Heart," or the sun inFire, 1157:of the logoic Heart," or the sun in its sevenfold essential nature, as it is seen lyingFire, 1158:in man, and lie latent in every atom. The sevenfold energy of the planes, and therefore ofFire, 1158:the four lower centers are fully active. The sevenfold energy of the psyche, the consciousnessFire, 1158:three worlds are vibrating with accuracy. The sevenfold activity of spirit makes itself felt whenFire, 1158:alive but are all linked up with the sevenfold head center. A man is then seen as he is truly - aFire, 1170:as a connection with certain devas who are the sevenfold life of the vegetable kingdom. We must notFire, 1182:is triple during this particular cycle. From the sevenfold great Bear. From the Sun Sirius. FromFire, 1188:vehicles which form Their bodies will have the sevenfold variation according to the specific natureFire, 1191:through the chains and globes and rounds in a sevenfold differentiation. The quality of our earth'sFire, 1226:each one of which hides an aspect of the sevenfold Love of God as it is revealed through theFire, 1244:cosmic and not a systemic process, and is itself sevenfold in nature. This sevenfold process forFire, 1244:process, and is itself sevenfold in nature. This sevenfold process for lack of a better term weFire, 1244:process for lack of a better term we call the sevenfold cosmic Path. Fire, 1258:energy to our solar system via that "...sevenfold brooding Mother, the silver constellation, whoseGlamour, 130:ways - all of them equally right and serving the sevenfold need of humanity. Each of these sevenGlamour, 252:this is all embodied and brought about in the sevenfold work described above. This can beHealing, 295:that the seven imperfections are related to the sevenfold nature of the One in Whom we live andHealing, 449:The process of developing sensitivity in this sevenfold evolution has been undergone in order toHealing, 598:of war has been partly due to the use of this sevenfold knowledge by the Hierarchy, plus the
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