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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEVERAL

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Fire, 891:activity of a planet. Allied with them are several other groups of low class entities, whose placeFire, 895:but in the cases which do occur these devas pass several cycles in the bird kingdom, building in aFire, 906:students of the occult records. There are several ways of reading these figures, 3 4 3, but theFire, 945:in the right adjustment of the emotional nature. Several influences other than those mentioned haveFire, 955:building, therefore, of a high order, men have several things to do, which might be enumerated asFire, 974:secondary aspect. The third or spiritual eye has several functions. Amongst others, it is the organFire, 1017:more probably death would immediately ensue. 4 Several magicians have perished thus. 4 The coursesFire, 1167:is a generic term under which are grouped several other laws similar in nature but diverse in theirFire, 1194:school teaches that Gautama, Buddha with several of his Arhats, is such a Nirmanakaya, higher thanFire, 1273:deaf, and yet They are not dumb. They sound the several cosmic Words, and weave the seven with theGlamour, 55:in its descent to his brain consciousness in several ways. That which he brings to theGlamour, 98:therefore, chosen for participation in this work several aspirants whose tendency is to succumb toGlamour, 123:to other groups, because its personnel changed several times. Each time, the person who left theGlamour, 124:though it delay functioning in group service. Several of the group members were still strugglingGlamour, 144:Thus a great flood of directed light coming from several trained aspirants (and are you trained, myGlamour, 179:to develop the intuition, and this may take several months (or even years) of careful preparation.Glamour, 207:one glamor or glamors, that he is the victim of several glamors, engendered over many lives, deeplyHealing, 37:may be dealt with in any one life; sometimes several are brought into greater functioningHealing, 41:a long period of time, and the soul may take several months or years for its slow and gradualHealing, 317:theme is too complicated, and often there are several predisposing factors, and often onlyHealing, 325:of the other important glands?" You have here several questions; the whole matter is too vast forHealing, 343:Transfusion Instead of two questions, you have several. Let me list them for you so that you willHealing, 343:see what I mean, and for clarity in replying. Several of these questions are inferred and notHealing, 354:group of brothers, and to his group as a unit of several souls. Forget not that such a unit is inHealing, 354:feel, think and function as one complete unit - several personalities and one soul - it will thenHealing, 358:kinds. We might cite the following from among several possibilities which account for theHealing, 371:and for that I have no time. In my books are several definitions of vibration, either by inferenceHealing, 466:to the accumulation of the withdrawn forces for several inches external to the tangible body. It isHealing, 484:be left to drift around for a stated period of several days, have also no true basis at all. ThereHealing, 536:healer and also in relation to each other, for several of the Rules are closely related to a LawHealing, 537:is immediately capable of development. As I have several times said in this treatise, there isHealing, 632:possible. I have touched upon this subject several times in the course of this teaching uponHealing, 639:indwelt by a soul, by a living man. [639] I have several times used the expression "isolated form,"Hercules, 64:in brilliancy and has not the light that it had several hundred years ago; whilst Pollux, theHercules, 97:with hope and fearful tremblings. For days and several nights he searched the Way and listened forHercules, 197:Labor XII Interpretation of the Story There are several variations of the myth concerning the laborInitiation, 33:as it exists in the matter of the second ether. Several of the Masters in physical bodies dwell inInitiation, 34:as it is called in some books, but as this is several million years away from us at this time, weInitiation, 45:Brothers, and he may hold office for the term of several root-races. He is the sumtotal of theInitiation, 52:are, in every case, founded by a disciple, or several disciples, and upon these disciples, and notInitiation, 64:to work as an invisible helper at first and for several lives is generally kept at this kind ofInitiation, 73:The Work to be done The disciple, therefore, has several things at which to aim: A sensitiveInitiation, 83:not up to this standard may be ascribed to several things, but the note they sound should be on theInitiation, 120:initiation. This may involve one more life or several. He knows the trend they should take, heInitiation, 125:the immediate bit of the plan - involving maybe several of his tiny cycles called lives - which theInitiation, 128:on this planet, but within the system there are several such Rods of Power, and they are to beIntellect, 101:us that the "mind is a kind of theatre, where several perceptions successively make theirIntellect, 163:of Oriel College, Oxford. In it, he gives us several interesting definitions of the intuition. HeIntellect, 227:of a form in meditation is necessary usually for several years, unless one has had previousIntellect, 229:is definitely a beginner's meditation. It has several focal points in it where a recollectionIntellect, 248:certain uniform features and can be explained in several ways. They emanate from many differentMagic, 67:criterion whereby a man may know which out of several lines of activity is the right line to take?Magic, 130:Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound Several things are apparent at this juncture to theMagic, 158:of these rules can be carried forward along several lines. For our purposes, the one followed willMagic, 175:become also cognizant of His thought. Some use several of the methods, either consciously orMagic, 198:of energy from the sacral center. This is due to several causes - sometimes to spiritual purposeMagic, 208:organize [208] it and use it. Learn to do several things simultaneously, and utilize therefore allMagic, 236:forms. We will, therefore, divide this rule into several parts, the more easily to study it andMagic, 264:stages one key or tone might be sounded for several lives in their entirety. As a man nears theMagic, 264:key, often in one life heightening his vibration several times. See therefore how the life of allMagic, 438:Astrologers must remember also that there are several [439] undiscovered planets which areMeditation, 12:at first are his attempts, and sometimes several incarnations may go by in which the Higher SelfMeditation, 12:within, until there arises for the man several lives given to mystic meditation and aspiration,Meditation, 75:and their particular order is dependent on several factors, such as: The Ray of the Spirit orMeditation, 98:the most important body in the Personality for several reasons. It is a complete unit, unlike theMeditation, 118:causal body (the composite product of the several lines) aught that has not its place properlyMeditation, 118:2. On the emotional plane: Here be belongs to several groups such as: His emotional plane familyMeditation, 183:of the fifth principle, or manas. I have given several hints here and more is not possible.Meditation, 270:a man's whole period of lives. It is made so in several ways: He is definitely a part of theMeditation, 278:rule can be laid down. When a man has been for several lives making contacts with his Ego or withMeditation, 335:of atomic subplane matter... This may take several incarnations, but it should be borne in mindMeditation, 338:personality. How should this be accomplished? In several ways, some at the direction of thePatanjali, 22:wrong impressions and to obsessions. Sleep is of several kinds, and only a short tabulation isPatanjali, 23:that which has been known. This memory concerns several groups of realizations, either active orPatanjali, 30:and of all formulations of doctrinal faiths has several meanings to the occultist. For the purposePatanjali, 190:will stand for an entire idea and will require several phrases in order to convey the true meaningPatanjali, 199:the path, he may have to pass a life or maybe several in a definite abstention from the act ofPatanjali, 252:comes the shining forth of the light. There are several terms used here by various commentators andPatanjali, 341:thinker. St. Paul, as has been pointed out by several thinkers, had a touch of this state of being.Problems, 13:selfishness and self-interest which prevented several nations from siding with the Forces of Light;Problems, 74:problem of munitions workers during the past several years and the situation around the coal fieldsProblems, 107:occult teaching and living. This, however, lies several centuries ahead. In considering the problemPsychology1, 101:fertility in the kingdoms of nature has changed several times during the ages, and as it hasPsychology1, 108:telepathically and through dictation with several accepted disciples, and Their effort is toPsychology1, 161:of the soul is temporarily offset, sometimes for several lives. Where this outer condition andPsychology1, 171:of the planetary Hierarchy, over a period of several years (that is until 1950), to bring aboutPsychology1, 183:and aware. This fact will be demonstrated in several ways. The development of a power within thePsychology1, 190:Conflict, which has been in manifestation for several thousand years and will remain operative forPsychology1, 222:entire scheme of evolution appear. I have given several tabulations of correspondences and of thePsychology1, 259:factors which determine individualization are several in number, and some of them might bePsychology1, 272:and illusory relations which it will take several centuries to eradicate; they have also broughtPsychology1, 348:must necessarily remain hypothetical for several life periods, where the average student isPsychology1, 394:and disruption; this is made abundantly clear by several of the stories in the Old Testament. [395]Psychology1, 412:and the Four Kingdoms Note: Much information and several interesting hints are scattered here andPsychology2, 54:of the relationship of a soul with [54] its several vehicles of expression in the three worlds, isPsychology2, 85:regarded as magical, impossible and superhuman several centuries ago. The discoveries of science,Psychology2, 128:contacts becomes possible, until eventually (if several lives have been thus spent under thePsychology2, 194:bad aspects, can be imminently expected. As has several times been pointed out to students, thisPsychology2, 204:These too are relatively rare, though several thousands of them can be found upon our planet. TheyPsychology2, 309:would do well to bear in mind that there are several pairs of opposites with which they have
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