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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEX

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Fire, 668:forces which produce the phenomena we call love, sex impulse, instinct, or the driving urge andFire, 669:it shows in its lower manifestation as the sex instinct as we know it, and in its higher as longingFire, 677:devas intimately connected at this time with the sex expression in the human family on the physicalFire, 677:swept into being, and they embody the fire of sex expression as we understand it. They are theFire, 677:are the impulse, or instinct, back of physical sex desire. They were peculiarly dominant in theFire, 677:dominant in the fourth root-race, at which time sex conditions reached a stage of unbelievableFire, 687:activity of the astral plane, and in the part sex and passion play in the development of man. AtFire, 721:astral body, and produces the phenomenon called "sex activity" on all planes in the system. In theFire, 830:the comprehension of the real meaning of the sex relation, of the meeting and merging of the pairsFire, 872:[872] He comes to the true recognition of sex and its relations but as yet views this force asFire, 872:of atomic substance. The key to the mystery of sex, or of the pairs of opposites, is thrust intoFire, 872:The mystery of Polarity, or of the universal sex impulse. The secret of the second aspect. It isFire, 874:concern Themselves with the problem of sex, or of "magnetic approach" on all the planes. The BuddhaFire, 874:build them into form. The present ideas anent Sex must be transmuted and raised from the existingFire, 874:lower connotation to its true significance. Sex - in the three worlds - has to do with the work ofFire, 875:Certain [875] factors enter into the thought of sex which might be enumerated as follows: MutualFire, 900:the significance underlying: [900] The sex impulse, macrocosmically and microcosmicallyFire, 909:about a refusal to besmirch the great love or sex impulse of nature. The ceremonial ray has beenFire, 986:520. Black magic is based on the degradation of sex and of the creative function. White magic isFire, 1072:species is really occupied with the effect of sex energy in the second kingdom of nature; he willFire, 1072:are more freely used in experimental stations. Sex, in the mineral kingdom, or chemical affinity,Fire, 1168:of the Sun, The second Ray force. 3. The Law of Sex. This is the term applied to the force whichFire, 1169:of a much higher order than the law of physical sex. It is the expression of the law as it isFire, 1197:the animal physical nature, particularly along sex lines. We must remember that the hierarchiesGlamour, 95:automatic response to the physical instincts, to sex, food and warmth. These loom large in man'sGlamour, 107:is the higher aspect of the sacral center (the sex center) and thus led to the initial glamor andGlamour, 107:definite recognition and consideration of the sex impulse, of sex attraction, and - for theGlamour, 107:and consideration of the sex impulse, of sex attraction, and - for the initiate of that period - ofGlamour, 107:the initiate of that period - of the necessary sex transmutation. This went hand in hand with theGlamour, 123:of the mysterious and the secret. The glamor of sex magic. The glamor of the emerging manifestedGlamour, 215:with aspects of his daily living, with his sex life or with his ambitions, with his relations toHealing, 9:and in the life of inhibited or excessive sex expression, must be sought the causes of all disease.Healing, 45:grade animal type of men 6. Sacral center Gonads Sex organs Life force Physical plane force VitalHealing, 58:that troubles connected with the misuse of the sex life began; this was, in a peculiar sense, theHealing, 58:of a reaction to the diseases connected with the sex life which became so rampant in later LemurianHealing, 58:Lemurian life, resulting from the promiscuous sex life on every hand, for the sake ofHealing, 60:Organ Syphilitic Lemurian Physical Mineral Sex organs Sacral center Cancer Atlantean AstralHealing, 60:cause (reaction from an over-expression of the sex life through the cultivation of the desireHealing, 60:through the turning of the life emphasis to the sex aspect of life, have revolted on a large scaleHealing, 60:life expression, and it is along this line - the sex [61] line - that their major inhibitions areHealing, 61:women. Men do not require or acquire so marked a sex control. The general field of their inhibitedHealing, 62:it. They can, with relative ease, transfer the sex impulse to the throat center, and thus becomeHealing, 63:this desire-satisfaction. A consequent study of sex magic, plus a constant insatiable physical andHealing, 63:active imagination, plus a powerful physical or sex nature, and a prurient curiosity. This I sayHealing, 63:combining in themselves both aspects of the sex life, are faced with a very real problem. It is aHealing, 64:thus clarifying the issue. (The Problem of Sex. p. 268-307 of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.Healing, 89:inherent in the use and the misuse of the sex urge. Instead of man being governed by the cyclicHealing, 89:governed by the cyclic manifestation of the sex impulse, and his life, therefore, being ruled by aHealing, 89:understood - would determine the use of the sex relationship, including naturally the male impulseHealing, 164:the lower body are: The spleen The stomach The sex organs The sumtotal of the body is also triple:Healing, 166:we have this triple system carried out. The sex organs, the creative aspect, the fashioner of theHealing, 176:very powerful center, controlling as it does the sex life. One of the interesting things about thisHealing, 176:I have said in all my books anent the subject of sex so that a pamphlet on the subject may beHealing, 180:towards fusion, and this urge to blend we call sex. Sex is, in reality, the instinct towards unity:Healing, 180:fusion, and this urge to blend we call sex. Sex is, in reality, the instinct towards unity: firstHealing, 195:all the [195] way from an emphasis upon the sex life, and consequent activity of the sacral center,Healing, 215:will solve the individual problem of sex, and without recourse to either inhibition or suppression,Healing, 229:body, which greatly increased the demands of the sex nature through the stimulation of the sacralHealing, 231:of the race) were through the misuse of sex, so the major sin of the Atlantean people was theft -Healing, 239:to the sacral center, and therefore to the sex organs, has been the well-intentioned suppression ofHealing, 239:has been the well-intentioned suppression of the sex life, and of all thought connected with theHealing, 239:sex life, and of all thought connected with the sex life, by misguided aspirants; they are thoseHealing, 239:In that period of time, good people taught that sex was evil and wicked, something not to beHealing, 239:violently suppressed and all thoughts anent the sex life were refused expression. Nevertheless,Healing, 303:upon the misuse of the mission and function of sex. Desire, bewilderment, weakness, perversions andHealing, 316:would naturally be the case, for the physical sex organs are a lower correspondence of theHealing, 442:of the intercourse between the two planes as are sex perversions and the distortions of the [443]Healing, 490:generated by the inner man, and also that sex, as it is physically understood, is non-existent.Healing, 562:inevitably debilitated condition. A frustrated sex life or a state wherein an unmarried person hasHealing, 562:and universal process, and to whom therefore sex remains a mystery (and at the same time a constantHealing, 562:effort to attract the attention of the opposite sex until it reaches a point where it becomes aHealing, 562:if at the time an unrecognized) interest in sex. This can evidence itself also in a dream lifeHealing, 563:and is not simply a transmutation of the sex urge into some form of creative thinking which simplyHercules, 42:this test concerns predominantly the problem of sex. There are four words in the English languageHercules, 42:of three letters each and are as follows: God, Sex, Law and Sin. In these four words we findHercules, 42:of consciousness, and the energizing Life. Sex, that Life in operation, attracting spirit andHercules, 42:and between the exoteric and the esoteric. Sex, desire, attraction, the instinctive urge toHercules, 42:be piled up to express some of the activities of Sex in its various relations. Law, theHercules, 43:for us in these four words. God, the Whole; Sex, the attraction between the parts within thatHercules, 46: The Labors of Hercules - Labor II The Theme of Sex From this extract and many others which couldHercules, 46:adduced, it is apparent how closely linked with sex, in its lower and in its higher aspects, isHercules, 47:for in one he wrestles with the problem of sex, and in the other, he overcomes the great illusion.Hercules, 48:exert over him. Maya, or the great illusion, and sex are but two aspects of the same force, that ofHercules, 48:Labors of Hercules - Labor II The Disciple and Sex An aspirant to discipleship has in sex a realHercules, 48:and Sex An aspirant to discipleship has in sex a real problem with which to contend.Hercules, 48:impulse underlying human conduct where sex is concerned. We shall see the elimination ofHercules, 49:economic problem. Through right control of the sex function and its relegation to the purpose forHercules, 49:gain experience) then right use will be made of sex. Then, passion, Lust, self-gratification,Hercules, 49:orgies. These have been dignified by the name of sex magic, and in the sexual orgasm, deliberatelyHercules, 49:a man is led to believe that the physical sex act is his highest point of spiritual opportunity andHercules, 49:which makes marriage and all expression of the sex life a sin for a disciple and which says that aHercules, 49:and understanding, live a normal, balanced sex life; then there is a department of human expressionHercules, 50:and the attitude of different races towards sex is widely diversified. Standards of conduct differ.Hercules, 50:factor, and in others the man. Down the ages sex perverts, homosexuals, true and spurious, haveHercules, 50:are asking in no uncertain tones: "What about sex? What is right and what is wrong?" How can theyHercules, 51:which means that the solution of the whole sex problem will come when the disciple subordinates hisHercules, 51:many aspirants in inhibiting or shutting off all sex expression. Physiologically they may succeed,Hercules, 51:Many who would scorn the practise of any of the sex perversions and who hold that marriage is notHercules, 53:will arrive at liberation from the control of sex. He will succeed in following the example ofHercules, 128:in this quiet sign, we meet with the problems of sex and money, both good servants and bad masters,
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