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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHAFT

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Astrology, 177:comes, I, thy Lanoo, will follow fast upon the shaft I sent. The horses I will leave upon this sideAstrology, 177:eventually to spiritual aspiration. A clear shaft of light which is the intuitive and focusedAstrology, 177:as it is sometimes called. For it is the shaft of the arrow of aspiration which returns to theAutobiography, 88:my dressing table for a minute. Suddenly a broad shaft of brilliant light struck my room and theDiscipleship1, 231:month - The rising dawn; a cool breeze and a shaft of light. A weary pilgrim and then again theGlamour, 144:of the head and the heart. [144] Then see a shaft of pure white light, broad and brilliant, pouringGlamour, 144:clearly visualized, then see your particular shaft of light blended with the shafts of light whichHercules, 25:symbol, too, of that piercing illumination, that shaft of Light which could irradiate the darknessHercules, 196:agilely aside, Hercules evaded the deadly shaft. Stretching taut his bow, Hercules let fly an arrowMagic, 76:which drowns the triple sound" are depicted by a shaft of light ending in a symbolic word in goldPsychology2, 169:worker. The key was of pure gold; the shaft of light; upon the key a label, and writ in blue, these
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