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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHAMBALLA

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Healing, 679:a whole, and Sanat Kumara in His high place at Shamballa. Sanat Kumara is in Himself the essentialHealing, 687:word "life" in its deepest esoteric sense. In Shamballa, where the emerging Purpose of Sanat KumaraHealing, 687:personality. In the Council Chamber at Shamballa, the life of the Monad supersedes all otherHealing, 688:clear unimpeded will of both the Hierarchy and Shamballa. It will be apparent to you, therefore,Healing, 690:which is sound, the reverberating note of Shamballa," the sound focuses itself either in theHealing, 691:of glory to the Place where dwells the Lord" (Shamballa) summarizes or contains within himself allHealing, 706:force which rules the hearts of all within Shamballa come to my aid, for I am worthy of that aid.Hercules, 138:promise is in Libra, called the open door to Shamballa, the sign in which there is found "theInitiation, 33:[33] The central home of this Hierarchy is at Shamballa, a center in the Gobi desert, called in theInitiation, 33:literature of the day, but the location of Shamballa will be one of the latest etheric sacred spotsInitiation, 40:Personalities in the Council Chamber at Shamballa, there is a group of four Beings who are theInitiation, 46:are in daily touch with the Lord of the World at Shamballa, and the entire guidance of affairsInitiation, 105:proved needless. This conference took place at Shamballa. This is mentioned to show the closeInitiation, 106:he, Sanat Kumara it is, who from his throne at Shamballa in the Gobi desert, presides over theInitiation, 129:electric capacity. This ceremony takes place at Shamballa. The Rod of Initiation known as theInitiation, 130:hidden in the "heart of the wisdom," that is, at Shamballa. The Rod of the One Initiator is hiddenInitiation, 130:spiritual sun." One Rod is charged anew at Shamballa for each new World Teacher; the Rod of SanatInitiation, 130:life. The first two ceremonies take place at Shamballa, the sacred point of planetaryInitiation, 145:back to the rear of the Hall of Initiation at Shamballa, and a "wall of silence" is built upInitiation, 188:the council chamber of the Lord of the World at Shamballa, manipulating the law of vibration on hisInitiation, 225:and largely a hieroglyphic cypher. [225] Shamballa The City of the Gods, which is in the West toMagic, 378:though the Brotherhood made its headquarters at Shamballa and directed its activities from there,Magic, 378:of these mysteries need to remember that though Shamballa is spoken of as existing in physicalMagic, 378:(the coming of the Hierarchy and the founding of Shamballa being about eighteen and a half millionMagic, 379:humanity. [379] 6. The first outpost for the Shamballa Fraternity was the original temple of IbezMagic, 379:early adepts, working under instruction from Shamballa to develop the energy centers of the humanMagic, 381:(again under instructions from the Masters at Shamballa) began to withdraw into the Temples, toMagic, 546:made from it, the original being kept at Shamballa. It runs thus, with certain deletions, which itMeditation, 302:has its root in the sacred center of the planet, Shamballa. At that place, directly under the eyesMeditation, 302:all emanating from the central office at Shamballa, are paralleling the Himalayan work. Get thisMeditation, 304:focused and under the control of the Chohan at Shamballa. The heads of each of the four branchesMeditation, 359:language, and largely a hieroglyphic cypher. Shamballa The City of the Gods, which is in the WestPsychology2, 35:called "the four gates into the City of Shamballa", - that city of the Most High God, which is everRays, 13:three Buddhas of Activity. The Great Council at Shamballa and the planetary Hierarchy. The BuddhaRays, 17:with the higher initiations emanating from the Shamballa center. Group initiation is based upon aRays, 18:closer contact - invocative and evocative - with Shamballa, and therefore a fuller responsivenessRays, 18:be more closely related to the Great Council at Shamballa, and very much more closely interrelatedRays, 28:- its major aspect. It is, technically speaking, Shamballa in direct relation with humanity. What,Rays, 30:fire all elements of self-will. As the energy of Shamballa streams out and makes a direct contactRays, 30:Age to initiation. The theme of "the Way into Shamballa" requires reflective study and esotericRays, 35:of Approach are primarily concerned with the Shamballa or life aspect. They are the only FormulasRays, 35:abundantly." These words relate to contact with Shamballa; the result will be the expression of theRays, 35:it is only in group formation that, as yet, the Shamballa force of the will can be tapped. They areRays, 35:and of group initiation, is capable of invoking Shamballa. That is why Hitler, the exponent of theRays, 35:Hitler, the exponent of the reversed reaction to Shamballa (and consequently the evil reaction) hadRays, 36:the expression of the invocative arc of the Shamballa force) it requires a group to bring aboutRays, 37:and force transmitter between the center of Shamballa and Humanity. The individual initiate, on theRays, 46:acceptance of truth. Will governs the Way into Shamballa and is the foundation for all approach to,Rays, 54:rank who are approaching identification with Shamballa, are steadily and ever more clearly hearingRays, 56:registers the fact that he has been accepted by Shamballa and has made his first contact with theRays, 57:Triad, the Master in relation to His Ashram, and Shamballa in relation to the Hierarchy, can work,Rays, 58:forth - as annually it does - from the center at Shamballa and the seal is set on the acceptance ofRays, 60:purpose. He has heard the Voice from Shamballa just as he earlier heard the Voice of the SilenceRays, 60:his group, with the Hierarchy, and finally with Shamballa. The key to this whole Rule lies in theRays, 61:reach the Monad in its high place of waiting in Shamballa. [62] Rays, 65:creative Contemplatives of the planet), or from Shamballa from the Council Chamber of the Lord ofRays, 65:Lives" (as They are sometimes called) of Shamballa are dedicated to the furthering of theRays, 68:is, responsive to the "bright center," Shamballa, where the initiate by himself and in his ownRays, 68:preparation - the Hierarchy makes contact with Shamballa and a relationship is then set up betweenRays, 69:constitutes the point of tension from which Shamballa works in order to bring about the eventualRays, 69:even in this. The Members of the Council at Shamballa recognize this distinction and thereforeRays, 70:man to grasp of the present will of Shamballa as it conditions the plans of the Hierarchy and isRays, 70:They Themselves are members of the Council at Shamballa and are individually Registrants of theRays, 76:from humanity by the invocation sounded forth by Shamballa? Can this evocation of a new cycle ofRays, 76:Hierarchy (and by that term I include both Shamballa and the planetary Hierarchy) is evoking theRays, 78:The human center, the hierarchical center, and Shamballa. Each of these is evocative to the oneRays, 79:lying far ahead. To this center we give the name Shamballa, the component letters of which areRays, 79:is closely related to the third major center, Shamballa; it is the third, from the angle of man'sRays, 80:you note that the sounds which compose the word "Shamballa" are predominantly along the line ofRays, 81:the highest spiritual center on our planet, Shamballa. This he does because, for the first time,Rays, 81:of which the first step is contact with Shamballa, involving the fusion of his self-will and hisRays, 84:that three great energies are focused in Shamballa, the seat of fire: The Energy of Purification:Rays, 84:the will of Those Who constitute the Council at Shamballa and Who are instrumental in bringing theRays, 85:of Will or Power, the energies concentrated at Shamballa and the Law of Karma, particularly in itsRays, 85:and (as you have been told) the inflow of the Shamballa force at this particular time, both as aRays, 85:and plan. This is the aspect, emanating from Shamballa, and inherent also in form (as are the otherRays, 86:for us to recognize the factual nature of the Shamballa forces as they play upon our planetary lifeRays, 87:energy, emanating from "the bright center," Shamballa, is something very different, and I would askRays, 88:learn to do through the utilization of the third Shamballa energy - the energy of organization. TheRays, 89:and the Hierarchy, He can relate them both to Shamballa. This He does through a great act ofRays, 89:between all the three great planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy, and Humanity. He can doRays, 89:to Humanity, and Wisdom relates the Hierarchy to Shamballa. Only when Humanity and the HierarchyRays, 89:together in a practical synthesis, can the Shamballa energy be permitted complete inflow throughRays, 90:this is that the time has now been reached when Shamballa can be contacted and its energy evoked.Rays, 91:the Hierarchy is to evoke the electric fire of Shamballa, the energy of the divine Will, and thisRays, 92:shown His individual response to the Shamballa energy: Once in the Temple of Jerusalem as a child,Rays, 92:with the aid of the Buddha, the Hierarchy to Shamballa, love to will, electric fire to solar fire.Rays, 93:focused in the Christ, and the powerful work of Shamballa, focused in the Lord of the World. WhenRays, 93:arrived, the work of the Buddha, representing Shamballa, and of the Christ, representing theRays, 94:Own high Place outside the Council Chamber of Shamballa." That the Avatar will come is aRays, 94:stand as the planetary Representative. Then from Shamballa will descend a stream of spiritualRays, 94:to express the effect of the outpouring from Shamballa in clearer terms. We are told in the BibleRays, 95:mental development. The work now being done by Shamballa and the Hierarchy on behalf of humanityRays, 96:initiate to the Will of God, to the Council at Shamballa, to forces active on the planet Pluto, andRays, 97:initiate to that Life which works out through Shamballa, through the Hierarchy and throughRays, 110:either initiate, and consciously in touch with Shamballa, or disciples who are likewise a part ofRays, 110:just as dangerous for them to be able to reach Shamballa (prior to the third initiation when allRays, 112:have been demanded of the Hierarchy by Shamballa in order to safeguard the Mysteries and prevent aRays, 112:"My soul and thine." The first demand made by Shamballa is that the groups being prepared forRays, 113:way of service, and it is this merging which Shamballa demands should condition the attempt now in
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