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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHAPE

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Meditation, 340:of the disciple which welds into a permanent shape the hard won efforts and results of many years.Patanjali, 95:aggregate of forces which produced the external shape; every aggregate of forces has [96] its ownPatanjali, 259:of the internal organ is the modification in the shape of Nirodha." The others are still morePatanjali, 259:so that it ceases to modify itself and take on shape. By dint of steady persevering endeavor thePatanjali, 259:will naturally lead to the mind assuming the shape that controls it and it will be thrown into aPatanjali, 280:These currents of force gradually sweep into shape forms which correspond to the thinker's idea andPatanjali, 281:force holding the dense physical vehicle in shape. Through this etheric substratum the physicalPatanjali, 334:pulsating vibrating substance to take form or shape, and thus bringing about the incarnation of thePatanjali, 342:to the earth, together with the properties of shape and the rest, are named 'gross.' This is thePatanjali, 342:form is their respective generic characteristic: Shape for the earth, viscidity for the water, heatProblems, 69:that federated world which is inevitably taking shape around the three Great Powers. ThesePsychology1, 86:of the building light. Carve deep. Construct and shape the living stone. Quality - power to create.Psychology1, 177:well organized, with its outer form taking rapid shape by 2025. Do not infer from this that wePsychology1, 219:built upon the etheric body, and which takes shape and form under a vital etheric urge, desire orPsychology1, 356:purpose and plan of the Deity begin to take shape in men's minds. The secondary effects of thisPsychology2, 13:but have not yet whipped the lower nature into shape. They are, therefore, unable to express thatPsychology2, 55:these patterns or fundamental ideas which take shape and appear to control the "way of a man onPsychology2, 262:carrying with them the spoils of victory in the shape of the freedom which they have won forPsychology2, 368:I take that garment, piece by piece. I know its shape and color, its form and type, its partsPsychology2, 584:substance of a low grade which can be built into shape (and often is) by the thought, either of aRays, 58:structure of the coming world order is taking shape, the process will be speeded considerably; thisRays, 121:which these new and impending ideas must take shape and manifest have yet to be created, and thatRays, 145:your eyes. The industrial movement began to take shape one hundred years ago and received a greatRays, 188:spine and two in the head) were esoterically "in shape." The seven lotuses, or chakras wereRays, 194:at the time that the Hierarchy takes physical shape upon the earth again. [195] Bear ever in mindRays, 204:the Lord." Three concepts have perchance taken shape in your minds in connection with Shamballa, ifRays, 277:which today seem to be taking definite shape in the concretizing of the divine project: Right HumanRays, 430:the world picture. This picture is taking shape and warrants recognition. It involves the Jews (whoRays, 527:in Himself two divine aspects, thus giving "shape and substance to love"; this had beenReappearance, 53:working under the Christ, and thus took shape as the divine Plan. Today, because of what Christ didSoul, 64:of us do. We know that a body of characteristic shape, or indeed of any definite shape, cannotSoul, 64:characteristic shape, or indeed of any definite shape, cannot exist without the forces of cohesionTelepathy, 149:there is no single form that is not "kept in shape and livingness" by this determined inflow and
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