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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHAPES

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Astrology, 375:processes of time and strikes the blow which shapes the metal into that which is desired, and thisAtom, 39:useful relation assume beautiful or interesting shapes and colors, or give forth a pleasantDiscipleship2, 66:cry of humanity itself, which inevitably shapes and moulds astral substance. The new inflowingFire, 1109:nature. It is in devachan that the man shapes and polishes the stones which are built into theGlamour, 70:a clearer world wherein more perfect forms and shapes can be seen and where the fog hides not aHealing, 293:we call energy) creates all that is, colors and shapes all [294] manifestations within the worlds,Hercules, 135:to be accomplished by a rearrangement of outer shapes, forms, or institutions; it must originateHercules, 147:of fear torment the sons of men. These illusory shapes perplex and frighten them, acting asMagic, 36:plays upon matter, forcing it to assume certain shapes, to respond to certain vibrations and toMagic, 332:on atomic forms) produce the tangible concrete shapes to which we give names in the variousMagic, 332:into consciousness of the race of heterogeneous shapes which aggregates of atoms can assume. ThisMagic, 332:assume. This type of energy which produces the shapes and forms and coherent organisms in all theMeditation, 56:adjusts matter, under set forms, to the desired shapes. You may ask here: Why have I thusMeditation, 136:the light. The Dark Brother retards progress and shapes all to his own ends; the Brother of LightMeditation, 340:by the disciple. Like as a potter moulds and shapes the clay and then applies the fire thatMeditation, 340:the fire that solidifies, so the aspirant shapes and moulds and builds, and prepares for thePatanjali, 259:and throws the chitta or mind stuff into shapes corresponding to the object seen. [259] 2. He thenPsychology2, 369:Me waiting underneath the veils, the many-sided shapes, the glamors and the thought-forms which
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