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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHIELD

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Astrology, 251:goal of the evolutionary process which is to shield, nurture and finally [252] reveal the hiddenBethlehem, 151:and history tells that he had to use a veil to shield that radiance from others. But the lightDiscipleship1, 380:I am true and know what I should do. I thereby shield the weak and leave them free. But in thisDiscipleship1, 394:nor have they succeeded in tarnishing the white shield of your fiery faith. This you have held everDiscipleship1, 475:the thoughts of other men and thus bring harm; I shield my brother from every harmful word. 4thDiscipleship1, 612:true friends are deeply distressed and seek to shield you and to hold you to the straight path ofDiscipleship2, 465:his Ashram and the aura of mine would act as a shield, and that the resources of both Ashrams wereDiscipleship2, 507:behind you. On that point, have no doubts. I shield and protect, but I leave you free to work. Discipleship2, 643:the needed lessons. Seek not unduly to lift and shield, for the shielding mother-complex is inDiscipleship2, 649:you, your group brothers have stood as a shield around you, and the strength of my Ashram has beenDiscipleship2, 747:ways. I could myself put around you a protecting shield; I choose not to do so, for you would learnFire, 816:to form three inner petals, which closely shield the central spark; these are nevertheless of theFire, 1015:not to blow it out. The very winds protect, shield and aid the work, guiding the falling fire untoFire, 1221:figure holding above his head what looks like a shield or tray of silver, a great reflector, whilstHercules, 95:that he owns and let him burnish bright his shield, and dip his arrows in a lethal brew, for direHercules, 97:without defence? Go find your weapons and your shield. The lion is fierce and strong, and numbersHercules, 115:goal of the evolutionary process, which is to shield, nurture and finally reveal the hiddenInitiation, 116:set of three closely folded petals, which shield what is called in the eastern books "The jewel inInitiation, 130:of which our physical sun is but the environing shield and envelope. The Rod of the cosmic LogosMagic, 137:personal karma any more than it is permitted to shield from the consequences of action. ThisMagic, 370:insulated person (hiding himself behind the shield of his protective desires) must not beMagic, 592:and at the same time forms a protective shield between the ajna and throat centers. These ethericMeditation, 134:to teach you, the physical plane workers, how to shield and guard yourselves from attack. The DarkPatanjali, 423:of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quenchRays, 753:For untold aeons, the Hierarchy has stood like a shield, guarding humanity. But with the coming ofTelepathy, 170:It is also that which the other three aspects shield, and which the seven principles (expressing
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