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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHIFTED

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Astrology, 496:the esoteric planets and our Earth. I have shifted the approach of the astrological student awayAutobiography, 225:were most undesirable and the teaching given shifted from a relatively high spiritual plane to thatAutobiography, 263:techniques imparted; all this will have to be shifted to a higher level than at present. TheBethlehem, 167:His power to heal still continued, but His work shifted into a field of new values, and He spokeDestiny, 113:sixth ray, the divine principle of desire has shifted potently away from the desire for materialDiscipleship1, 349:or permanent habits, then meditation can be shifted into another category of usefulness and serveDiscipleship1, 753:the truth; his focus of consciousness has to be shifted from the threefold lower nature into thatDiscipleship2, 145:been successful, your original focus will have shifted to intuitional levels or to the levels ofDiscipleship2, 383:or Lord of Civilization, his Ashram was shifted from the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order to theDiscipleship2, 405:greatly facilitated since the entire Hierarchy shifted its location (since 1925 A.D.) from theDiscipleship2, 412:When this was grasped, the whole subject was shifted, within hierarchical circles, from the mentalDiscipleship2, 639:Adjust your sense of values, which have shifted considerably lately (I say not whether for good orEducation, 120:the idea of self-sacrifice. This idea has lately shifted from the individual and his sacrifice toExternalisation, 119:the pioneering souls (a very small minority) shifted their consciousness gradually higher into theExternalisation, 185:populations of cities and entire districts are shifted from one part of a country to another;Fire, 30:mastered the lower [30] three. The work was shifted to the plane whereon the Pilgrim stood. TheFire, 70:word it otherwise) the polarization eventually shifted into the three permanent atoms of the Triad,Fire, 797:Soul mates Divorce and many other terms will be shifted to higher planes, and will be recognizedGlamour, 53:squarely, faced and overcome until a man has: Shifted the focus of his consciousness on to theGlamour, 109:healthy person still do so. The sense of duality shifted then into a growing recognition of theGlamour, 203:ago. Later, as evolution proceeded and desire shifted from one planned satisfaction to another, itHealing, 3:hence, when the focus of human attention has shifted from the emotional nature to the mind, andHealing, 48:a new usefulness. Once the cause of disease is shifted out of an organ or bodily system into a moreHealing, 626:that all work in relation to the glands must be shifted away from the seven effects orIntellect, 72:another dimension. The goal of achievement has shifted into higher realms of thought andIntellect, 78:unrest. Steadily his center of consciousness has shifted, and steadily his attention has beenMeditation, 10:the whole point of equilibrium is gradually shifted higher and higher, until the time comes whenProblems, 77:are now so powerful that many of them have shifted into the position of dictators and arePsychology1, 116:live as a soul, and when his consciousness has shifted away from the world of illusion, then he canPsychology1, 183:the realm of certainty. The problem will have shifted further back. There will be no question inPsychology2, 247:through this effort, the emphasis is constantly shifted from the outer world of seeming to thePsychology2, 287:same way as the consciousness of the personality shifted out of the lower awareness into that ofPsychology2, 336:Step by step, the consciousness of man has shifted from: That of the purely animal, with itsPsychology2, 389:creativity. This creative fecundity has steadily shifted during the past few thousand years intoRays, 387:process of creating the seven Ashrams, they have shifted their focus (or location) from the lowestRays, 498:mean that past teaching is abrogated, but it is shifted back to the earlier stages on the Path ofTelepathy, 111:the last few centuries that the Hierarchy has shifted the focus of its living attention on to the
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