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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHINES

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Astrology, 82:has rent and torn the man, and then - the light shines forth; until the Serpent dread has wrestledAstrology, 330:the rising sun. Aquarius - The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea. This is the light whichAstrology, 330:across the sea. This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healingAstrology, 384:is dissipated [384] and "the light which shines through the eye of the Bull will be unimpeded" andAstrology, 433:call the Earth he stopped at a bright sun where shines the light of love (Sirius. A.A.B.) and thereAstrology, 562:of the Old Commentary as follows: "The Light shines forth because the greater light and the lesserAstrology, 594:is to be found the point of radiant fire which shines within the eye (Taurus), which burns upon theAstrology, 678:The first planetary initiation." Pisces ..."shines as a symbol of the past, present and futureBethlehem, 43:undergone. He is the One Whose "star shines forth" when the initiate enters into light. There areBethlehem, 104:each of which marks an increase of light which shines upon our way and develops that inner radianceBethlehem, 154:that the outer image disappears, and God Himself shines forth. James, we are told, signifiesBethlehem, 157:has attained masterhood, the 'Robe of Glory' shines forth with such splendor through the garment ofBethlehem, 246:of transfiguration where that which is of worth shines forth in all its glory. Having achieved thatBethlehem, 252:the kingdom is ours, when the whole of creation shines forth before our eyes, it is that WholeDiscipleship1, 145:blended head and heart and above whose foreheads shines the mystic symbol of the builder. That youDiscipleship1, 167:as a worker: The sense of responsibility shines forth in flickering flames from every soul whichDiscipleship1, 187:are submerged and only the light of the soul shines forth.. In that light, you will see light onDiscipleship1, 199:a pattern, a ray, a goal and a light which shines from the Path. Realizing this, do I know anythingDiscipleship1, 213:"I stand within the Light, and as the light shines throughout my form, I radiate that light. "IDiscipleship1, 335:and that. The doors stand open wide; a light shines forth; a Word can then be spoken and manyDiscipleship1, 399:a pattern, a way, a goal, and a light which shines upon the Path. But, realizing this, do I knowDiscipleship1, 491:is intense indeed, but it does not radiate. It shines at the center of your being and with suchDiscipleship1, 491:the effect of this condition? A light that shines in a closely shut lantern may serve to irradiateDiscipleship1, 528:hung in the arch. There is also a light, which shines at dusk, on the three words. On beingDiscipleship1, 532:I am myself the love of God, the light that shines, the Way. The very simplicity of my instructionDiscipleship1, 652:themselves before my fire. The radiance divine shines forth through me." 6th month - "May I be lostDiscipleship1, 676:a rose. Upon the upper limb, a vibrant diamond shines, within a star five-pointed. The living soulDiscipleship1, 715:in the following terms: "The point of light shines forth. It waxes and it wanes. The point becomesDiscipleship2, 65:has seen the Star in the East - that star which shines forth in fuller splendor each time anotherDiscipleship2, 104:on his ability to "face the greater Light which shines in Shamballa." It is the Plan which givesDiscipleship2, 195:way, where light may shine and show a star which shines above the brow of the Initiator." I suggestDiscipleship2, 315:Voice can say to him: 'Well done! Move on. Light shines.' " You will note that the emphasis inDiscipleship2, 436:out of the Old Commentary: [436] "The light that shines within the heart of man discovers lightDiscipleship2, 436:blended lights, comes revelation. The light that shines within the sacred Hierarchy of SoulsDiscipleship2, 545:it can throw upon the problem the light which shines through it. This will bring right solution andDiscipleship2, 546:distant peak or pyramid and on its summit there shines a clear pure light of great intensity. WithDiscipleship2, 547:[547] "Dim light am I and yet the pure light shines. Not distant is that light but daily, hourlyDiscipleship2, 561:this past year and your light within the Ashram shines brighter. I think that it is only fair toDiscipleship2, 647:and say: "I am one with the light which shines through my soul, my brothers and my Master." AtDiscipleship2, 721:Master, but only when the quiet of evening light shines forth and all is still within. Take theseDiscipleship2, 768:of God, embodied in themselves the Light which shines, the Strength which lifts and serves, theEducation, 144:lower and the upper lights, so that one light shines forth in physical manifestation and aExternalisation, 428:nations upon whom the light of Freedom shines and who will refuse, at all costs, to relinquish thatFire, 20:rent is the cavern 's roof. The light of life shines in; the warmth inspires. The Lords onlookingFire, 230:the microcosm or man. When a man's light fully shines forth, when his magnetic radiation hasFire, 236:purpose. He is perfected love-wisdom; his light shines forth cosmically; His magnetic radiusFire, 345:of these two poles light is produced, a flame shines forth, a sphere of radiant glory is seen whichFire, 712:of electrical phenomena, the light of the Monad shines forth, but we have to extend the idea to theFire, 714:irrespective of caste and creed even as the sun shines for all. - Some Thoughts on the Gita, pageFire, 765:the egoic Sun, - through the interaction - shines with ever greater intensity and glory. On theFire, 1123:of a man's inner God is seen, when his radiance shines forth then will it be said of him as ofFire, 1132:gleams and rays forth light. As the diamond shines with increasing brilliance, the fire isGlamour, 37:against his "vain imaginings"; and so the "light shines upon his way." He is not yet able to seeGlamour, 38:he habitually walked. Today a little more light shines upon his way and he may, if he frees himselfGlamour, 96:Men are still so ignorant of the "reality which shines under the envelope which envelops it" - asGlamour, 160:and thrown into high relief by the light which shines from the Angel, the transmitter of energyGlamour, 196:and blend soul light and material light. Then he shines forth as a Light bearer, the purified lightGlamour, 198:Technique of the Presence from Whom the light shines. This is the mediating factor producing theHealing, 470:by the soul is now complete; a new light shines forth in a dark place. The second moment ofHerculesexperiences and seeks the clear light which shines from the High Place." "Let him proceed upon hisHercules, 12:of phenomenal existence into the light that shines always in the kingdom of spirit. The third keyHercules, 38:the pillars of the Gate into the light which shines where stands the sacred bull. On the horizonHercules, 135:heart, when he turns towards the light that shines upon him from the residue of immortalityHercules, 140:God who was also the son of man. "The light now shines on Gate the eighth," the Teacher said. "InHercules, 142:is won", the Teacher said. "The Light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blended with your own".Hercules, 171:he found his Teacher there. "The light now shines within the world of dark." the Teacher said. "TheHercules, 180:then waxed to a steady beacon, and now shines for you like a blazing sun. Turn now your back uponInitiation, 3:Triplicity, and then as a Septenary. The One God shines forth as God the Father, God the Son, andInitiation, 7:the labyrinth, and the one [7] ray of light that shines through the darkness of the surroundingInitiation, 22:seventh initiations the first, or will, aspect shines forth, and from being a Master of CompassionInitiation, 26:comes little by little, and the light shines ever more clearly, let us persist until that day dawnsInitiation, 115:is seen as a duality, and another aspect shines forth before him. He becomes aware that thisIntellect, 149:The thought of a Light which enters in and which shines upon our way, the symbolism of an intenseIntellect, 189:Light), is delivered from all accidents, ...and shines in its own splendor like gold which isMagic, 76:The fires unite, and [76] great the light that shines: the three merge with the One and through theMagic, 98:expresses as follows: [98] The Solar Orb shines forth in radiant splendor. The illuminated mindMagic, 203:when one discovers himself, as the Light shines ever more steadily upon one's way, and constantly aMagic, 236:the contact, and the light in the head shines forth, sometimes recognized and sometimesMagic, 431:symbol is never reproduced in form at all. It shines above the heads of all who are in the groupMagic, 469:a rose. Upon the upper limb, a vibrant diamond shines, within a star five-pointed. The living soulMagic, 594:in the head, when the light in the head shines forth and the centers are active, then the MasterMeditation, 200:and terrific the disaster, but ever the Light shines in darkness, and He Who reigns above all, andMeditation, 320:on those not ready. Only when the inner light shines forth, only when the causal body is of aPatanjali, 83:appear in the vibrant center eventually. When it shines forth perfectly within the wheel then thatPatanjali, 131:stage: "Within the Hall of Wisdom, light fully shines upon the adept's ways. He knows and sees thePatanjali, 286:as follows: "When the star with five points shines with clarity and no forms are seen within itsPatanjali, 317:of the mind is achieved. Gradually the light shines forth in a continuous stream until the aspirantPatanjali, 319:and walk in them is achieved, for Atma or spirit shines there. Similarly through concentratedPsychology1, 53:builders in the full light of the glory which shines from the east. The spiritualizing of formsPsychology1, 63:a point of power which vibrates not as yet but shines as light electric. Fierce are its rays. ItPsychology1, 84:the pilgrims to the east where the true light shines forth. "Why this opening of the temple?"Psychology1, 121:kingdom and upon the human aura. Yellow-orange shines forth in both. I mention this as anPsychology1, 133:purpose. By means of the Eye of God light shines forth upon the way of the sun, the path of thePsychology2, 46:three) produce the merging of their lives. Glory shines forth. Truth is revealed. he work is done.Psychology2, 46:is restored and the beauty of the Lord of Love shines forth. Such is the Plan. Thus is the WholePsychology2, 168:aloud, blinded by the sudden light, the sun shines in upon his woven carpet. Its ugliness is thusPsychology2, 199:mists envelop. Above the clouds of earth, a sign shines forth...Only the eye of vision sees thisPsychology2, 376:place in the East within the light which ever shines. From that illumined center work. Leave notRays, 19:ground has done its work. The clear cold light shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat -Rays, 27:ground has done its work. The clear cold light shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat -
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