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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHINING

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Astrology, 537:the Lords of the Dark Face and the Lords of the Shining Countenance. (See Volume II of The SecretAutobiography, XI:She asks us to keep the Arcane School bright and shining as it is now, to keep it filled with theAutobiography, 32:crates arrived and we unpacked these pieces of shining mechanism. We rode everywhere and had a goodBethlehem, 57:that light, for "the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto theBethlehem, 159:glorified by the light, ineffable and effulgent, shining forth through the raiment of flesh, andDiscipleship1, 151:could be seen until around the star were many shining points. The circle of the stars revolved andDiscipleship1, 155:around the star which is your soul will be many "shining points." There have been times when I haveDiscipleship1, 260:in every country is the appearance of "steadily shining points of light" which can illumine the wayDiscipleship1, 260:can aid him to gain facility in thus seeing and shining. In this task of dispelling the gloom,Discipleship1, 317:of dissipating force projects, blends with the shining light and then the mists of man's creationDiscipleship1, 456:of mental devotion, thus stimulating the clear shining of the group aspiration and love. That whichDiscipleship1, 462:becomes irradiated by the soul, the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue. The pointsDiscipleship1, 678:this stage has been outgrown, there comes the shining of the unobstructed Sun and the clear brightDiscipleship1, 707:which prevent the clear light of the soul from shining [708] forth. The goal of all work done inDiscipleship1, 714:Old Testament as "the path of the just is as a shining light which shineth more and more until theDiscipleship2, 160:the strife between the Lords of Light or of the Shining Countenance and the Lords of the Dark FaceDiscipleship2, 175:enabling them to stand. I am a beam of light, shining upon their way. And thus I stand. AndDiscipleship2, 326:to this unknown and mysterious quality that the "shining forth" of the Star refers. More than thisDiscipleship2, 684:of humanity, and who have kept [684] the light shining with radiance no matter how dark the nightDiscipleship2, 720:A quiet sea of midnight blue. Above, the shining, round-faced moon. Across the sea, a path ofExternalisation, 519:and after the war between the Lords of the Shining Countenance and Lords of the Dark Face, as TheFire, xvii:O Gurudeva; I see countless undetached sparks shining in it. (Secret Doctrine I. 145) [xviii] Fire, 38:lotus, the forest-wreath, and the kanstubha-gem, shining, vestured in blue and yellow, endless andFire, 523:its central demonstration on manasic levels, shining through the causal vehicles of the egoicFire, 611:life within the personal life, and produces a shining forth which "growth ever more and more untilFire, 611:Agni as He manifests as Light and Cool Radiance, shining through the vehicle. Later (for the timeFire, 665:fifth nor sixth, nor seventh, but only the three shining by medium of the fourth." Therefore, forFire, 685:produced that vibratory contact which causes the shining out upon the mental plane of the egoicFire, 824:of these subsidiary colors and of the gradual shining forth within the lotus of five colors in anyFire, 1130:to another. The man becomes a burning and a shining light, radiating forth a light which burns fromGlamour, 53:and light can shine. This pouring through and shining forth has to be a spontaneous happening, andGlamour, 70:dear sky, you see the stars and suns and planets shining with a clear cold brilliancy and with aGlamour, 70:them and records the existence of these shining stars. Looking, however, at the astral body of theGlamour, 70:could you but do so, you would see no such clear shining but simply a murky ball of seeming steamGlamour, 151:of dissipating force projects, blends with the shining light and then the mists of man's creationHealing, 231:in The Secret Doctrine) between the Lords of the Shining Countenance and the Lords of the DarkHealing, 249:nature, and thus we shall have a steady radiance shining forth in the mounting glory of the Life ofHealing, 367:aware of areas of light (as we understand it) shining forth upon the physical plane. Such areasHealing, 367:upon the physical plane. Such areas indicate the shining light of some worker in the field, of someHealing, 368:and Rochester. By a peculiar [368] mode of shining this indicates to me that there is to be found aHealing, 468:dim and murky it may be, or radiant, bright and shining. Thus do the points of light within theHercules, 40:Sisters seven, urging him on his way and, in the shining light, he rode the bull across theHercules, 45:emanates from the God within the form, from shining forth in its full power, is the matter or formHercules, 69:one is called "the announcer", another the "shining one," and the third, "the glorious", all ofInitiation, 13:of Wisdom into a higher class, marks the clearer shining forth of the inner fire and the transitionInitiation, 125:all other rays of light is revealed, - the sun shining in his strength, the solar Logos at theInitiation, 156:astral, and mental. It is literally the shining forth of the Brahma, or third aspect, of the innerInitiation, 157:defined purpose of the inner God. It is the shining forth of the second aspect of the Self, theIntellect, 76:or open and radiant. It may be either a light shining before men's eyes, or a hidden thing and,Intellect, 84:IV, 26. As a result of meditation comes the shining forth of the light. This "illumination isIntellect, 171:when he said that "the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more until theIntellect, 247:light within him has reached the point of "the shining forth." If they find one who is so anxiousMagic, 71:forth which will typify the glory of the sun shining in its strength. Similarly, the light of theMagic, 71:and aroused that there will come the eventual shining forth of a son of God. [74] In theseMagic, 84:imposes, and which form a barrier to the clear shining forth of the life within. When fresh fruitMagic, 100:our brilliantly lit cities, our rural districts, shining through the night with their lightedMagic, 105:under control of the soul, there eventuates the shining forth of the light throughout the body.Magic, 106:and saints, giving the effect of bright and shining light. When the radiant light of the soul isMagic, 107:is the entrance to the Path disclosed by the "shining of the light upon the door." Magic, 185:and lightened until the sun in the head is shining in all its glory. d. Finally, the light in theMagic, 185:as yet know not. "The path of the just is as a shining Light" and yet at the same time a man has toMagic, 359:stage has been outgrown, there comes [359] the shining of the unobstructed sun and the clear brightMagic, 578:the chakras of the palms, it passeth down the shining blade and blendeth with the force of the OneMagic, 611:can be known as Life itself, or as the "Self-shining Light," or it can be known as the active formMeditation, 273:inner irradiation from the Spirit, and the outer shining before men. Patanjali, 12:which hinder the light of the inner God from shining forth, and which are occultly spoken of asPatanjali, 51:The Master of all. The light of the world Shining in darkness. The Microcosm The second aspect LovePatanjali, 234:achieved. 5. As a result of sanyama comes the shining forth of the light. 6. This illumination isPatanjali, 252:its Results 5. As a result of sanyama comes the shining forth of the light. There are several termsPatanjali, 254:It is the corollary of illumination. 3. The shining forth of insight. This gives a new angle on thePatanjali, 266:of God leads to a knowledge of the Father. The shining forth of the higher self, through the mediumPatanjali, 296:Mysteries are revealed to the man whose light is shining and he becomes a knower. [297] That whichPatanjali, 333:be built into the body and the result will be a shining forth of light through the entire man. NotPatanjali, xii:it, the victim of the world. He walks free, with shining face (I. Cor. 3) and the light of hisProblems, 110:its place as a great center of cultural light, shining within a civilized land. Unless both races,Psychology1, 67:Let him apply the force which will produce the shining living stone that fits into the temple'sPsychology1, 69:power to evolve. Let mind control. Let the clear shining of the sun of life reveal the mind of God,Psychology1, 69:sun of life reveal the mind of God, and set the shining one upon his way. Then lead him to thePsychology1, 103:come a cycle of relative stability and of steady shining without much augmentation. In the secondPsychology1, 130:as light or luminous radiation. It is the "self-shining from within" which is characteristic of allPsychology1, 130:then does true magnetic radiation and the pure shining forth of light become possible.Psychology1, 131:the life of the average man, and becomes a shining light as he enters upon the path ofPsychology1, 314:desire. The glory that can be seen faintly shining in humanity, and the dim light which flickersPsychology1, 378:all forms must be brought to a condition of a "shining glory which will irradiate the planet, andPsychology2, 33:everywhere; that They have faded out and yet are shining in full radiance and can be seen. NegationPsychology2, 140:and this is later followed by the clear shining forth of the new idea and its subsequent graspingRays, 6:bringing to the birth of the Christ within. The shining forth of the inner radiance or glory. TheRays, 6:are simply transparencies, permitting the full shining forth of the divine nature. An expansion ofRays, 20:In unison let the group perceive the Triad shining forth, dimming the light of the soul andRays, 94:the Sons of God withdraw Their faces from the shining light and radiate that light upon the sons ofRays, 112:V In unison let the group perceive the Triad shining forth, dimming the light of the soul andRays, 115:In unison let the group perceive the Triad shining forth, dimming the light of the soul andRays, 116:himself for what is called in Rule V "the Triad shining forth"; he must now prepare for theRays, 123:1. The antahkarana can be built and the shining of the Triad be definitely seen. Such will be theRays, 175:invocation, which is the sudden and unexpected shining forth of the Star. This star is simply aRays, 208:at the same point in evolution, whose rays are "shining through" adequately, and who can evidenceRays, 302:disciple, yet triumphant in the light? A radiant shining form which is my Self, my soul. A dark andRays, 353:of the electrical figments of his own thinking, shining with a light which is all their own (forRays, 464:of the substance out of which the "bridge of shining mind stuff" has to be built by the consciousRays, 762:to serve. Look on, O Pilgrim, to the goal. See shining far ahead [763] the glory that envelops and
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