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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHOP

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Autobiography, 58:we used seventy-two dozen eggs in the coffee shop of the Soldiers Home every night and as thereAutobiography, 68:were responsible for the running of the coffee shop and the general maintenance of the place. TheyAutobiography, 69:(usually an American) would come through, set up shop in the "dak" bungalow (or rest house) and doAutobiography, 73:barracks together. They would go into the coffee-shop, order cocoa and fried eggs and then spendAutobiography, 73:few evenings wandering in and out of the coffee-shop and reading-rooms, only to find that myAutobiography, 74:barracks. The next afternoon one of our coffee-shop managers sought me out and asked me if I wouldAutobiography, 74:asked me if I would mind coming to the coffee-shop for a minute. There I found all these menAutobiography, 77:feeding five or six hundred men in each coffee-shop every evening and that meant much buying andBethlehem, 77:as a man in the daily life of the carpenter's shop and in the home with His parents. This home lifeDiscipleship1, 483:of color in [483] the flowers in a garden or a shop? Upon the astral plane - the rose of affectionHercules, 138:among the Essenes in Egypt or in the carpenter's shop, in which that great son of God balancedProblems, 19:commercialism and the phrase "a nation of shop keepers" has been applied to her by other nations.Problems, 74:exploitation of children increased. The sweat-shop flourished; modern capitalism came into its ownPsychology2, 502:manner as one can register the contents of a shop window when passing by. A shocked horror can, forReappearance, 97:His thirty years of work in the carpenter's shop in Palestine has ever been the hitherto
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