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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHORT

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Atom, 13:which can be proven and demonstrated it stops short at the very point where the enquirer says,Atom, 102:three lower kingdoms. It is not possible in the short time now at my disposal, to go into that mostAutobiography, 23:Living in England did not help him and a short time before his death we children were moved withAutobiography, 27:death, Moor Park was sold, and we went for a short while to live with our grandmother in London. MyAutobiography, 67:man, begging me to go to him as he had only a short time to live and needed some spiritual help. HeAutobiography, 118:cash" in it which he had sent up, in case I was short of ready money, and which he had added to theAutobiography, 140:which I came across and which pulled me up short for a long time was the dual belief in the law ofAutobiography, 152:I am very grateful. After I had been there a short time I was asked to run the cafeteria and -Autobiography, 184:they wanted to do. I learnt a lot during this short cycle of years and have found it most valuableAutobiography, 249:A Treatise on the Seven Rays is completed, a short book on glamor is ready for the press and a bookAutobiography, 274:and the curious; they have, fortunately, a very short cycle of influence. They do much temporaryAutobiography, 302:in recent years and still has to make in the short years just ahead, are of more profoundBethlehem, 247:nothing to warrant its endless perpetuation. In short, a continuance of the personal self in someDiscipleship1, 13:in their myriads. Add also to your meditation a short period wherein you will try and link up withDiscipleship1, 97:of these esoteric sciences. One life is but a short moment in the long cycle of the soul. The trueDiscipleship1, 181:a few brief words, a suggested meditation and a short elucidation of certain words which shouldDiscipleship1, 202:I do not intend to do more than give you a short breathing exercise which I would ask you to carryDiscipleship1, 205:Your desire for harmony sometimes produces short-sighted vision and you tend to act precipitately.Discipleship1, 230:having in mind their general tenor, choose six short passages which should constitute your seedDiscipleship1, 261:- that open door to the astral plane. Make a short, quick alignment with the soul. Know yourself toDiscipleship1, 288:ensuing months to make your meditation periods short and powerful, remembering that at presentDiscipleship1, 296:you, my brother. May I ask you to write three short papers on these three thoughts which I gave youDiscipleship1, 407:December 1935 BROTHER OF MINE: You have been so short a time in this group that it is not myDiscipleship1, 426:to say to you today but it must be said in a short space of time. Study, therefore, my words withDiscipleship1, 436:1936 BROTHER OF MINE: I am giving you only a short instruction this time. We are often in touch andDiscipleship1, 473:You have undertaken a task and will not rest short of accomplishment. But you were told that, for aDiscipleship1, 506:retire into your garden and work there for a short while. In time, make your retreat into theDiscipleship1, 528:Above these grilled arches, supported upon short stone beams projecting from the wall, are twoDiscipleship1, 530:Seat. It has a small willow tree and two short copper beeches behind it, and has an English boxDiscipleship1, 532:your work at this time, for you have been so short a time in this group that you have scarcelyDiscipleship1, 553:to change your work. You have been relatively so short a time in the group, and there has not beenDiscipleship1, 555:or to a separating wall. 5th month - The time is short. Only the thoughts which blend and fuse canDiscipleship1, 565:in strength to others. That word for me, in this short period of my life, is Understanding. FourthDiscipleship1, 651:until April or until further notice: After a short breathing exercise, achieve alignment andDiscipleship1, 653:if you so chose. Everything in you is however short circuited and your light and radiance,Discipleship1, 653:frightfully drastic lessons - everything short circuited and arrested by yourself and, therefore,Discipleship1, 726:higher sensitivity, this stage can be relatively short. Two lives sometimes are sufficient to coverDiscipleship1, 732:Discipleship It is not my intention in this short series of Instructions to deal with the Stage ofDiscipleship1, 734:is then possible for a disciple to learn in one short day what might otherwise take months and evenDiscipleship1, 781:A Treatise on the Seven Rays is completed, a short book on glamor ready for the press and this bookDiscipleship2, 48:fail to make practical their information; they short-circuit the light; they do not disciplineDiscipleship2, 97:of an Ashram you may find. There are many. A short, tabulated statement as to the unique work whichDiscipleship2, 116:your attention. The first part of Stage I is a short dynamic meditation, carried out every morningDiscipleship2, 129:will be the group alignment. The exercise is so short and simple that you may regard it as tooDiscipleship2, 148:- in the Ashrams and with the Master. [148] SHORT FORM I. Preliminary stage of recognition,Discipleship2, 258:of Shamballa and the working out, both from the short range and the long range angle, of the divineDiscipleship2, 268:today from that of earlier times - even so short a time ago as fifty years. It is essential thatDiscipleship2, 304:With three of the formulas we have spent a short time in consideration. Broadly speaking, theseDiscipleship2, 310:Let us now consider these three for a short reflective period. You should realize that all phasesDiscipleship2, 323:I have here condensed into a relatively few short paragraphs much important teaching anentDiscipleship2, 362:is a point which should be remembered. The above short explanation of the implications of a hint,Discipleship2, 379:world servers effective. You can see from this short resumé which I have given you about theDiscipleship2, 433:are precipitated by him. This is preceded by a short primary phase in which the initiate polarizedDiscipleship2, 444:your life, you will find that it is composed of short periods wherein you were intenselyDiscipleship2, 486:none of you are as old as I am; in a relatively short time all of you will drop the outer handicapDiscipleship2, 491:[491] consciousness. You can give as long or as short a time to this as you choose, but never lessDiscipleship2, 535:you to write - during the coming year - three short papers. In the first will you give sevenDiscipleship2, 536:will increase your difficulty. Then write a short paper on love as it expresses itself throughDiscipleship2, 538:in some one specific direction. You have thereby short-circuited these energies in anotherDiscipleship2, 573:the center at the throat. I will give you a short personal meditation which will aid in thisDiscipleship2, 628:is seldom permanent but it usually exists for a short time until the new arrangements andDiscipleship2, 659:To aid you in this, I suggest the following short meditation exercise which should be done each dayDiscipleship2, 661:as a service to the group, each month to write a short paper on these twelve qualities asDiscipleship2, 672:is that this instruction will be relatively short? The last instruction was the important one. InDiscipleship2, 674:was overcome by glamor, and it may be a short time since A.A.B. succumbed, but neither of us hasDiscipleship2, 676:stopped their work with me and are not (for this short period) participants in the work of myDiscipleship2, 682:of your feeling lies in your reaction to the short instruction I gave you earlier in the year? ThisDiscipleship2, 700:There is little else that I can say. This is a short instruction. I stand unchangingly ready toDiscipleship2, 713:future which lies ahead of you - be it long or short - must be approached by you now in a differentDiscipleship2, 730:except those of higher initiate status, fall short at times. One of the things which I said at myDiscipleship2, 752:this is not the case. Your outgoing energy seems short circuited and your radiation is inadequateEducation, 11:in the growing years?" It is not possible in the short time at our command to deal here with theExternalisation, 6:energy through the rent veil which has, until a short while ago, safeguarded the [7] many. Add toExternalisation, 24:the fall of 1936, and the time is therefore short. Have I aided in a material and financial way asExternalisation, 38:two statements anent the first Ray found in this short paragraph? I oft give you so much realExternalisation, 178:swept the remaining nations, who took refuge in short-sighted neutrality and defence programs - aExternalisation, 196:part of the world. Such a state of lack argues short-sighted policy and the blocking of the freeExternalisation, 215:by the instinct to self-preservation, and by short-sighted selfish interest. The problem is one ofExternalisation, 240:by a true idealism. It is self-interest, short vision, and prejudice that basically governExternalisation, 427:generations, as I have said above, to their short-sighted policy and feeble judgment. They spreadExternalisation, 433:conditioned people, and the well-intentioned but short-sighted appeasers and pacifists. The secondExternalisation, 441:a better civilization and way of life is short indeed. The Christ has gone into retreat for a monthExternalisation, 452:and Councils. This cycle will prove long or short, according to the release of the will-to-goodExternalisation, 518:But now on this upward trend the form has but short duration. It lives vitally for but a briefExternalisation, 613:physical war is only just over; two years is a short time since the firing ceased and no countryExternalisation, 631:now made possible. To this end I will give you a short form of spiritual demand which I would askExternalisation, 631:money which you may have hitherto used. It is short and powerful, but requires a unified group or aExternalisation, 637:long range vision, but only from the angle of short range action. I would ask you to have this inExternalisation, 669:generation. In this particular though relatively short cycle, my Ashram is in a key position. It isFire, 49:dealing with a definite time, however long or short, with a definite space, however vast orFire, 417:the bonds of flesh and illusion. Because, in short, he has sacrificed himself for the sake ofFire, 498:between Spirit and matter. It is that point, in short, wherein the reign of true matter, itsFire, 993:on the higher planes to the occult short cut to wisdom and knowledge which we call the Path ofFire, 1017:This lowest sheath then may persist for a short time, according to the strength of the animal life,Fire, 1076:method which we call initiation, and the [1076] short cut to intensive purification and stimulationGlamour, 28:technical in teaching this group, for my time is short and you have an adequate technical knowledgeGlamour, 38:a little more carefully this discussion or short treatise on glamor, so that our ideas may beGlamour, 44:They will constitute a series of relatively short volumes, and must therefore be packed withGlamour, 101:others as well as for you and that my time is short for this particular service. The resolution ofGlamour, 183:cycle is long; in the second, the time cycle is short. A very good instance of this process is
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