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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHOULDERED

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Autobiography, 73:to the sun. Quetta was the place where I first shouldered responsibility and was, more or less, onAutobiography, 86:and difficulties in connection with the work, I shouldered the blame in my own mind. I had still toDiscipleship1, 169:Responsibility you can shoulder and have always shouldered. Sacrifice you have always rendered andDiscipleship1, 289:You can drop the responsibilities which you shouldered when you joined this group, but you cannotDiscipleship2, 186:not yet fully appreciated, nor have they truly shouldered their task or recognized its definedDiscipleship2, 535:responsibility (through love for others) be shouldered by you; you have reacted to a profoundDiscipleship2, 544:Ashram to world affairs. The responsibilities shouldered by members of the Ashram. The eventualDiscipleship2, 703:helped many and have grown in wisdom. You have shouldered responsibility for some phase of the workEducation, 129:of responsibility, inherited, applied or shouldered. This is the relation of the older to theExternalisation, 316:be established, and a wider responsibility be shouldered by every [317] man. This will take time.Magic, 70:obligation will be met, your responsibilities shouldered, your group work carried forward, and theMagic, 70:when wider group responsibilities can be justly shouldered and carried simultaneously with those ofPsychology2, 732:known for several years, but which we have not shouldered. Our interest has been powerfully evoked,
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